Seriously? You’re going to try that excuse again?

A drunk driver who has clipped yet another person is trying to get a discharge without conviction for the second time.

A driver has admitted careless driving causing injury after hitting a cyclist and breaking?his collarbone.

Blenheim woman Wendy Louise McDonald Florence, 52, was driving west on Stephenson St about 7pm on September 21.

Police said Florence paused at the Maxwell Rd intersection, which was controlled by a give way sign, before turning right onto Maxwell Rd, passing in front of a cyclist.

The cyclist, heading?south on Maxwell Rd, was unable to stop in time to avoid Florence’s car, and crashed into the front right-hand side, the police summary of facts said.

He was knocked from his bike, breaking his right?collarbone as he hit the tarseal.

The cyclist was taken to Blenheim’s Wairau Hospital by ambulance, where he had surgery to fix his collarbone using a metal plate.

Florence told police she did not see him when she pulled out. ? Read more »

Balanced reporting: hate to be on the same side as Moroney, but she?s right this time

We were told that lowering the alcohol drink-drive limit would save lives. Logic suggested this was rubbish and would only criminalise people who would have been fine under the old limit.

Turns out the sceptics were right.

There has been only one confirmed?road death in which the?driver at fault?had drunk enough alcohol to put them between the new and old drink-driving limits.

Labour transport spokeswoman Sue Moroney?said the single death?showed that lower-end drink-driving?was not?a high-risk area, and that a rise in the national road toll showed the Government’s road safety measures were not working.

A total of 320?people died on the roads?last year,?compared with 294 in 2014.?There have?been 52 road deaths?so far this?year, against 49 by the?same time last year.

Before the new limit of?50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, or 250 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath, was introduced in December 2014, the Ministry of Transport estimated it would?save three lives?a?year,?as?well?as?64 minor?and?serious?injuries.

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The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Latest round of bullying exposed


Over the past few months a series of posts have exposed?significant issues of bullying within the New Zealand Fire Service. And the?problems go right to the top of the Fire Service.

Now while the bosses think that there?s nothing to worry about, they?re in for a rude shock as information continues to flow into the tip-line.

It?now?appears that Brad ?the Munter? Mosby and his sidekick Tim ?the Tool? Evans have actively been working towards disbanding the Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade, a brigade which has operated for over 146 years. Kaiapoi is one of the oldest Brigades in New Zealand. Read more »

The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Crisis meeting in Wellington


Looks like the boys at the New Zealand Fire Service are reading Whaleoil.

There is a ?crisis meeting? in Wellington today to talk about the serious issues raised on the blog.

The NZFS Strategic Leadership Team and the Operational Leadership team know they have a problem.

Are they worried? They should be.

The tip-line has received numerous emails from people within the NZFS very keen on airing their stories about the bullying behaviour by the likes of Brad ?the Munter? Mosby, Tim ?The Tool? Evans, Brendon Nally, Ron Devlin, Stu Rooney?

Whaleoil?s investigation into these allegations has opened a floodgate of people wanting to have their say. ? Read more »

The Bully Brigade – Who’s Who, Ctd


L-R Brendan Nally, Ron Devlin, Brad ?The Munter? Mosby

On Saturday I posted about the level of noise being generated from the dodgy bullying that is happening within the New Zealand Fire Service.

A few key names keep reappearing on the tip-line. But the problems don?t just sit with Brad ?The Munter? Mosby, or Tim ?The Tool? Evans at Kaiapoi. They go much deeper, right into the halls of power at NZFS HQ. ? Read more »

No more pandering to Royalty as Prince Paki is convicted


The Maori King’s son will be convicted of drink driving, after the High Court ruled the consequences were “not irredeemable”.

Korotangi Paki, 19, was discharged without conviction in the Auckland District Court in July on two counts of burglary, one of theft and one of drink-driving.

Judge Philippa Cunningham discharged Paki after his lawyer, Paul Wicks QC, argued convictions would hinder his ability to accede the throne.

Cunningham said the consequences of a conviction were out of proportion to the offending.

Well, I’m sure that once he’s on the throne, he’ll just want to make people laugh. ? Read more »

Let’s get the dirt out in front: Police Minister declares his conviction

Mickey Woodhouse has a drink driving conviction. ?Did the papers find out via hacking? ? Nope, the minister and Key wants it out there in advance.

Police Minister Michael Woodhouse has owned up to a past drink-driving conviction during a wide-ranging interview about his new portfolio.

Asked if he had had any brushes with the law, Woodhouse revealed: “I have a conviction for driving with excess blood alcohol – it’s 27 years old, I was 21.”

He said: “You’ve asked, I can’t say no . . . I suppose that’s on the public record.”

People with drink-driving convictions are not allowed to become police officers. Woodhouse was appointed police minister this month.

Those that can, do. ?Those who can’t, become ministers.

Prime Minister John Key’s office confirmed last night that Woodhouse disclosed his conviction when applying to become a National Party candidate in 2008.

Woodhouse did not offer further details of the incident, but it has been reported that he was working for the BNZ about that time, before leaving in 1987 to play rugby in Britain.

Asked if he was now an upstanding MP, he said: “Certainly there’s too many eyes to be getting into too much mischief.”

Interesting dodge, don’t you think? ? Sill hedging. ?Wonder why… ? Read more »

Marijuana “DUI” commercials… natural progression from legalisation