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The left are so selective about their outrage


Sarah Palin posted a New Year’s photo of her 6-year-old son Trig standing on the family dog to reach the sink with the offering of an inspirational message of turning an obstacle into a stepping stone, social media erupted in vile attacks against Palin for allowing such an “atrocity” to take place.

Hurls of “you’re a horrible human being,” “sociopaths suck,” and “you’re still a total moron” were aimed directly at Palin. You would have thought they were beating the animal with baseball bats.

Then there was these two unspeakable comments: Read more »

This is how you do it Len

When offered freebies that go against your organisations rules and normal public ethics this is how you handle it.

Four Boston area firefighters that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres rewarded with Caribbean cruise tickets for rescuing a dog from an icy river have had to return them because of conflicts with state ethics laws.

Wellesley Fire Chief Richard DeLorie tells The Boston Globe (bo.st/1apPx73) Wednesday that he has sent the cruise vouchers back because state ethics law prohibits firefighters from accepting gifts worth $50 or more. He called DeGeneres’ gift a “nice gesture.”? Read more »

‘Big Gay Rainbow’ quote of the year

Maurice Williamson’s speech supporting the Marriage Equality Act and his comment about the ‘big gay rainbow’ haas won Stuff’s quote of the year.

A comment about an “enormous big gay rainbow” that was seen on the day Parliament voted on the marriage equality bill has been voted the quote of the year.

National MP Maurice Williamson?s speech in support of gay marriage has won the Massey University Quote of the Year competition with an impressive 38 per cent of the vote – the second year in a row the competition has been won by a Member of Parliament. ? Read more »

Maurice could win – NBR

Niko Kloeten reckons that Maurice Williamson could bury Len Brown in the mayoral race in October.

There are a number of reasons.

Less baggage:

A number of political figures on the right believe Mr Williamson would have a better chance of success than fellow MP and ACT Party leader John Banks did when he ran for Auckland mayor three years ago and was thumped by 65,000 votes (234,459 to 169,862).

Councillor Dick Quax, who represents the Howick ward which largely overlaps with the Pakuranga electorate, says Mr Williamson has a very good reputation in the area, with one of the largest majorities of any MP (almost 14,000 votes).

He says Mr Williamson doesn’t carry as much “baggage” as Mr Banks in the eyes of voters, particularly those in area outside the old Auckland City Council.

“The reason why John Banks didn’t do very well was for many people the amalgamation of Auckland was seen as a takeover by Auckland City,” he says.

“They saw John Banks as part of that takeover by Auckland City of the rest of the region and when a credible candidate from outside of the area put his hand up a lot of the votes automatically went to Len Brown.

“A lot of voters in Pakuranga and Howick voted for him because he wasn’t John Banks. ?That won’t be the case this time.”

Mr Quax says Mr Williamson will also benefit from not being associated with the unitary plan, which many Aucklanders are not happy with.? Read more »

From hippie to tory to gay icon, Maurice Williamson is the man of the moment

via mrgayeurope.com

via mrgayeurope.com

Any sensible PM would have learned long ago that Maurice does what Maurice wants to do and that trying to stop him results in carnage on the tracks.

Michelle Hewitson sat down with Maurice Williamson for a chat about his sudden rise to fame.

Nobody could be more surprised than Maurice Williamson – other than his wife, his three kids and … oh let’s just say the entire country and quite possibly the universe – that one morning he woke up and found he had become a great big gay icon.

Nobody could be more surprised than me to find myself in his Pakuranga electoral office asking the National MP of 27 years: What’s it like to be a gay icon?

There is no use asking him. He hasn’t the foggiest idea. Still, I have a sneaking suspicion that he is rather enjoying being whatever one is.

I asked his son, Simon, what he thought and he said: “It’s surprising.”

He said this in a way which suggested that he got over being surprised about his father’s antics some years ago. We had just watched him doing a surprisingly good impersonation of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. “He walks up to this counter of this hotel and there’s this massive big Alsatian sitting there and he says to the guy, ‘Pardon Monsieur, does your dog bite?’ And the guy says, ‘No, it does not’. And he says, ‘thank you … hello poochie! How are you?’ And the dog just savages him and Sellers is going, “Aagh!” And he says, “I thought you said your dog does not bite?’ And the guy says, ‘I did Monsieur.

That is not my dog’!”

Oh no… he’s pitching for a career in standup as well.
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New Army Mission: Go vote in the poll to send Maurice to appear on Ellen

Maurice pollThe NZ Herald has a poll about Maurice Williamson on whether or not he should?be cleared to appear on the Ellen Degeneres show?

I understand that Letterman has also requested him as well…so go vote and send a message that he should be allowed to go.

Can you believe the mingers though that are voting that he shouldn’t be allowed to go.

He is on Campbell Live tonight, which should be worth watching mainly to watch a leftie sook go gaga over a National MP. It will be a rare and wonderful sight to behold.

Plus is might just give him the?momentum?to considering to give Len Brown a run for his money.


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