emotionally bankrupt

I agree with Rachel Smalley: I need a lie down

?I need a lie down: I agree with Rachel Smalley. Rachel often fails to see the big picture and allows emotions to get in the way of facts. She supports Muslim refugees, for example, without understanding what Islam actually is and what it does. She fails to look at the long-term effects of short-term decisions because she bases most of her views on emotion.

However, when it comes to her analysis of what happened in my home town of Kawerau I find myself one hundred percent in agreement with her, but not for the same reasons. As usual Rachel’s emphasis is on emotion and it is the alleged shooter’s family’s lack of emotion and empathy that has turned her against them. Personally, I am against them because of the facts. Their relative was 100% in the wrong. He injured four people who were simply doing their job. Instead of helping the police they interfered and tried to blame the police for a situation created by their relative.

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