Boag snatch to fund Sky City blowout?


There?s a new candidate for who is paying Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag and her offsider Cedric ?Senile? Allan for their campaign to snatch $2.1 billion in Vector shares from the people of Auckland and South Auckland to give to Lyin? Len Brown?s council.

Whaleoil still doesn?t quite believe it but it?s overloading the tipline so here goes: The theory is it?s SkyCity casino. Here?s why it could be true.

Since Friday SkyCity has been saying it needs another $130 million from the government to build its new National Convention Centre. Or else it?ll pull out of the deal. The government has to make the SkyCity deal work because all the rest of its convention centre plan is falling apart.

Steven Joyce seems to be saying he?ll open up some of his trough but not for the full $130 million and wants Auckland ratepayers to front up with the rest. ?

In a world first, everyone from Lyin? Len to Dick Quax have lined up and told Joyce to shove it. (The one exception is Cameron ?Mr Fiscal Responsibility? Brewer who sounds like he?s had too many nights in the SkyCity corporate box.) Read more »

Who is paying for the Boagan’s $2.1 BILLION snatch?

business woman with lots of money

Everyone smart is running a mile from Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag?s plan to snatch $2.1 billion in Vector shares from Aucklanders and South Aucklanders to give to Lyin? Len Brown for him to build his trainset.

But one question is still be to explored. Who is paying The Boagan, 60? And who is paying her offsider Cedric ?Senile? Allan, 102?

These people don?t do anything for free. The Boagan even got Doug Myers to pay her when she was running for National Party President.

The tipline is running hot with theories. Read more »

Christmas Countdown: Boagan Dwarf Three – Michael “Dopey” Barnett

barnett-elf copy

Michael “Dopey” Barnett

There’s still six days until Christmas but the early presents for Whaleoil readers keep on coming. ?Today’s gift is a cracker – ?the story of Boagan dwarf number three, Michael ‘Mayoral-Wannabe’ Barnett.

Auckland readers will of course know Mr Barnett as the face of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. ?If you don’t really understand what the organisation does, fear not you’re not alone. I?can happily confirm their key role is to organise business lunches and breakfasts. ? Kim The Clown Campbell is a regular attendant. ?The Mayoral Wannabe actually celebrates his 25th anniversary at the Chamber this year. ?What better way to party than to steal a cool $2.1 billion off the people of Auckland. ? ? Read more »

Christmas Countdown: Boagan Dwarf Two ? Kim “The Campbell Clown” Campbell



There?s a bit of a change of plan.? Kim ?The Campbell Clown? Campbell made such a goose of himself on Larry Williams last night we?re looking at him today rather than Michael Barnett.? But don’t worry, we will deal with all The Boagan?s friends soon enough.

For those just catching up, the story goes like this.? It looks like Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag is working for someone like Hawkins to try to get Lyin? Len?s trainset underway sooner rather than later.

The Boagan and John ?The Dining Table? Collinge, now 104, have a decades-old feud with Warren Kyd and other members of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (AECT) ? the outfit that owns $2.1 billion in Vector shares in trust for the people of Auckland and South Auckland, and which pays them a Christmas dividend of $335 a house each September. Read more »

Christmas Countdown Special: EMA reaps what it sows


EMA boss Kim ?The Campbell Clown? Campbell can?t be too much longer in his job.

Members of the EMA board have called the tipline begging not to be included in the Christmas Countdown series.

They reckon they didn?t know anything about what The Campbell Clown was up to when he decided to launch a campaign to steal $2.1 billion in Vector shares from the people of Auckland and South Auckland and cancel their $335 Christmas dividend and give the shares and money to Len Brown so he can build his trainset.

They didn?t know The Campbell Clown had come under the spell of Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag.

Well it may be too late for the EMA board.? Look what fell off the back of the bus: ? Read more »

Christmas Countdown: The Boagan Who Wants To Steal Christmas (and her Ten Dwarfs)


Whaleoil is launching a new series today. It?s called the Christmas Countdown and we?ll be introducing you to a whole lot of Michelle Boag?s friends this side of Christmas.

It seems like the Boagan has a new client. Is it John Collinge continuing his boring feud with Warren Kyd? Or a construction company like Downer, Hawkins, Fulton Hogan or Fletchers? ? Read more »

Business leaders write open letter to Greens/Labour to withdraw wonky power policy

From their press release:

A group of leading business organisations has sent an?open letter to the Labour and Green parties?urging them to withdraw their electricity policy.

BusinessNZ, EMA, the Chambers of Commerce and others say the policy would harm jobs, growth and investment, causing interest rates to rise, reducing KiwiSaver retirement savings and making people less well off.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O?Reilly says it is unusual for business to seek the withdrawal of party policies, but this particular policy if implemented would cause widespread damage.

?Subsidies and state control are not the right answers to the issue of electricity pricing.? While sounding superficially attractive, such policies would in practice destroy investment and jobs.?? Read more »

Now he is digging his grave

The old saying about when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging was appropriate for Alasdair Thompson. He should?have?stopped digging yesterday, apologised for being a complete unadulterated?dick-head?and his foot in mouth problem may well have passed. It seems Alasdair traded his shovel for a back-hoe.

But oh no he had to go and stir up the hornets nest. TV3 and Campbell Live were very smart to send along a woman repeater, very smart and it paid off.

He suggested that once-a-month “sick problems” were a factor that affected work only for women – a comment that caused outrage on social networking sites and in Parliament.

Later, a?Campbell Live interview with reporter Mihingarangi Forbes began well – in the unedited version, Mr Thompson asked how his hair looked, and the journalist replied, “Perfect”.

But 24 minutes in, Forbes asked: “When someone is sick here, do you ask them why are they sick, and they tell you, because of heavy period pains?”

Mr Thompson walked away in a huff.

“What? I’m asking you a serious question,” Forbes said.

“No you’re not,” Mr Thompson replied.

He said he had already responded to the issue.

“Okay. Maybe you should resign then, because you can’t represent half the population – women,” Forbes responded.

Mr Thompson asked: “Did you come into this meeting thinking that?”

He walked over to Forbes and stood over her.

She said, while taking a step back: “No, I’m just telling you because you don’t really represent me very well as a female … You think I’m less productive …”

Mr Thompson cut her off, saying that he had already told her the opposite. “Don’t put words into my mouth. You’re lying to me…”

He then returned to his seat, and after a short exchange, asked when the interview would start again.

Forbes said the interview had been going the whole time: “You walked away, walked around, came back, stood on my face, yelled at me and sat down again and now you’re saying you’re back on record.”

I said that the hole and digging analogy doesn’t apply to Alasdair Thompson anymore. He is no longer standing in a hole he is standing in his grave and experience tells us that graves are best good and deep so that dogs and other animals won’t dig up the corpse and the stench doesn’t leak out.

So Alasdair Thompson should keep on digging his grave and while he is at it he could pile up the dirt in a nice pile so we can all push it in on top of him a whole lot easier.

In my experience working the best bosses I ever had were women, even duing rag week, way better than any bloke and certainly better than the blokes who were gay.

Resign and go away Alasdair, oh and don’t think about a political career either, fool. You have placed the EMA on a precipice, so it is only right that you go right ahead and jump off it so the EMA can remain a credible and valuable organisation.