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Guest Post: How the left have created a rod for their own back

Guest Post: Lushington D. Brady

Punk rock philosopher. Liberalist contrarian. Grumpy old bastard. After working as a freelance music journalist, auto worker, railway worker, taxi driver, small business owner, volunteer firefighter and graphic designer, Lushington Dalrymple Brady decided he finally had an interesting enough resume to be a writer. Miraculously, he survived university Humanities departments with both his critical faculties intact and a healthy disdain for Marxism. He blogs at A Devil?s Curmudgeon. Lushington D. Brady is a pseudonym, obviously.

Narrow-minded identity politics fails to grasp the strength of truly liberal democracies, which is that their laws and institutions are crafted for the benefit and protection of everybody. Groups who, when in power, shape political weapons to bully and harass their opponents into submission are invariably dismayed when shifting political tides suddenly mean that those same weapons are turned against them.

Today?s left are foolishly shaping a set of political weapons that may one day hurt them very much indeed.

Only a fool assumes they?ll always hold the reigns of power. As the November elections showed, the left in America have lost political clout to a degree not seen in generations, and worse is probably yet to come. A shifting media landscape and rising consumer boycotts may also threaten the left?s stranglehold on the media. If – or more likely, when – they do, then the left will suddenly find, to their shock, that the weapons they have been using to bully and silence conservatives will be turned against them. And where, as Robert Bolt wrote in A Man For All Seasons, will they turn, all the laws having been cut down and flattened? Who will protect them then?

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What is their end game? Who benefits? Who is paying?

Hans Kriek and his vegan terrorists have struck again, taking out advertisements in UK papers in order to commit economic sabotage.

What they are doing is tantamount to a crime.

An advertisement condemning New Zealand’s dairy industry for its treatment of calves has been run in Britain’sThe Guardian newspaper.

Animal welfare organisation Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) arranged the advertisement, which depicts a bloodied calf inside a glass of milk with the caption “New Zealand dairy contaminated with cruelty”.

It also poses the question, “Are you consuming New Zealand dairy cruelty?” ? Read more »

Sea Shepherd economic terrorists shift tactics to endangered krill – news media do zero fact checks

Conservation group Sea Shepherd has changed its target – it no longer wants to save the whales but their food.

It claims human consumption of krill as a health supplement has led to overfishing and it’s calling for a boycott of a leading health supplement company.

The group is known for daring frontline tactics against Japanese whalers, but Sea Shepherd has now gone online with a petition against Eco Krill, sold by Australian company Blackmores.

“This particular supplement, because of its outrageous claim that it’s somehow environmentally-friendly sets a dangerous precedent across all other krill products,” says Adam Burling of Sea Shepherd.

Krill is the main food for whales, some penguins and Antarctic birds.

It’s also rich in Omega 3 and Sea Shepherd claims huge factory ships are vacuuming up krill and selling it to fish farms and supplement companies like Blackmores.

“This company is taking around about 100,000 tonnes a year, its half the global catch of krill.”

There are many krill products available but Sea Shepherd is targeting Blackmores because of the company’s eco claims.

The product carries a Marine Stewardship Council certification, an organisation which claims to “set and maintain the standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability”.

But Sea Shepherd rejects that and warns it’ll step up its action if Blackmores doesn’t listen.

“As the campaign goes on we will look at a range of tactics potentially including field tactics,” says Mr Burling.

Blackmores take 100,000 tones, that’s 0.1 million tonnes (this is important later), of a total harvest of 0.2M tonnes per year world-wide. ?Blackmores obviously present the largest target in the market. Read more »

How did I get here?

One News reports on one of the Arctic 30 ‘victims’

New Zealand Greenpeace activist Jon Beauchamp says his three months in a Russian jail felt more like two years.

Mr Beauchamp was among the 30 people who created worldwide headlines when they were detained in Russia following an anti-oil drilling protest.

He is now free and back on New Zealand soil after three months of being detained in a Russian prison.

“It felt like it’s been two years since I left. I’m still trying to get used to it, you know…I’m not even sure that I’m here,” he told ONE News.

The 51-year-old is one of Greenpeace’s “Arctic 30”, arrested following an anti-oil drilling protest when two activists tried to board a Russian rig.

“It was an entirely peaceful protest. And these Russians just descended upon us like fury,” Mr Beauchamp said.

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