Eminem v John Key back in court

Well, it?s a recording company suit and a National party drone, but it goes to show how slowly the wheels of the justice system turn.

Lawyers for American rapper Eminem and the National Party were back in court today, over the copyright of music featured in the party’s TV advertisements during its 2014 election campaign.

Eight Mile Style LLC and Martin Affiliated LLC, Detroit-based publishers of Eminem’s copyrights, accused the party of using backing music to the rapper’s song Lose Yourself, from his 8 Mile album.

Greg Arthur who appeared for the party, told Justice Brendan Brown in the High Court at Wellington he wanted to split trial into two parts – one for liability and one for damages.

Mr Arthur said the two issues were “clearly divided” and a split trial would save the time spent in trial.

He said the liability trial would take about two weeks, possibly more, but calculating damages “wasn’t straightforward” so liability should be established first.

Garry Williams representing Eight Mile Style LLC and Martin Affiliated LLC, disagreed, saying his clients wanted a single trial.

He said the assessment of damages wasn’t complex and it could be dealt with in a single trial.

“They are issues that arise in copyright cases all the time,” he said.

Justice Brown held off his decision and gave the parties the opportunity to come up with a resolution by March 23.

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Eminem sues John Key

Or so the media would have you believe. ?The truth is that it’s some rights company that is suing National, in spite of the fact National purchased what it believed was the rights to the song from an agent claiming to act on behalf of Eminem’s publisher.

The publisher of United States’ rap star Eminem is taking the National Party to court, with a hearing set down for next week.

Last year it was revealed that Eight Mile Style LLC and Martin Affiliated LLC, the Detroit-based publishers of Eminem’s copyrights, intended to sue the The National Party.

They allege the National Party breached copyright by using a song that sounded similar to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ in its campaign advertisements throughout the 2014 election.

Eight Mile Style will be taking a civil case against the New Zealand National Party, with a hearing scheduled for next Friday at the High Court in Wellington.

Eminem’s publishers claimed they were not approached for permission to use any of Eminem’s songs for the campaign advertisement.

The National Party rejected those allegations and said the music was purchased by the book.

At the time, National’s campaign chairman Steven Joyce said National stopped using the music in its advertising after the publishers contacted them.

It was pretty legal. ? In the sense that it wasn’t, but they thought it was. ? If you thought Sabin was a beat-up, what about this? ? ?Eminem’s publisher is basically a dickhead for even taking out civil action against National for what was an unintentional breach. ? Read more »

Why is Eminem complaining?

Why is Eminem complaining about National’s ad, didn’t he copy the bass line from Led Zeppelin?

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Three breasted women are strangely alluring

i’m not sure whether it is the deer antler bike handle bars, the itty bitty camo shorts or the three breasted woman…but this video from Skylar Grey is strangely alluring. Also an appearance by Eminem.

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