East Jerusalem

Why did the Israeli soldiers hesitate to shoot the Palestinian terrorist?

This issue was touched on in our guest post this morning by Paula Stern who was the mother of a young Israeli soldier nine years ago. She wrote about a similar terrorist attack in the past where the soldiers from her son’s unit did not hesitate and stood their ground.

Unlike today, many soldier’s in Elie’s unit quickly opened fire and the terrorist was killed within seconds. No soldier was hit again – all lived.

In that incident, when asked what happened, the commanding officer stood up and lied through his teeth. “I shot the terrorist,” he admitted.

Who fired? He was asked.

Me, he answered.

Who else? He was asked.

Me, he answered.

And so, by the conclusion of that incident, it was reported that the commander had fired and killed the terrorists – from about 17 different angles, simultaneously.

-Guest Post Whaleoil

I suggest that the reason why the commanding officer during the previous terror attack claimed that he did all the shooting was the exact same reason why the young Israeli soldiers hesitated to shoot the Palestinian terrorist in this latest terror attack. The commanding officer was protecting the women and men under his command from possible legal repercussions. Under relentless and ongoing world criticism of every single?defensive move that the Israeli army makes in order to protect their citizens, the Israeli government scrutinises their own soldiers’ actions in ways no other army can even imagine. Soldiers who are acting in self-defence will still be subjected to rigorous enquiries.

The tour guide who accompanied the IDF cadets on their visit to Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem Sunday afternoon told Army Radio that they hesitated to shoot at that truck as it was speeding in their direction. He attributed their fateful pause to last week?s manslaughter conviction of Sgt. Elor Azaria by a military panel of judges for his shooting of a subdued terrorist in hebron.


Most Israeli soldiers are just ordinary citizens?who have been conscripted. They are not career soldiers. They do their service and then return to civilian life. Given that this is the case they are perhaps more likely to hesitate in this kind of a situation because they are more scared of breaking the rules than they are of losing their lives. In contrast, the PA reward the families of terrorists?who stab Israeli civilians and soldiers and who use vehicles to run families down. They name streets after them. They use the billions of charitable dollars sent their way by Western governments to pay terrorist families a pension. The Palestinians have the world’s most immoral terrorist army but the UN and the world don’t seem to care.


BSA says Jerusalem is not in Israel any more and news organisations must report this new fact

Is Jerusalem in Israel?

Well no, according to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Honest Reporting explains:

ONE News New Zealand aired a broadcast in October concerning the wave of Palestinian terrorism in Israel. Setting the scene, the correspondent stated:

Road blocks are in place and thousands of police and soldiers are patrolling?across Israel as it tries to stop a wave of violence. In the latest attack, a Palestinian stabbed a 70 year old woman before he was shot dead.

The report than showed video footage of a terrorist being shot next to the Damascus Gate of the Old City. The caption on the video read ?Jerusalem.?

The broadcast sparked a complaint to the BSA by the Wellington Palestine Group. It believed that viewers would be confused into thinking that the scene of the incident and, in fact, the whole city of Jerusalem might actually be located in Israel. ?? Read more »

One killed and at least 13 injured in Palestinian terror attacks

Israel is again under sustained terror attacks from Palestinians.

Not that you’d know from NZ media. The Guardian reports:

Three attacks by Palestinians in the space of just over an hour and a half have left one dead and at least 13 injured across Israel, in incidents that included a mass stabbing in Jaffa during a visit by the US vice-president, Joe Biden.

Israeli police later confirmed that the person killed in Jaffa was a 29-year-old American tourist who was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital in Holon. There were no details on the American?s identity.

In the spate of attacks on Tuesday evening ? in East Jerusalem, Petah Tikva and Jaffa ? attackers used guns and knives against both Israeli police and passersby. It was one of the worst days of violence in several months of almost daily attacks in Israel.

They coincided with the arrival of Biden on Tuesday for meetings with the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas. ? Read more »