Emmanuel Macron

The young ones

The young ones, darling, we’re the young ones. And young ones shouldn’t be afraid.

Young dreams should be dreamed together. And young hearts shouldn’t be afraid.

Cliff Richard

How’s it all working out for the bright young things that were the future for our planet and the example to governments all around the world?

Trudeau is mired in controversy over some dodgy dealings: Quote.

For Canadian liberals, or indeed any of us who cling to outdated ideas such as good governance and liberal democratic values, it was like watching a unicorn get flattened by a lorry. Earlier this week, Canada?s undeniably gorgeous, halo-bound Liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau ? proud feminist, defender of minority rights, advocate for transparency, inclusivity and decency, and prince of the one-armed push-up ? was morally eviscerated over four-hours of astonishing testimony by his own former attorney general and justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould ? a woman of great integrity and a rare Indigenous Canadian cabinet minister. […]

When the story broke, Trudeau denied any connection between the standoff and Raybould-Wilson?s political punishment. He denied having done anything inappropriate or wrong. […]

If her testimony ? based on copious meeting notes as well as emails and text messages ? proves true, Trudeau?s behaviour was way beyond the bounds of what was fair or decent. It was sleazy, plain and simple. And for a leader whose entire brand identity, right down to the toes of his cotton rainbow socks, is based on fairness and decency, that?s pure political poison. End quote.

The Guardian

Oh dear, things are bad for Trudeau if the Guardian is writing about it.

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Ardern’s NY commitments today

The second edition of the One Planet Summit is to be held between 2 pm to 4:30 pm on September 26, 2018 and will review the commitments made at the first One Planet Summit in 2017

The official website tells us?the summit,?will further accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement by putting finance in service of climate action. It will contribute to strengthening multilateral collaboration, building trust between public and private actors, to ensure a collective response to the climate change.

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Cheese eating surrender monkeys give up on massive taxing of the rich

Stupid Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys they even surrendered on taxing the rich massively hard.

Of course they had to surrender on the socialist utopia of taking the rich because simply put massive taxes on the rich simply don’t work.

Fran?ois Hollande?s unpopular tax changes that imposed a 75% rate on earnings above ?1m (?780,000) will quietly disappear into the history books from Thursday.

The French socialist president announced plans for the controversial measure during his 2012 election campaign as a means of forcing the wealthiest to help dig the country out of economic crisis.

Although supported by the left, the reform sparked accusations of an anti-business agenda. After the ?supertax? was announced in September 2012 the government was accused of shooting itself in the foot by risking an exodus of high-profile personalities. Business leaders expressed fears that investors would pull out of France.

France?s richest man, Bernard Arnault, the chief executive of luxury group LVMH, took out Belgian nationality, and the actor G?rard Depardieu also moved across the border to Belgium before obtaining Russian citizenship. ? Read more »