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Does Pork Chop have Swine Flu?

Pork Chop has Swine FluA little birdy has contacted the tipline and told me that Pork Chop has Swine Flu.

The little birdy told me that Pork Chop herself had told them she has the killer virus.

I wonder how that is going to affect the brain tumor she has told everyone she has?

No wonder too that she looked more shit than usual on Wednesday at Yum Char with Gilda K.

Note to Gilda’s boyfirends, no snogging she shared a trough with Pork Chop and probably has Swine Flu too.

Bad News! Obesity Contagious

Pork Chop is a fatty

Some bad news out there folks. Apparently Obesity can be contagious.

This is truly going to be devastating news for Ricardo and any other person in close proximity to Pork Chop aka Glaucoma aka Rachel Glucina.

[quote]Obesity can spread from person to person, much like a virus, researchers are reporting today. When a person gains weight, close friends tend to gain weight, too.[/quote]

Good lord! Watch out for those nasty side effects when you hit the Xenical. The people sho own the couch still haven’t got the stain out apparently.

Of course those fatties out there looking for an excuse for youe plus, plus size can always blame someone else now. “Oh, I caught Obesity from her”

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Random Impertinent Questions

Anyone else find it ironic Trevor Mallard is taking charge of an assault case?

Aren’t the govt is getting desperate when they only way they can get positive press is by putting out press releases about a student getting beaten up?

Doesn’t she mean “party tent” not “party frock“?

Rachel Hunter wasn’t crucified in the press two weeks ago for stacking on the pounds she was crucified by you alone, surely?

Admit it you don’t have her number do you?

Isn’t RG just such a “big” hypocrite?

Are you contemplating a high colonic because you are full of shit?

Can the free hits keep on rolling?

I thought Mark Weldon liked “heavy” chicks?

Proof in her own words


This post has been removed due to vexatious legal proceeding against my hosting company.

A copy of this post can be seen at this attack site about she who must not be named.

WOBH has no links to that site and has not authorised any of the content there to be copied from WOBH.

Speaking of flabby butts

More on the saga that is Porkchop has raised its head including previously un-published photographs, clearly taken with a wide, extremely wide angle lens. RealityTV has a crack at the very large target Porkchop presents.

Is Porkchop the Mary-Anne Thompson of the gossip industry?

Well, no answers have been forthcoming from the Chopster so based on the very good evidence provided the MA seems to be a figment of someones imagination.

And doesn’t Shayne Currie just get the mauling he’s deserving of for his incredibly poor maths. Based on his sums there wouldn’t be enough profit from Porkchops column to meet her payments to Mallard’s girlfriend, in fact is Spy magazine profitable at all?

Is that a hole in the hose I see on her right leg?

Fashion disaster!!!

Hi my name is Rachel and I'm a foodaholic

Things are getting bitchy in the gossip world. Porkchop did a 20/20 show about herself and Ana Samways has commented.

[quote]Rachel Glucina, the Herald On Sunday’s gossip columnist, appeared on 20/20 on Thursday night and revealed how she was hurt other media suggested she may have slept with Mick Jagger to get a story, yet she took no responsibility for the hurt she caused by wrongly suggesting Trevor Mallard was having an affair with a high profile netballer. With her chubby chipmunk face and cute lisp, you’d think butter wouldn’t melt. Even with the hypocrisy revealed, I’m not sure if it’s covering for ruthlessness or general dumbness.[/quote]

Ouch that has gotta hurt. No doubt (P)Ricardo and Porkchop will start a whispering campaign against Ana. Speaking of the mallard affair I understand from the word around town that the cost of that little oops was around $20k. Good god are the Herald turning on their own?, Spareroom is a Herald creation if I am not mistaken so did Ana miss the memo from Shayne Currie that Porkie “sells 3-4,000 papers a week (of the half million circulation) and so has to be supported?”. There will be a cat fight at dawn when Porkchop reads that post from Ana.

With Ana calling her chubby we here at WOBH need to ask if the rumours are true that Porkchop has received an offer she can’t refuse from Jenny Craig. Perhaps Rachel has taken the advice, somone callously called over their shoulder one day after copping a snakey comment from Porkchop, imploring her to call Jenny. Things are getting out of control though for Porkchop, just last night she was seen wearing a corset!!! Then there is this little photoshop of Porkchop that arrived in my inbox a while ago.

Well two things we know for sure, she hasn’t seen the inside of a gym for quite sometime and she isn’t sucking on the end of the a ‘P’ pipe and its not like she can’t get a steady supply of it!

WOBH thinks one or other of those options would succeed better for her than Jenny Craig. Finally a little video interlude to consider.



Grilled Pork Chop

Cactus Kate as been grilling some Porkchop.

Clearly Gilda K and Porkchop have had a wee parting of the ways, no doubt (P)Ricardo has got something to do with it or else Jimmy K has stopped the retainer to Porkchop and so she is to be taught a lesson about how to treat your tame gossip columnist or else you cop a flogging once a week.

I bet Shane Currie is crapping himself waiting for Jimmy’s lawyer to serve papers….how many times will that make it? will the settlement be bigger than the last one? What was it again $20,000?

A word of warning for PorkChop though don’t pick a war with bloggers, especially those who can cut video any way they want and are pretty good with photoshop.