economic war

Economic War? How China spreads disease



Yesterday there was a report that scientists at Otago University have figured out the path that the Kiwifruit bacterial disease, PSA, took to get to New Zealand by analysing DNA.

I’ve been waiting for someone to suggest the introduction of PSA into New Zealand wasn’t accidental. ?That it could possibly be a deliberate act of economic war.

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Eastern thinking and long term strategy

A Whale reader contributes his thoughts about the Crafar Farms deal:

One thing a lot of Westerners don’t appreciate about the Chinese is that they work to a long term plan, therefore have infinite patience, and they do not see a single failure as anything but a normal bump on the road to where they are determined to end up.

Even if the Crafar farms deal hadn’t gone their way, their plan to purchase NZ agribusiness will slowly march on. And so, we should not expect the Crafar Farms deal to be the end it either. It’s merely a step along a long path where China is implementing a plan to feed its population and to have strategic control over its food supply.

History will show that when the USA was trying to enforce its will via might, China quietly took control over major portions of the world through economic means instead. ?The US tries to calm its citizenry about the amount of debt owed to the Chinese here, but they completely overlook how much of US infrastructure, real estate, agriculture and strategic assets such as power, water, transport is slowly making its way into foreign hands also.

This isn’t meant to scare or push/pull your thinking in any direction. ?It’s simply to be aware that it is a way the Chinese have very long term plans that allow them to conquer their problems through a multi-generational time frame that most Westerners find difficult to conceive is actually in place.