Earth Hour

Earth Hour: the truth about plastic bags

I love Earth Hour.  It’s a great time to turn everything on and celebrate the genius of mankind.  How far have we come in the last 100 years?  Let’s celebrate it.

I mean, plastic bags.  Wasn’t that a huge advance over paper?   It’s even better for the environment.

No, I’m not kidding.

The carbon footprint of some common activities:

Email and internet

Even a short email is estimated to have a footprint of 4g of CO2e (gCO2e) – including greenhouse gases produced in running the computer, server and routers and a part of their manufacture.

An email with a large attachment emits about 50gCO2e, and a spam message, not even opened by the recipient, is responsible for 0.3gCO2e.

The annual global footprint of spam is equivalent to 3.1 million passenger cars on the road using 7.6 billion litres of petrol.

A web search on an energy-efficient laptop leaves a footprint of 0.2gCO2e, and on an old desktop computer some 4.5gCO2e.

A mobile phone SMS costs about 0.014gCO2e.   Read more »

People are getting their planning in for Earth Hour

Further to a post on Earth Hour over the weekend, a reader shares how organised he gets for the occasion:

Earth Hour ! ! !
Don’t get me started ! :~(
Too Late !…

I protest it every year
..except last year, because it was actually too cold to get outside and
set up all my lights, but think I cooked a roast instead ; )

Yeah – so much for Al Gore’s hockey stick temperature chart
and “we’re all going to fry!” with warming. – Pffftttttt !

In order to maximise the Earth Hour “PROTEST”
Switch OFF from 7:30PM to 8:30PM to reduced the “hour before” power saving comparison,
then POWER ON from 8.30PM to 9.30PM, while all the Greenies turn their’s off,

This will boost the power graphs in our favour, that is until the greenies get wind of it
and they start turning everything on the hour before Earth Hour so they can claim
that more people switched off during the Earth Hour. :O

I’ll be turning ON, ALL Lights, heaters, cook a roast in the oven anddddd…
switch on 3,000 Watts of spotlights specially set up, that will be
highlighting a main road tree as a PROTEST against “Earth Hour”   Read more »

Earth hour and other matters

A reader writes


Hi Cam

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Whale Oil. I stumbled across your blog about 12 month’s ago while doing some research on a particular person. You had run an article on that person that I duly read. Normally I would have just moved on but my eye caught another post heading on the left of the page headed “pimping the poor” It was story about a Chch family supposedly in poverty. You proceeded over a number of posts over a couple of days to tear the story to bits culminating with Facebook pictures of the “impoverished” mother’s new tattoo that must have cost hundreds of dollars. I have the attention span of a goldfish but that post and the follow ups got me hooked, the posts were brilliant and demonstrated the farce around notions of poverty in NZ. I have visited and read your blog ever since.

What I have realised over the last 12 months is that there are many issues we hold similar views on. There are also issues I don’t agree with you on, but that’s cool. Given my new found love of a largely political blog I thought I would also visit some of the other left leaning blogs. Is it just me or are all lefties just pessimists, woe is me the sky is falling etc etc. I cannot read these leftie blogs without feeling bombarded with negative crap that just turns me off reading. I pity your team having to research these blogs day in day out. By contrast your blog has a great range and balance of posts that are both informative and entertaining and feed a “glass half full” optimist like me.   Read more »

Earth Hour – Lights still blazing at the Whale Cave

It is Earth Hour and the weirdos and media are all lapping it up. Meanwhile I have all the computers, stereo, lights, BBQ and TV running.


A series of public events to celebrate Earth Hour are being held around New Zealand tonight.

The global event encourages people to turn lights and electrical appliances off at 8.30PM as a way to raise awareness about environmental sustainability.

Earth Hour coordinator for the World Wildlife Fund, Rosa Argent, says in central Auckland a group of skaters, BMX riders and cyclists will take to the streets to raise awareness about litter and urban waste.

Hope they don’t run into anything or get run over with their lights off…nice to see the organisers advocating the breaking of road rules to prove their point.

North Koreans experience Earth hour all night, every day. Electricity should be celebrated not used in some pathetic meaningless stunt about global warming.

Earth Hour Fraud fast approaching

urlAnytime soon the mainstream media will start bombarding us with clap-trap over the annual fraud that is “Earth Hour”:

On the evening of March 23, 1.3 billion people will go without light at 8:30—and at 9:30, and at 10:30, and for the rest of the night—just like every other night of the year. With no access to electricity, darkness after sunset is a constant reality for these people.

At the same time, another 1 billion people will participate in “Earth Hour” by turning off their lights from 8:30-9:30.

The organizers say that they are providing a way to demonstrate one’s desire to “do something” about global warming. But the reality is that Earth Hour teaches all the wrong lessens, and it actually increases CO2 emissions. Its vain symbolism reveals exactly what is wrong with today’s feel-good environmentalism.

Earth Hour teaches us that tackling global warming is easy. Yet, by switching off the lights, all we are doing is making it harder to see.

Notice that you have not been asked to switch off anything really inconvenient, like your heating or air-conditioning, television, computer, mobile phone, or any of the myriad technologies that depend on affordable, plentiful energy electricity and make modern life possible. If switching off the lights for one hour per year really were beneficial, why would we not do it for the other 8,759?  Read more »

Earth Hour Fail


Earth Hour was a big fat fail this year. Perhaps people are waking up to the big fat con that is climate change:

A lot of Kiwis forgot to switch off their lights for this year’s Earth Hour, but organisers of the event are unconcerned.

Figures from national grid operator Transpower show that across most of New Zealand, power usage during Saturday’s Earth Hour was higher than that for the same period last week.

But the New Zealand organisers of Earth Hour say the event is not about power savings on the night.

Perhaps Kiwis don’t need to commiserate with North Koreans who have their very own Earth Hour every single night.

If it isn’t about power savings then what exactly is it about? The organisers say the environment…but they all promote the lighting of paraffin candles…it is a crock and Kiwis know it.

Human Achievement Hour

Fox News

While all the weirdo’s are sitting in the dark at 8:30 pm tonight, I will be celebrating Human Achievement Hour by turning every light on, watching a DVD, playing music, simultaneously using my iPhone, iPad and Laptop and streaming video amongst other things:

As millions of people sit in the dark during Earth Hour to call for action against climate change this weekend, a libertarian think tank wants you to fight the power by keeping the lights on.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute plans to commemorate Earth Hour 2012 with its “Human Achievement Hour,” 60 minutes to gather with friends in a heated home, watch television and surf the Internet instead of dimming or shutting off the lights altogether to draw attention to climate change.

“HAH is an annual event meant to recognize and celebrate the fact that this is the greatest time to be alive, and that the reason we have come is that people have been free to use their minds and the resources in their environment to experiment, create, and innovate,” reads a CEI website on the event scheduled to coincide with Earth Hour 2012 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time Saturday.

Participants in the event understand the “necessity to protect the individual persons from government coercion,” according to the Washington-based think tank.

“Observers of Earth Hour want world leaders to ‘do something’ about pollution and energy use,” the website continues. “What this means is that they want politicians to use legal mandates and punitive taxes to prevent individuals from freely using resources, hindering our ability to create the solutions and technologies of the future.”

Myron Ebell, CEI’s director of energy and global warming policy, said the event is about saluting the people who “keep the lights on and produce the energy” that makes human achievement possible.

Coal not Candles

the tipline

A correspondent suggest that tonight we should be celebrating coal not candles:

It was coal that produced clean electric power which cleared the smog produced by dirty combustion and open fires in big cities like London and Pittsburgh. Much of the third world still suffers choking fumes and smog because they do not have clean electric power and burn wood, cardboard, unwashed coal and cow dung for home heat.

It was coal that saved the forests being felled to fuel the first steam engines and produce charcoal for the first iron smelters.

It was coal that powered the light bulbs and saved the whales being slaughtered for whale oil lamps.

It was coal that produced the steel that replaced shingles on the roof, timber props in the mines, wooden fence posts on the farms and the bark on the old bark hut.

In Australia today, coal provides at least 75% of our lighting, cooking, heating, refrigeration, rail transport and steel. Without it, we would be back in the dark days of candles, wood stoves, chip heaters, open fires, smoky cities, hills bare of trees and streets knee deep in horse manure.

Coal is fossil sunshine as clean as the green plants it came from, and often less damaging to the environment than its green energy alternatives.

Earth Hour candles are green tokenism for rich status-seekers and nostalgic dreamers.

We should spend Earth Hour saluting the real people who produce the coal on which most people on earth depend.


Big News owns Earth Hour

Andrew Bolt blogs about the revelation that Fairfax owns 33% of Earth Hour:

You know all that very flattering coverage that The Age and Sydney Morning Herald gives to Earth Hour?

Don’t you think the papers should have declared that their company doesn’t just support the event, but owns one third of it?

Isn’t this against the journalists’ code of ethics?

And all the while these papers run claims that sceptics are funded by Big Coal. At the very same time Big News is funding the warmists.

Now we know why the media hypes the event so much, it is because they have invested heavily in it. I bet the NZ Herald and other media outlets won’t be hyping it so much now, it is just giving coverage to their competitors.

I'm supporting Power Hour on Saturday

While some deluded fools will be turning off their lights and equipment during the Earth Hour, more enlightened people will be supporting Power Hour. I will be one of them. It even has a better ring to it.

I will turn all the dryers, washing machines, stereos, dvd players, electric blanket

Power Hour

Supporting Power Hour