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Throughout Chillingham Castle?s years of restoration, countless bodies have been discovered hidden in various hidden rooms, crawlspaces, and behind brick walls. Perhaps most notable of the discoveries where the skeletons of a man and child found hiding in a small underground vault. No one knows who they are, or why they were hiding in the tiny stone vault in the first place.

The Chilling History of Chillingham Castle

Believed to be the most horrific place in Europe, the Chillingham Castle has seen many wars, deaths and tortures since the 12th century.

In North Northumberland, within sight of the Cheviot Hills, lies the medieval stronghold of Chillingham Castle. Tucked away on the outskirts of the village of the same name, it is remote and forbidding in aspect. Wild cattle still live in these parts, descendants of the beasts that once roamed the ancient forests of Britain. This was once a lawless land, subject to violent cross-border raids during the constant bloody warfare between England and Scotland. It seems peaceful now, but that peace may be deceptive.

Built in the 12th century in the northern part of Northumberland, England, Chillingham was originally intended to be a monastery, but since 1246 the infamous castle has been owned by the same continuous bloodline, and not all of them were very nice. It was the distinguished Grey family who scooped up the surrounding forest and palace, and while renovating the massive building, they added a dungeon and torture chamber or two. It is purportedly quite haunted, with some, however, refusing to go ? cries of terror and pain can be heard emanating from a passage in the wall. When those cries fade, it is said that a halo of blue light has been known appear. A figure of a boy in blue was seen as it approached a guest?s bed during a refurbishing of the castle, after which the bones of a boy along with fragments of a blue dress were found in a wall of the room.

It is estimated that over 7500 Scots, including men, women and children of all ages were tortured and killed in this dungeon over a three-year period.

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Horror House

Pervert?Josef?Fritzl kept his daughter locked up in the notorious ‘House of Horror’ establishment for 24 years, where he repeatedly raped her in a story that shocked the world.

Now the former home, in Amstetten, Austria, will now reportedly accommodate up to 50 asylum seekers after local council officials failed to find a buyer. The house has been up for sale for some time, priced at ?200,000 (?145,000) but it has remained empty since the atrocity was uncovered.

To ensure it did not become a sick tourist attraction, the cellar where Elisabeth and the children were held hostage has been filled with concrete.

Elisabeth now lives in a brightly painted house in a tiny hamlet which the Austrian media, when they mention it at all, refer to as “Village X”. The two-storey family home is kept under constant CCTV surveillance, and any strangers caught lurking nearby can expect to be picked up by the police within minutes.

The concern about security, above all the fear of an all-pervasive, ruthlessly prying media does not end there. In addition to security guards, the citizens of “Village X” have formed a sort of Dad’s Army to keep journalists and other sensation seekers at bay. “There are only a few villagers and they are all in with the police,” recalled a photographer who was unfortunate enough to be sent on a mission to “Village X”. “I was quickly surrounded by people who told me: they don’t want to talk to you, they don’t want to see you ? please get out of here,” he said.

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