Random Questions to round out the week

  1. Why does Bomber hate so much?
  2. Why is it ok to have a sign saying “Death to Jews” but not ok to make a film quoting the Qu’ran?
  3. Who told Darren Hughes that Gingas look good with a beard?
  4. Who knew Darren Hughes could even grow one?
  5. Doesn’t Darren Hughes know it looks stupid and breaks every natural justice law for Gingas to have beards?
  6. Which ex-MP’s mother is despairing about her daughter who just can’t seem to get a job?
  7. What on earth was she remotely qualified for anyway?
  8. Did she buy a house recently with her old boss?
  9. Why?
  10. How did the Cock from Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams get on at the recent meeting with the regions mayors and assocaited Ministers?
  11. Is it true he got poured back in his bottle?
  12. Isn’t that just a bit ironic?
  13. Shouldn’t he just STFU and slide away into ignominy?
  14. When will Judith announce her candidacy for the Lord Mayor?
  15. Hasn’t Jordan failed when he has to get other failed Labour lickspittles to co-blog?
  16. Who reads his blog anyway?
  17. Why don’t people tell the truth about tattoos?
  18. Of course it didn’t hurt a bit, do you think I’m some ort of limp-dick?
  19. What shall I get for my next one?
  20. Haven’t the Standard gone off the boil since their state funding dried up?

61 ex-Gitmo terrorists back killing and maiming

Jihad Watch: Pentagon: 61 ex-Gitmo inmates have returned to jihad
Keith Locke should take careful note of this report from Reuters.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) ? The Pentagon said on Tuesday that 61 former detainees from its military prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, appear to have returned to terrorism since their release from custody.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said 18 former detainees are confirmed as “returning to the fight” and 43 are suspected of having done in a report issued late in December by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Morrell declined to provide details such as the identity of the former detainees, why and where they were released or what actions they have taken since leaving U.S. custody.

“This is acts of terrorism. It could be Iraq, Afghanistan, it could be acts of terrorism around the world,” he told reporters.

Morrell said the latest figures, current through December 24, showed an 11 percent recidivism rate, up from 7 percent in a March 2008 report that counted 37 former detainees as suspected or confirmed active militants….

The Pentagon said it considers a former detainee’s return to terrorism “confirmed” when evidence shows direct involvement in terrorist activities. U.S. officials see a “suspected” terrorism links when intelligence shows a plausible link with terrorist activities.

“Propaganda does not qualify as a terrorist activity,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

It is simply madness that Keith Locke thinks we can even contemplate taking in this bunch of terrorist scum.

Joe the Plumber on the MSM

Joe the Plumber has gone to Israel to look into reporting on the Israeli’s war on terror group Hamas. he is less than impressed; perhaps he should look up Mark Crysell, the TVNZ coward sitting in Sderot, Israel all doled up in a flak jacket while Israeli citizens wander around him without protection.

Samuel Wurzelbacher of Ohio, aka Joe the Plumber, arrived in Sderot at noon Sunday to show local and foreign reporters how to do it right.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” he told foreign reporters.

“You should be patriotic, protect your family and children, not report like you have been doing for the past two weeks since this war has started,” he said.

Wurzelbacher, the man who stole the limelight from Republican presidential candidate John McCain during the American election campaign, has found a new job – as a correspondent for the Internet Web sites PJTV and Pajamas Media.

Armed with a camera and a temporary Government Press Office card, he got a taste of reality in Sderot, visiting a house hit by a Kassam rocket two weeks ago and experiencing a “Code Red” alert first-hand. He also observed and reported from the house where a Kassam landed on Sunday afternoon.

The people of Sderot “can’t do normal things day to day,” like get soap in their eyes in the shower, for fear a rocket might come in, Wurzelbacher said. “I’m sure they’re taking quick showers. I know I would.”

He also wondered why Israel waited so long to act. “I know if I were a citizen here, I’d be damned upset.” He described himself as a “peaceloving man,” but added, “when someone hits me, I’m going to unload on the boy. And if the rest of the world doesn’t understand that, then I’m sorry.”

Wurzelbacher had already announced that he would arrive in the area for 10 days to cover Operation Cast Lead and to assist in getting out the Israeli side of the story.

“I want the average American Joes to understand the story here from the point of view of someone like them,” he told WNWO, a TV channel in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, before heading here.

During the election campaign, Wurzelbacher (who supported McCain) warned Jewish voters in America that voting for President-elect Barack Obama would be a death blow to Israel, saying, “Obama has offered to sit down with the enemies of Israel.”

But in Sderot, he seemed just as intent on teaching a thing or two to the media. “Do you think this is normal, the way you cover this conflict and give away information to your enemy?” he asked the journalists that gathered around him.

“It makes me sick to see the way you behave – you guys need to be protective of your homes, your children, your family.”

“I am angry,” he said, “and this is why I came here.”

I saw some pictures of Joe the Plumber in Sderot and he wasn’t wearing a flak jacket. He is right though, the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves.

Matt McCarten: Workers back in chains if Key gives in to right wing

Baby Skull bowlMatt McCarten: Workers back in chains if Key gives in to right wingThe first time I ever had a conversation with Business NZ CEO Phil O’Reilly was at the farewell function for outgoing Council of Trade Unions president Ross Wilson. I was somewhat surprised to see O’Reilly at a union event. He said… [NZ Herald Politics]

Mmmm…Matt McCarten has join Chris Trotter as the chicken littles of the left declaring in his column today that if John Key listens to Phil O’Reilly then the world will end for workers.

Let’s not forget that National and employer organisations supported the youth wage and opposed raising the minimum wage, the fourth week of annual leave, workers using their sick leave for when their kids were sick, and paid parental leave. I can’t think of one progressive legislative change for workers they have backed.

What Matt McCarten calls “progressive legislative change for worker I call PPSI, Productivity and Profit Sapping Idiocy. These guys never really get it. If businss owners can’t turn a profit or derive better productivity by having an employee then they either shut down or replace the employee wither with another on or with a machine. When that happens then all the annual leave, sick leave, minimum wages and paid parental leave in the world won’t matter a toss because the worker will be out on their arse, legislated out of work by Matt’s “progressive legislative change”.

Matt is just being silly. Next thing he and Chris will be suggesting that John Key and the cabinet share drinks from a bowl made from a baby’s skull.

PWNED – Russell Brown

Yesterday DPF published a HoS article that never made it to press but that the HoS fools had sent to NZPA.

In it several folk were quoted about the demise of the National Party in the election but the best quote was Russell Brown’s. Strangely Russell who has the best lamb chop recipe blog in New Zealand hasn’t yet made any substantive comment on the result of the election.

Anyhoo, here is Russell being well and truly PWNED!

Blogger Russell Brown of Public Address described the Labour victory as a “bugger the pollsters” moment. “In the end people have responded to the trust message. Maybe in the end they didn’t trust John Key enough.”

Oh poor Russell, despite every polling company except Labour’s multi-national pollster UMR predicting a National landslide, he comes up with a pathetic line about trust. I suppose though in a way he was right. Helen Clark made the election all about trust and the voters decided that it was all about trust. That is why Helen “Cougar” Clark is sunning herself in Samoa with Darren Hughes slathering her back with oil and John Key is meeting the Queen.

Calls for Key to begin process of making NZ a republic

Calls for Key to begin process of making NZ a republicThe Republican Movement is calling on John Key to use his first meeting as Prime Minister with the Queen, to say it is time New Zealand severed its ties with the monarchy. [3 News Politics]

I am a Republican but sometimes I despair at the muppets in the Republican Movement. Calling for John Key to call it quits when he meets the Queen is just plain rude.

“Gidday Ma’am, Nice to meet you but I just have to tell you that your days are numbered as our monarch”

Nope, just doesn’t quite cut it. For a start it isn’t up to John Key to call it quites on our constitutional monarchy, it is up to the people. This sort of change should oly be contemplated with a binding referendum with a requirement for a minimum turnout.

Before it is contemplated we must also look at several key issues, including the not insignificant issues surround Maori claims against the “Crown”. The other major issue is what type of republic would we have, one like the US or one like Fiji where the President of each respective country have very different roles. WOuld the President be elected, or selected?

The other major issue is that Helen Clark is still alive and that mendacious witch would sure as hell like to be President. Once someone puts a stake through her heart then we can have a discussion about a republic.

There is a time and a place to discuss republicanism but when you are meeting with the Queen isn’t one of them.

I couldn't ignore the truth, says horse trainer

I couldn’t ignore the truth, says horse trainerChampion horse trainer Paul Moroney says he approached Owen Glenn with his recollection of Winston Peters thanking him for the $100,000 donation because “I cannot walk away from the truth”. Mr Moroney said when the story broke… [NZ Herald Politics]

This is what it is all about. The truth.

The problem that Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has is that he has not yet provided even one skerrick of truth in this whole episode. He has blustered, he has obfuscated, he has lied and he has attacked but not once has he provided any truth.

He is now providing “affadavits” that he was at Karaka but didn’t talk about donations with Mr Glenn, yet not one MSM “journalist” has bothered to ask WRP, 63, LMPONFA how that can be when his previous statements about Karaka we categoric…..he checked his diary and had minutes about meeting Mr Glenn and it was 2007 not 2006 and he was never at Karaka in 2006. All of that despite this blog revealing the photographic evidence that he was at Karaka in 2006. BTW What’s in the envelope Winnie?

“I recall that in 2007 (and my diary confirms this) Mr Glenn and two others joined the table in which I and a friend shared a sit-down lunch with about eight leading names in the horse racing fraternity,” Peters told the privileges committee in writing last month.

How come the MSM hasn’t asked Winston how it can be that he said he wasnt there in 2006 and now he has affadavits to say he was? Come on guys, ask the questions. I hate to state the bleeding obvious, but, Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has now provided the privileges committee with two versions of the “truth”. Both statements cannot be true at the same time. Either way he has lied, yet again to the Privileges Committee.

The real problem is that WRP, 63, LMPONFA “can’t handle the truth”.

Random Questions

On Paul Holmes this am, Mike Williams was “live” (whoopty-do) stating that he goes overseas all the time asking for donations to the Labour Party from businessman who have interests in New Zealand.

That was why he visited Owen Glen on his yacht, unannounced. He was quick to add that all these businessmen had companies in NZ.

Pertinent Question: Who pays his airfaires? Probably whichever Government Board he is a member of.
Pertinent Question: Why does the Labour Party keep on banging on about National and big business, when the Labour Party is obviously getting donations from big business overseas. I certainly hope the business are not American big business as Trevor Mallard has asserted.


A Big House porkie by Helen!

“Mr Glenn said before he responded to Mr Peters he was in contact with Labour Party president Mike Williams.
He wanted to ensure donating to Mr Peters would not be seen by Labour as “unhelpful to its own interests”, because Labour was his “primary interest”.
He said he was told by Mr Williams that Labour did not object to him helping Mr Peters. He believed that conversation happened during a brunch with the Labour Party president in Sydney on 14 December 2005.”

Debates (Hansard) Volume 649, Week 83 – Wednesday, 27 August 2008
John Key: Has the Prime Minister seen the statement, also by Mr Glenn, that said: “I agreed to help in the belief that this step would also assist the Labour Party, in its relationship with Mr Peters. I supported the Labour Party.”; and can she tell the House just who in the Labour Party would have given Mr Glenn this impression?
Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: My answer is that nobody needed to give him that impression.

Whoopsy, that could land Helen in the Big House.

Owen Glenn has deposited a bombshell

Owen Glenn has deposited a bombshell at ParliamentaryOwen Glenn has deposited a bombshell at Tuesday’s Parliamentary Privileges Committee [TVNZ News Politics]

Owen Glenn has dropped a bombshell today at the Privileges Committee about his donations to New Zealand First. Not only that Owen Glenn has fingered the Labour Party as the arch organisers of this donation. This means that Helen Clark and Mike Williams have known about this all along and have actively deceived the public for quite sometime.

Owen Glenn’s evidence is that he, having met Mr Peters earlier, called Mr Peters’ personal cellphone and spoke to him for 6 minutes and 41 seconds. Michael Cullen and Russell Fairbrother scurrilously attacked Owen Glenn suggesting bizarrely that someone else had answered the call and pretended to be Mr Peters!

Four minutes later, Mr Peters’ lawyer, Brian Henry emailed Mr Glenn saying, after the conversation with “my client”, here are the details about how to pay the $100.000.

Owen Glenn also testified that he checked with Labour Party President Mike Williams that it was OK to give money to Mr Peters making Helen a liar at the same time. Remember Helen has denied all knowledge of this yet her President is involved in this whole debacle right up to his corrupt neck.

Owen Glenn confirmed that he spoke to Helen Clark about all this in February. Quite bizarrely this is the same Helen Clark that for some strange reason cannot seem to reconcile the two accounts when it is clear now for all concerned that not only has WRP, 63, LMPONFA lied repeatedly, it has been lies that have been authorised and approved by Helen Clark.

If we lived in a real democracy, Mike Williams would be fired as president and WRP, 63, LMPONFA would be fired as a minister, not only that, Helen Clark would be gone as well. Helen Clark should also now be investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for the possibility that she has been involved in orchestrating bribes to other political parties to support her Government.

Not only that, the evidence presented to the Privileges Committee shows the lie of WRP, 63, LMPONFA and his 2006 Karakadenial. Owen Glenn presented an affadavit from John Moroney who is Labour MP Sue Moroney’s brother.

WOBH has been provided with the full 24 pages of evidence tabled by Owen Glenn at the Privileges Committee. The evidence is damning and incontravertable.

It is now undeniable that corruption exists at the highest levels of new Zealand politics. it is certainly time for an Independent Commission Against Corruption to be establish to root this evil from our country.

New Glenn letter ups heat on Peters

New Glenn letter ups heat on PetersBillionaire Owen Glenn has written a second letter to Parliament’s privileges committee – released this morning – which says there was no doubt Winston Peters approached him for a donation. The letter said: “There is absolutely… [NZ Herald Politics]

Uh oh! Looks like Owen Glenn has an email from Brian Henry confirming his telephone conversation with Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode.

There isn’t a day goes by now where WRP, 63, LMPONFA is proven to be a liar, nay, a pathological liar. What is incredibly wonderful to see though is the way Helen Clark is contorting herself through her out of control narcissism to justify everything the liar says and does.

She is going to cuddle the political corpse of WRP, 63, LMPONFA all the way to electoral oblivion. Can’t wait to see the Roy Morgan out tomorrow.