Are these ?charities? using government money against the government?

Some very serious questions need to be asked.

I?ve been watching the snarling ECE teachers push young kids into the frontline in a ruthless PR stunt in which to attack the government with their left-wing bile, while grabbing the taxpayer dollar.

So I thought I?d have a look at the accounts of these kindy associations ? which, astonishingly, are registered as charities ? and which are pleading poverty and protesting alleged government “cuts” to ECE.

And goodness me, what a treasure trove.

Below is just a selection of the associations around the country ? and they all have multiple millions in the bank, quietly earning lots of interest or invested in sweet accounts. No surprise really, when you consider each individual kindy gets around a third of a million every year from the govt.

As a taxpayer, I am contributing to the $1.4 billion that goes into this sector every year. So I would like to know why they say they need to ask parents for more money? And why should the govt be giving these kindys more money?

And more importantly, as charities they are supposed to be apolitical, yet the evidence clearly shows they are all closely involved with the NZEI anti-govt campaign and the Labour party

So is some of the taxpayer and parent money being used in the NZEI political campaign? Will journos around the country be asking their local association to explain? And why does this sector need an extra half a billion a year on top of the huge amounts of funding it already gets – something which Labour has promised?

Time for reporters to see past the pictures of the cute kids and reveal the ruthless motives of these cashed-up ECE centres, which want to rort the taxpayers and parents of even more money.

Auckland Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balance???? ????$9,181,000
All other short term assets?? $1,209,000

All Current Assets $10,390,000

Canterbury/Westland Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balances???????? $1,633,809
All other short term assets????? $10,124,798

All Current Assets $11,758,607

Central North Island Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balance????????? $5,413,584
All other short term assets????? $4,304,290

All Current Assets $9,717,874

Counties Manakau Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balances??????? $5,508,836
All other short term assets???? $289,951

All Current Assets $5,798,787

Dunedin Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balances????? $6,080,269

All Current Assets $6,080,269

Wellington Free Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balances???? $418,000
All other short term assets?? $936,000

All Current Assets $1,354,000

Now remember, this is just a selection of the many associations around the country. So next time you see these smart-arse ECE teachers on television or in the paper having a go because they want an extra half a billion of our money, just remember we are financing their campaign.

These people should be going the way of Greenpeace, and de-registered as charities immediately.


Shameless NZEI/Labour fail again

Phil Goff colluding with the NZEIHow many turned up for the NZEI’s “big” protest in Auckland yesterday? Just a couple of hundred of the usual snarling nasties.

So far so normal. But the interesting part was the breathtaking cheek of Phil Goff turning up and accepting their petition.

Do these clowns think our memories have been erased?

Just a couple of weeks ago I outed NZEI and Labour as colluding over a previous petition – with the personal details of thousands ending up on Labour’s database without their permission.

So then up pops Goff again yesterday to put even more personal information in his back pocket. Labour flunkies will be busy harvesting the emails as we speak. The union has betrayed their workers yet again, this time instead of handing over 18,000?peoples?personal details to labour they have handed over 60,000.

Labour has so few friends it has to do exactly as the rabid teachers’ union says – such as committing an extra half a billion dollars a year of our money just to bolster the NZEI coffers and get their vote.

I don’t think so Phil.

As for NZEI – when I busted them for giving info to Labour they sent out a letter claiming they were apolitical. The sight of Goff in one of their smelly green protest t-shirts yesterday tells the full story.


Education Branch of Labour continues war

This country spends an absolute fortune on ECE – $1.4 billion a year. But it’s not enough for the teachers’ unions.

The NZEI and their poodles in the Labour Party (who they handed over private email addresses to) want the taxpayers to stump up an extra half a billion every year. Of course, they have no clue how the country will pay for it.

And the reason for this blow-out? They want yet more teachers to wipe noses for three year olds.

Here are the facts:

More teachers = more union members = more funds for the NZEI war chest to campaign against the government.

Trouble is, the nutters in the NZEI are being ignored by the media and the public, who are wise to their banshee wailing.

So just when you think they can’t stoop any lower, the NZEI has started using young kids for their warped political protests – and have posted pictures from around the country bragging about it.

Are parents aware their kids are being used in this way? How f*cking dare these people take such liberties, while pretending it is about children.

Of course, your average newspaper picture editor can’t resist cute kids, so have been publishing the pictures alongside the NZEI’s poisonous message.

And to really scrape the bottom of the barrel, the NZEI is advertising for people with kids in prams and pushchairs to protest in Auckland this weekend.

Here’s a message for the NZEI. New Zealanders are well aware of your nastiness. You can try and hide behind the fluffy stuff, but we can still see you and hear your lies.


How close are Labour and the NZEI?

There is always some skulduggery being planned and hatched between the unions and Labour, especially when there is a National Government.

The NZEI have gone to war with Education Minister Anne Tolley over National Standards. Sue Moroney was in the thick of it, even turning up to help Michael Wood during the Botany by-election helping the ECE teachers agitate at the NZEI jack-up of a “public” meeting.

There has always been a suspicion of collusion between the unions and Labour but until now there was never any documentary proof.

This link goes to the NZEI website. It probably won’t last long after this post goes live. SO I have downloaded the file and put it on

How to Do a Successful March – An email from Sue Moroney

They put it up last year in reaction to Budget 2010 ECE changes (they want all ECE teachers to be qualified – because more qualified teachers means more union subs going into NZEI bank account – this is not about kids for them and never has been)

Anyway, the whole campaign was a spectacular failure – but what is interesting is that all of the less than helpful hints were supplied by Sue Moroney – and all this time NZEI have been too lazy or inept to take her name off the bottom.

Moroney finishes with these immortal words:

At this point you think there is no light at the end of the tunnel! But I?m telling you there is and it is all worth it!!! KEEP GOING!!!!

Presumably the light is a train coming towards them.

ACT Candidate for Botany – Lyn Murphy

Last night there was a debate organised by the NZEI on Early childhood education in Botany. I felt sorry for Lyn Murphy not having any supporters there and because ACT is sparse in its resourcing I thought as a favour and in the interests of of wider debate that I would help out by videoing and posting a video for voters to see.

Lyn started off her evening well by telling attendees that the “ECE cuts weren’t good enough”. This video is of her answering 6 questions from the floor.

Hope you enjoy it.


Using children to push an agenda

Labour have some really smart people, but sometimes they do really dumb things. Charles Chauvel has been trolling Facebook for school kids to be friends with and now Chirs Hipkins is using pre-school kids to un-wittingly push his and the teacher unions agenda.

Teachers and Labour ?should keep politicking out of the classroom. What motivated Chris?Hipkins?to pop in and read a story to the children? I also wonder if the children?s parents know that their children are being used subtly as political footballs by the NZEI, the teachers and the Labour Party?

The teachers and Chris Hipkins are dressed in matching outfits, t-shirts that carry a overt political message. Not only that they use a story that suits the more feral members of Labour and the unions description of John Key.

There appears to be no level that Labour are prepared to stoop to in order score points.