Green Taliban loses Russel Norman to Greenpeace


A newspaper writes

Former Green Party co-leader Russel Norman will resign as an MP and from the Green Party to head Greenpeace New Zealand.

Dr Norman, who stepped down from the co-leader position in May and was replaced by James Shaw, will leave Parliament next month.

In November he will become Greenpeace New Zealand’s executive director, taking over from Bunny McDiarmid, who has been in the role for 10 years.

I have no respect for Russel Norman as a politician. ?He’s an activist and saboteur that has taken protests and economic sabotage to parliament and felt this was a constructive way to build a greener New Zealand. ? His departure is no loss to the Greens. Read more »

It?s official: UK law makes eco-protesters terrorists

About time somebody did some about Green taliban eco-terrorists.

Anti-fracking protesters could be viewed as potential extremists under the government?s new counter-terrorism strategy, police have told teachers.

The bizarre advice was offered during a training session as part of the Prevent strategy, which aims to stop youngsters being brainwashed by Islamic extremists.

The group of 100 teachers were told that people campaigning against fracking in their local area could be regarded as having extreme views.

They were also warned that environmental activists and anti-capitalists could be deemed a threat, with the Green MP Caroline Lucas given as an example.

Dylan Murphy, a history teacher present at the training day, said: ?The thing that set alarm bells ringing in my head was when he started talking about environmental activists. ?I thought, ?Are you equating anti-fracking protests and environmental protesters with neo-Nazis and terrorists??? ?? Read more »

Wow. Militant. At least the overseas press call it as it is


Whereas the local MSM are into hugging eco-terrorists, Sea Shepherd isn’t getting that free pass from AFP

Five activists from the militant Sea Shepherd conservation group have been ordered to leave the Faroe Islands after they tried to disrupt a traditional whale hunt in the autonomous Danish province, police say.

Four were expelled on Friday, and a fifth was to leave on Saturday, police spokesman Christian Jonsson told AFP, adding that they were barred from the islands for a year.

A Faroe Islands court on Friday found the five guilty of disrupting the region’s traditional “grind” pilot whale hunt, one of the activists said.

During the hunt, which many locals defend as a cultural right, the three-to-six metre sea mammals are driven by a flotilla of small boats into a bay, or the mouth of a fjord, before being killed by hand. Read more »

Sea Shepherd economic terrorists shift tactics to endangered krill – news media do zero fact checks

Conservation group Sea Shepherd has changed its target – it no longer wants to save the whales but their food.

It claims human consumption of krill as a health supplement has led to overfishing and it’s calling for a boycott of a leading health supplement company.

The group is known for daring frontline tactics against Japanese whalers, but Sea Shepherd has now gone online with a petition against Eco Krill, sold by Australian company Blackmores.

“This particular supplement, because of its outrageous claim that it’s somehow environmentally-friendly sets a dangerous precedent across all other krill products,” says Adam Burling of Sea Shepherd.

Krill is the main food for whales, some penguins and Antarctic birds.

It’s also rich in Omega 3 and Sea Shepherd claims huge factory ships are vacuuming up krill and selling it to fish farms and supplement companies like Blackmores.

“This company is taking around about 100,000 tonnes a year, its half the global catch of krill.”

There are many krill products available but Sea Shepherd is targeting Blackmores because of the company’s eco claims.

The product carries a Marine Stewardship Council certification, an organisation which claims to “set and maintain the standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability”.

But Sea Shepherd rejects that and warns it’ll step up its action if Blackmores doesn’t listen.

“As the campaign goes on we will look at a range of tactics potentially including field tactics,” says Mr Burling.

Blackmores take 100,000 tones, that’s 0.1 million tonnes (this is important later), of a total harvest of 0.2M tonnes per year world-wide. ?Blackmores obviously present the largest target in the market. Read more »

Trespassing green taliban eco-terrorist gets slap on hand with wet bus ticket from dud judge

It is actions like this by the judiciary that embolden ratbags like Michael Tavares to commit their eco-terrorism in the first place.

They know dud judges will go soft on them.

Meanwhile property owners are yet again the victims here, attacked by jealous neighbours masquerading as concerned citizens and lying about the age of the trees concerned.

Kauri tree occupier Michael Tavares says he can’t promise he will take a break from environmental activism, but he can promise he won’t be trespassing to climb any more trees in the next year.

The environmental activist was today convicted of trespassing, having pleaded guilty to the charge stemming from his 81-hour protest in March.

No sentence will be imposed upon Tavares unless he appears before the courts in the next 12 months, said his lawyer Vernon Tava outside Waitakere District Court this morning.

“If he does anything like this … in the next 12 months he can be called back and sentenced. ? Read more »

Get the fire hose out

I think these tools are going to find out Americans aren’t so accommodating to their shenanigans.

An Auckland Greenpeace activist who boarded an oil rig in the middle of the Pacific Ocean today says he is determined to stay there to protest Shell’s plan to drill for oil in the Arctic.

Johno Smith scaled the 38,000 tonne Arctic-bound oil rig around 7am Honolulu time with five other Greenpeace climbers.

Speaking via satellite phone tonight on board the Polar Pioneer – located 720 miles north-west of Hawaii – he said he planned to be there “for the long haul”.

“We can stay up here for as long as possible to get a message through to Shell and make more people aware of what is currently happening.

“They’ve decided to go and start drilling for oil in the Arctic and we believe that it is one of the most pristine, and one of last pristine spots in the world and it can’t afford to have an oil spill.”

The 32-year-old said apart from cold weather conditions, he and the other climbers were coping well.

The multi-national team had set up camp on the underside of the main deck and had enough supplies to last several days.

Read more »

Drone Footage Shows Extent of Damage From Greenpeace Vandalism at Nazca Lines

Eco-terrorists Greenpeace are?probably more trouble than they have ever been in before, and they are issuing grovelling apologies.

The damage they have caused at Nazca is considerable despite their claims and Peruvian authorities are going to slam them.

A drone has been used to record the damage without causing further damage.

VICE reports:

Greenpeace angered the Peruvian government last week when some of its activists trekked through Peru’s ancient Nazca Lines ??a?UNESCO World Heritage site ? to stage?a?publicity stunt timed to coincide with UN climate change talks being held in the South American nation’s capital of Lima. The stunt?resulted in calls for legal action, and officials have since released new drone footage showing the extent of damage caused at the site. ? Read more »

Greenpeace vandalises World Heritage site, now being prosecuted


Greenpeace is in the gun for desecrating a World Heritage site and is ow being prosecuted by Peru.

The environmental group Greenpeace has apologised to Peruvians upset by its stunt at the world-famous Nazca lines, which authorities say harmed the archaeological marvel.

The apology followed a senior official’s announcement that Peru would seek criminal charges against Greenpeace activists who allegedly damaged the lines by leaving footprints in the adjacent desert.

Greenpeace regularly riles governments and corporations it deems environmental scofflaws.

But the stunt timed to coincide with UN climate talks in nearby Lima may have backfired.

In a statement, Greenpeace said it was “deeply concerned about any offense” Peruvians may have taken. Read more »

Why is crowd funding eco terrorism organisations OK?

Sea Shepherd ship Sam Simon leaves Wellington for Antarctic waters today with a crew braced for conflict.

The organisation is famous for violent clashes in Antarctic waters as it battled to stop Japanese whaling, but this time the target is the illegal fishing of the?Patagonian and Antarctic toothfish.

The Sam Simon, with 30 crew including three New Zealanders, would meet with fellow Sea Shepherd boat Bob Barker, which was coming from Darwin, Australia, before heading south.

Initially they would track Japanese ships to make sure they were only doing “non-lethal” whaling research, he said.

They would then track six ships that had been blacklisted for poaching, believed to be illegally hunting toothfish.

Sam Simon captain Sid Chakravarty said the crew planned to follow Sea Shepherd’s “direct action” motto.

“We will be putting ships in their way and ensuring their ships are shut down,”?Chakravarty said.

Crew member Timothy Evetts, of Wellington, now on his fourth Sea Shepherd mission, had no doubt he was risking his life.

On an?anti-whaling trip two summers ago, he was on a Sea Shepherd ship that placed itself between a Japanese whaling ship and a refuelling ship.

In that incident the Sea Shepherd ship was rammed by a Japanese ship “eight times its size”, but added:?”If there is something worth risking your life for, this is it.”

This is nothing short of eco and business terrorism. ? These fishing companies?are going about their legal business. ?If they do overstep the mark, there are legal ways to solve these problems. ? Read more »

Greenpeace ratbags get their beans from Spanish Navy

Greenpeace likes to protest but when things go wrong they turn into a whiny bunch of girls.

When one of the crew members ends up in the drink all they do is scream while it is the Navy blokes who get their kit off and dive in to rescue her.

It is astonishing that they tool up with cutters, grapples, helmets and safety gear and then wonder why they get sorted out by professionals.

Furthermore when they clearly are warned off approaching the drilling vessel they continue on. ?? Read more »