Wednesday morning mailbag


Notice posts way way down on previous two weeks.? I suspect
due to Pete’s heavy-handedness banning/blocking over the last week.
Not a good time for posts to be seen to be down.? But that’s okay
because Pete said that those of us that have not been too naughty can
come back after the election.? What Pete somehow has missed is that
most of us are just here for the election cause; whatever the result
is we probably wont be back, especially after having been banned for
the main thrust of the last two weeks.? Bad bad business practise to
alientate your core customers.? Dumb and very stupid in fact.? I only
hope you all weren’t stupid enough to ban those who had recently
donated.? I received my annual bonus last week and had intended to
donate 25% as I was so passionate about what you guys were doing,
saved from that thank you – will replace the windscreen and covers on
my boat for summer instead.

Oddly enough, the most vocal and, erm, less desirable commenters hardly ever stump up. ?Most donations come from people I have never seen comment here. ?People who understand it’s the articles and hard work that needs rewarding, and that it also is important for Whaleoil to survive past the election – much more important than just two weeks. Read more »

Gordon Ramsay’s Dating Technique. [Probably NSFW]


Looks like Fairfax’s “right first time” policy is in action

Looks like the ?right first time? policy has started up at Fairfax.

You would think that getting today?s year right wouldn?t be too hard ? we are pretty much all the way through it.


How to fake a knife fight


What is appalling is the spelling skills of sub-editors

? NZ Herald

Apparently school cuts appal [sic]?principals. What is more appalling is the spelling skills of sub-editors.