Too powerful not to be shared

This has been shared before in a comment on the blog but it deserves a wider audience as many of you may have missed it.

This short video goes a long way to showing us what we are up against as Infidels. In this example the target of the Muslim’s hate was a Jewish Professor but make no mistake we are all infidels in her eyes. The hatred that she has been brought up with from the cradle is the exact same hatred young muslim children are being indoctrinated with right now all over the world. We have no concept of it but when you watch this video you will realise that there is only one effective response to this kind of fundamentalism. This is not a person that can be reasoned with, this is not a person capable of empathy, this is a indoctrinated human being who will bring up her own children the same way she was brought up, with hatred and murder in her heart.


Rodney Hide thinks the leftwing live in ‘perpetual anger and utter miserableness’

Rodney Hide explains in the NBR about his belief that the left wing live in?’perpetual anger and utter miserableness’.

One of the reasons I am not a Lefty is their perpetual anger and utter miserableness. It renders them utterly unattractive.?Theirs is not a club I wish to join.

If you doubt my characterisation take a look at the left-wing blogs The Standard or The Daily Blog.?Or a school staffroom. Or Question Time,?Morning Report?or any newspaper.

Or compare John Key to Helen Clark.

It?s extraordinary, is it not??I don?t know an exception. There?s next to no difference in Ms Clark?s and Mr Key?s policies. In fact, there?s no difference. But there?s a world of difference in outlook and temperament because of their politics.

It?s been a lifelong puzzle to me. Why are Left Wingers so miserable and angry about, well, everything?

Why indeed?

We saw one of the nastiest election campaigns ever, with grotesque sign vandalism, criminal acts of hacking and demonisation of anyone opposed to the leftwing parties.

They even had the temerity to suggest it was they who were pure and the right who are nasty.

Central to the Left?s ideology is the belief that politicians have the power to make the world a better place. That?s how they think.

Now consider how that plays out in their heads.

That their lives aren?t better must make them bitter and twisted.? Their life is a constant proof that politicians aren?t doing what they are meant to or what they promised. Their miserable lot, or that of the fellow down the road, or the world in general, is the fault of politicians who, accordingly, must be uncaring, idiotic or crooked and, perhaps, all three. If politicians were genuine, the world would be a better place.

It never occurs to me that a politician would or could fix a thing. I am just happy they leave me mostly alone. I wish they would do better at it but I know how to keep myself out of their way.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Thomas Michael Alleman

Photo: Thomas Michael Alleman

Capturing an Eccentric Moment of Everyday Life

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An email from a reader about envy driven politics

A reader emails:

Hi Cam,

Listening to Cunliffe since becoming leader of the Labour party it has become clear that labour plan to win the election by dividing the nation on the battle lines of class. The Labour and Green block has become increasingly driven by the ‘green-eyed monster’ of envy. It’s envy, not vision or empirical evidence that drives Labour/Green policy solutions. The policy of the left seems to be more concerned with harming the justly wealthy solely because of their success than it is with actually helping the less fortunate in society, labour policy to impose a capital gains tax and close charter schools are just two example of this.

The following is an Essay written by U.S presidential candidate Ron Paul that I believe sums up the issue perfectly.

“Envy is the painful awareness of another’s good fortune. It is usually associated with the desire to bring an end that good fortune through some means. Thus is it worse than jealousy, which is wanting what another has. Envy seeks to take away what another has out of spite and hatred, and is driven by the desire to destroy. It is an extremely destructive emotion, one that cannot bring personal happiness and is sure to bring social harm. The exercise of envy only ends in satisfying a kind of lust for bad to come to others. All the world religions condemn the impulse. It is one of the seven deadly sins. It is something we train our children not to feel. No good can come of it.

I raise it in this context because envy is?one of the driving forces of redistributionist politics?in the United States, an emotion and motivation endorsed every day on the editorial pages. It is the secret motivation behind the unrelenting attacks on the rich heard every day inside Washington, a town whose population includes some of the most well-to-do people in the entire country.?The emotion that is behind the attacks on the justly rich, and the emotion that such seek to stir within the population, is envy. ? Read more »

Has Iain been in Washington?

Has Iain Lees-Galloway been in Washington?

The husband of the 48-year-old woman who is now?the most famous stenographer in America?knew his wife had been getting up in the middle of the night for the past four weeks.

But he did not know why until after the Capitol Police had hustled her from the podium at the House of Representatives to a hospital for psychiatric observation.? Read more »

Friday nightCap

Buffering the pain of Social Exclusion with Marijuana


New evidence suggests that marijuana?maybe popular because it helps people cope with the pain of loneliness.

Why smoke marijuana? Users would probably reply that numbed-out bliss is its own reward. But if smoothing out the harsh edges of reality is your goal, what bruises are you attempting to avoid?

Newly published research?suggests that, at least for some, the answer is: The intense discomfort of social exclusion.

?Marijuana has been used to treat physical pain,? reports a research team led by?University of Kentucky?psychologist Timothy Deckman, ?and the current findings suggest it may also reduce emotional pain.?

Interesting. Got me fascinated.

[D]ata on 5,631 Americans, who reported their level of loneliness, described their marijuana usage (if any), and assessed their mental health and feelings of self-worth. Not surprisingly, the researchers found a relationship between loneliness and feelings of self-worth, but it was significantly weaker for regular pot smokers.

?Marijuana use buffered the lonely from both negative self-worth and poor mental health,? the researchers write.

Another experiment, featuring 537 people, found those who were experiencing social pain were less likely to have suffered a major depression in the past year if they smoked pot relatively frequently.

Still another experiment, featuring 225 people, used the computer game?Cyberball?to create an immediate experience of social exclusion. Half the participants in the three-person game received the ball twice early on, and then never again during the course of the game. They then reacted to a series of statements designed to assess whether their need for self-esteem and belonging felt threatened?statements such as, ?I had the feeling that the other players did not like me.?

The results: Those who smoked marijuana relatively frequently felt less threatened than those who smoked it less frequently, or not at all.

I’m very interested on the effect mitigating loneliness caused by severe depression.

Rooting makes us happy, They needed a study for this?

Apparently, according to a study, sex makes us happy….but there is a catch:

Sex makes us happier as long as we think we’re having more than our neighbours, according to a new scientific study.

The research suggests sex is like salaries, in that people are generally happy if they keep up with the Joneses and are even happier if they get ahead.

However, those who feel they are having less sex than their peers tend to feel more miserable.

The study, carried out by sociologists at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, found we feel happier the more sex with have.? Read more »


Science proves crazy bitch syndrome impossible to read

Who can read a woman? Anyone? Thought so. It has now been proven that it is actually impossible to do it anyway, let alone read the bunny boilers out there.

Men found it twice as hard to guess a woman?s mood than a man?s after being shown pictures of people?s eyes and estimating how they were feeling, researchers found.

However, the study showed that it is not because of men?s lack of trying – the male volunteers were given brain scans while they looked at the pictures, and the data suggested an unusual reason for the difficulty in reading women?s feelings.? Read more »

Under pressure, David Fisher attacks my mental health via Twitter

David Fisher is supposed to be “a decent journalist, trained and skilled” and yet he fails to find any empathy or understanding about mental health issues.

Instead he uses my public honesty and discussions about depression and the battles I have had and continue to have as a weapon against me.


He is meant to be a journalist, at a newspaper of record, and yet he sees fit to attack my mental health as some sort of public way to get at me.

Well I am tougher than that. I pity David Fisher that his life and his newspaper are so shallow that he feels the need to use my health as a point of attack.

It belittles him and belittles his paper.

I would now be very wary as indeed should everyone else who he approaches to do stories that he lacks the?necessary?empathy?to even speak with?sufferers?of depression and other mental illnesses.

I wrote about those topics so that I amy help others, now David Fisher uses that against me as a weapon. What a shameful, sad and dishonest little man.? Read more »