He really can’t shake the ‘the only parasites are employers’ thing, can he?

In 2012, before he had the unions shoe-horn him into the leadership, Andrew Little had quite a bit to say about employers. Back then he said; “The only parasites are employers…”.

Yesterday he reiterated that with an angry little rant on the steps of the Cadbury factory in Dunedin, flanked by his bovver boy local MPs.

Labour leader Andrew Little took aim at an American food giant, saying a decision to close a profitable Dunedin factory was nothing more than “greed”.

Little, told media outside the factory that?while it?would be nice if?a case could be put to?Mondelez?International, which own Cadbury, to keep the Dunedin factory open “they seem pretty determined to close down the plant here”.

“Cadbury are doing this not because the plant isn’t profitable, they just want more profit out of it.?They are doing it for greed.” ? Read more »

It is times like this I hate being right: Cadbury to close Dunedin plant

Back in 2012 I highlighted that Cadbury was slowly but surely decamping from Dunedin.

It is interesting what comes in on the tipline.

Cadbury?haven?t exactly been quiet about their move to Malaysia and Australia. This blog has known about it for a while, and has been very surprised that the local MPs have not been on it.

The basic details are thus:

Cadbury has moved their bar dies to other parts of the world, including Tasmania and Malaysia. They are allowing some of their top staff to leave the company. They make all the bars now in Australia and import them back, and will progressively wind down production in Dunedin over the next two years.

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A Dunedin man’s second conviction over a incestuous relationship with his daughter came after the pair’s second child died of natural causes.

The 37-year-old and his 23-year-old daughter appeared for sentencing in Dunedin District Court today, after both pleaded guilty to the charge last year.

The pair – whose names have been permanently suppressed – were first convicted and sentenced in 2012 after having a daughter, but breached court orders and went on to have a son in 2013.

That offending came to light after a police investigation, and in November 2013 the couple’s son died of natural causes.

In sentencing the pair today, Judge Kevin Phillips expressed his understanding of the circumstances that lead to the incest. Read more »


Over 50 cats go missing. Does anyone know where Gareth Morgan is?


One pet owner who set up a Facebook page to help search for her missing cat Moses has uncovered a disturbing trend in Timaru.

After Ashleigh Hicks had created the group #freethefurbabies, she was inundated with requests from locals to join and soon found they too were missing pet cats.

Moses is believed to be one of a possible 50 cats to disappear from Timaru this year alone.

?A common factor I have noticed in the majority of these stories is that the cats simply disappeared for no particular reason, cats that don?t tend to wander far,? Hicks told The Guardian.

?We all thought this is too much of a coincidence and suspected foul play.?

Ralphy is believed to be one of 50 cats that have disappeared in Timaru. Photo: Danyelle Loach/Facebook

Members of the Facebook group begun gathering information, including times and dates of the disappearances, photographs of the missing pets and witness accounts.

One member said last year all three of her cats disappeared in the space of three months.

Similar stories have since emerged, with many of the people Hicks has spoken to believing their pets have been taken by a single person.

According to Hicks, as many has 18 cats have gone missing from Timaru in the past two months, many of them from the same area.

Oddly enough, people in Timaru haven’t linked this to the very good takeaway deals on offer.


– Yahoo! News

Key defends Foster-Bell as a hard worker. Really? List his achievements

John Key is defending Paul Foster-Bell. Stuff knows why. He’s done nothing.

Prime Minister John Key has defended the high travel bill for one of his backbench MPs.

Paul Foster-Bell has also faced accusations of poor management after reportedly having 12 staff leave over a period of three years.

The former diplomat and list MP racked up a $61,090 travel and accommodation bill last year – the third-highest for Wellington-based MPs.

Asked about those expenses today, Mr Key said Mr Foster-Bell was among a group of MPs that tended to travel more, as that was required by the party.

“It’s not unusual for us to use a list MP, certainly someone with skills like he has in foreign affairs, around the country. Other MPs ask him to support them in terms of talks or seminars … or to fill in, for instance, for ministers.”

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Dunedin gives Syrian refugees an All Blacks kinda welcome

A large group of Red Cross workers and local volunteers met 13 Syrian families at Dunedin Airport this morning, with one refugee saying he feels like he’s been “born again”.

There were hugs and tears as residents welcomed the 49 nervous refugees to the southern city.

The group are the first of many due to be resettled in Dunedin over the next year.

Red Cross will provide initial support in helping them settle in, find employment and connect with community services like healthcare and schooling.

Among those families arriving today are Wafaa Alshram and her 13-year-old son Ahmed. The family had to leave behind their 16-year-old son in Syria.

Through a translator, Ahmed said he was overwhelmed by the kindness of people and the welcome they received.

“The first day I arrived here, I feel like I’m born again and I am feeling this is a different world. Read more »


Dunedin’s tagging problem hits ANZAC Poppy Appeal

Credit: Gerard O'Brien via ODT

Credit: Gerard O’Brien via ODT

The vandals who defaced five Dunedin Poppy Appeal posters have been slammed by the Returned and Services Association.
RSA Otago Southland district president Jenepher Glover said the taggers reponsible for the George St graffiti showed a lack of respect.

Defacing the large posters in such a prominent location was “extremely hurtful to veterans and their families”, Ms Glover said.

She believed the culprits must have been ignorant of the significance of the Poppy Appeal and that it raised money for soldiers who fought for their freedom.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t have done it otherwise.”

I don’t know what is worse: ?not being ignorant of the significance of Anzac?Day and defacing the appeal posters, or growing up in New Zealand and being ignorant of the significance of Anzac Day. ? Read more »

Mahmoud Helal , Ali Ibrahim and Hassan Almulla thought they knew about sand

You’d think that?Mahmoud Helal, Ali Ibrahim and Hassan Almulla would know all about sand…turns out not so much.

Three Dunedin residents could only watch as their stranded cars were crashed by waves at Tomahawk Beach yesterday.

The cars had been there since about 9pm on Saturday, when one of the cars became stuck in the sand and two cars sent to help also became stuck.

The cars were removed by members of the public yesterday afternoon, but their owners were disappointed the people who came to their aid demanded they pay them $600 for their services.

Ali Ibrahim, the owner of the car which first became stuck, said he and his friends went to the beach to socialise and cook food.

When he tried to leave, he realised the vehicle was stuck in the sand and called for help. But both vehicles which came to assist also sank into the sand.

“I called the AA and they said they could not do anything until tomorrow,” Mr Ibrahim said.

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Bludger returns from holiday complaining he’s got no money

A bludger returns from an overseas holiday complaining he’s got no money and the WINZ offices are closed!!

A glitch in the Ministry of Social Development computer system yesterday caused delays for anyone wanting to sign on for a benefit.

An unemployed 30-year-old Dunedin man, who did not want to be named, said Work and Income’s offices had been closed for most of the Christmas holiday period, so it had been difficult for him to book an appointment to sign on for the Jobseeker Support benefit.

I’m just back from overseas and I’m fairly broke so I need to get on to the dole to get some money.

When he called Winz yesterday to book an appointment, he was greeted “with a long string of automated messages” and was then put on hold for 30 minutes, before an operator told him an appointment could not be made due to technical problems. ? Read more »


Face of the day



Dunedin’s Mayor is urging caution after a spate of violent incidents in the city…

In a sense there’s nothing that the community can do to prepare or prevent in some circumstances that sort of thing, you just have to deal with it.”

“But Dunedin is probably one of the safest communities in New Zealand” added Mayor Cull.


I am glad that Dunedin is a safe place to live. It will not stay that way if it takes too many Islamic refugees. At the moment the numbers appear small but as each person can apply to bring family members into the country after they settle, the numbers we are told are not the true numbers.

It is a crime that the UN will not allow countries to choose which refugees they will take. All the rich Muslim countries who are part of the UN, like Saudi Arabia, have taken ZERO refugees yet we are not allowed to take Christian refugees fleeing Muslim persecution when we are a Christian country and they are the most suited to assimilating into our laws and culture.

We can see the evidence in country after country, including our nearest neighbour Australia, that Muslim immigration when the numbers are too high causes major problems. Australia already has Islamic suburbs?where many non-Muslim Australians feel unsafe.

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