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?Palace Theatre? (c1940) by Weegee

?Palace Theatre? (c1940) by Weegee


By Weegee

??Palace Theatre? (c1940) by Weegee

This is the most wonderful experience for any man or woman to go through.

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If you get into a car with a drunk behind the wheel there is a good chance you are going to die

I think in my life I have only ever once driven after drinking, and that was when I was 17…it was stupid and it has never happened since.

But all too often we are hearing about people getting into vehicles where the driver of the vehicle is legally drunk and subsequently smashes the vehicle and kills one or more of the occupants while surviving themselves.

We have a culture of calling the victims ‘innocent’ because they were passengers, but the reality is that people make choices, often poor ones, without realising that the cascading events can all combine and result in their death or serious injury.

The mother of a young woman killed in an alleged drink-driving accident is calling for a zero tolerance approach towards drink driving.

Ngaire Parker’s daughter Ashley Walsh and fellow passenger Tye Gibbs died after the van they were travelling in crashed on Old North Road, Kumeu, last August.

The 22-year-old driver Joel Bowlin was charged on Friday with two counts of driving with excess blood alcohol causing death. ?? Read more »


Even cats run from drunks

Drunk singing to a cat. Pretty sad drunk singing to a pussy and it bolts:


Drunks are so becoming

Especially when they sing Bohemian Rhapsody in the back of a Police car:

Some good advice for Andrew Williams

A good explanation why drunks spin out and fall down.

Andrew Williams Retrospective

I thought with my?announcement, subsequently confirmed by the Clown himself and his pal the pensioner of St Mary’s Bay, that Andrew Williams is standing for NZ First in North Shore, that I would do a retrospective about the man.

Sort of a Dirty Dozen Reasons why Andrew Williams isn’t fit for public office. Maybe even a Dirty Bakers Dozen.

Since he was the first?politician?to try an?asymmetrical?war with a blogger let’s have a bit of fun.

Today’s retrospective is about ambulance officers:

An Auckland mayor who collapsed at a Navy function on Friday was taken to hospital amid allegations of a run-in with ambulance staff who treated him. North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams said last night he had no recollection of the incident but was exhausted and dehydrated from an illness contracted during a council trip to Asia.

St John confirmed that a 50-year-old man was taken by ambulance from the Devonport Navy base to North Shore Hospital at 7.30pm with breathing problems and discharged later that night.

Assistant regional operations manager Murray Holt said the ambulance officer filed an incident report, which are used to flag any concerns. “In that report, he recommends no further follow-up be taken in relation to the incident. We supported him in that decision,” said Holt. He declined to reveal further details.

A caller to the Herald on Sunday, who did not want to be identified, said he was at the hospital emergency department on Friday night. Staff were talking about how the mayor had had an altercation with ambulance workers who treated him, forcing Navy staff to intervene. Navy spokeswoman Lieutenant Commander Barbara Cassin declined to comment.

Williams is recuperating at his North Shore home.

Poor Mrs Williams, she had to explain the whole dreadful incident away as a bout of the “Chinese Lurgy”.