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Unions’ Annual Wage Bill


The union movement seem to think they are morally superior to everyone else in the country, even though UMR?s mood of the Nation report shows unions inspire the least public confidence.


We have exposed the vast wealth accumulated by unions, with equity of $119,702,072 across 14 unions.

These same unions have massive wage bills. The Labour Affiliated unions spend nearly $15 million between five unions, with the Maritime Union of New Zealand failing to report on wages. ? Read more »

Trotter on the Jobs Crisis Summit: Evasions and Promises

Chris Trotter is…let’s say disappointed…at?the?Jobs Crisis Summit:

LAST FRIDAY, Trevor Bolderson, a coal-miner from the West Coast, rose to his feet and asked: ?What are you going to do for my little town of Greymouth?? His question was directed at Winston Peters from NZ First, Russel Norman from The Greens and Labour?s finance spokesperson, David Parker. The venue was the ?Jobs Crisis Summit? organised by Mr Bolderson?s trade union, the Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU). Like the German workers of eighty years ago, he too was looking for salvation.

All he got were evasions and promises.

Evasions and Promises…nice.

The assembled politicians would only tell him what he and his workmates already knew. That the lay-offs of Solid Energy?s administrative and mining employees must be understood in the context of the Government?s plans to partially privatise the state-owned energy sector.

No one was willing to give Mr Bolderson an unequivocal commitment to re-opening the Spring Creek Mine. No one spoke of state ownership offering employees and their unions a greater role in managing New Zealand?s energy resources. No one denounced the madness of mothballing a highly productive coal mine and laying-off its highly skilled workers when international demand for its top-grade product is certain to recover as China?s stock-piles dwindle.

Here Trotter is being disingenuous…Spring Creek isn’t highly profitable and never has been.

Trotters solution should scare you all:

If New Zealand?s labour movement is to fare better than its German counterpart of eighty years ago, then not only must it formulate an equally radical plan for ?massive state intervention? and democratic restructuring of our economy, but also ensure that Labour, the peoples party, commits itself, body and soul, to making it happen.

The Repeaters all singing from Labour's songsheet

It looks like the mainstream media repeaters are all singing from Labour’s prepared songsheet this weekend. The problem for them is that they all went tp press at the same time making themselves all look like…well…repeaters.

Fran O’Sullivan, Tracy Watkins and loyal Labour mouthpiece John Armstrong are all running the ame lines; that the government isn’t controlling the media like the last government!

OK so, let’s get this straight, they want a return to the micro-managed inside snippets, approved and released by the ninth floor. They want this because…

Well they want it because they are now having to think and write for themselves and repeaters don’t like doing that especially when they can have ready made articles churned out by a bevy of taxpayer funded spin flunkies.

Which is probably why more and more people read blogs and particularly those blogs that refuse to run spin.

Hired Muscle Heavies Maori Party

Today the DomPost has revealed that Winston’s taxpayer funded hired muscle, Tommy Gear, is the man who attempted to heavy Te Ururoa Flavell into supporting Winston at the Privileges Committee.

Bribes, kickbacks, hired muscle, trips to las Vegas, visits to Rome, nickname of Luigi, NZ First certainly looks and acts like La Cosa Nostra.

QC backs SFO

With all the political interference going on in the back rooms over the Privileges Committee and in the open about the Serious Fraud Office it takes a brave man to stand up to the bullying of Helen Clark and Michael Cullen.

Jim Farmer QC is such a man. He has come out backing the Serious Fraud Office and essentially scotched any of Labour’s and Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed and proven liar’s obfuscations about the legality of the SFo approaching the Privileges Committee with evidence.

Clearly Clark et al wanted the SFO to use Crown Law because it is one of their hopelessly compromised departments that runs off tittle-tattling to their minister at the drop of a hat.

Winston Peters fallout continues

Winston Peters fallout continuesThe fall-out from the privileges committee report and Winston Peters’ censure motion in Parliament continues. Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples held a press conference this afternoon to expand on his statement accusing a Labour… [NZ Herald Politics]

The rancid stench of corruption continues to permeate the Labour First axis after todays revelations that Labour and Winston First tried to subvert the course of justice over the Privileges Committee.

Winston must have some serious dirt on Labour in general or on some ministers in particular.

Information has come to light from WOBH’s deep throat Beehive and Bowen House sources, that WOBH is clarifying, that indicates the dirt is indeed serious, involves a minister, police coverup and Police NHQ running interference.

If the information I have received today is correct then it involves a cover up of an investigation by the police into a serious allegation against a cabinet minister. And that Winston threatened to leak this information out unless Labour ensured that he did not get censured by the PC.

This explains why Labour tried to heavy the Maori Party. Now that Labour has failed all bets are off.

It also possibly explains the current unhappiness in the Labour camp that is leading to a vertible waterfall of other leaks arriving daily in WOBH’s inbox.

I’ll keep you posted on developments as they arise.

Speaker displays blatent corruption

I have been listening to parliament and just listened to the Speaker Margeret Wilson collude with Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode to stop Rodney Hide asking perfectly legitimate questions about evidence that was presented to the Privileges Committee.

This appalling situation smacks of collusion and corruption of our highest court by the Labour First axis to shut down debate into the apparent corruption of that government.

To silence an MP from asking perfectly legitimate questions crushes any semblence of free speech in the one place it is supposed to be guaranteed.

This bodes ill for our parliament and for our democracy that such collusion can be allowed to stand.

Speaker Wilson has today plumbed new depths in our parliamentary democracy in her brazen bid to assist Helen Clark to cover up for the corruption of Winston Raymond peters, 63 List MP of no fixed abode. The murk and dirt smothering the Labour First axis is indeed getting deeper.

The cracks start to appear

Labour ally Anderton to abstain from Peters voteLabour’s closest ally is refusing to toe the line and support New Zealand First leader Winston Peters but will not vote to have him punished either. Progressive leader Jim Anderton said he would abstain from today’s vote on whether… [NZ Herald Politics]

Jim Anderton is making a stand, well sort of, he is going to abstain from the vote on the Privileges Committee finding.

Jim Anderton is of course simply grandstanding but at least he is making a stand of sorts. Labour menawhile continues to cuddle the rancid smelling corpse of the corrupt Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode.

Labour continue to beat up the John Key share issue but continue to excuse the shenangins of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode.

PC report online now

The report of the Privileges Committee is online now.

It can be viewed here.

Censure of Winston Peters

This is as Barnsley Bill puts it That is code for; You are a lying fuck who has been caught red handed, but we had to compromise because your Labour First axis pals browbeat us into submission.

Warning: Weapon of Mass Distraction

On the very night that the Privileges Committee reports back on the lies of winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode we get a hastily manufacturered Government beat-up run by TVNZ in collusion with Labour’s research unit.

Run by Cullen and dutifully mis-represented by The Standard they have beat-up over how many share John Key owned in Tranzrail and about some questions he asked of the Minister responsible for it 5 years ago. Fran Mold is also complicit in this beatup.

Good grief, so let’s see what the government want us to believe.

  1. John Key used his position in parliament to financially benefit himself
  2. John Key lied about how many shares he had.

Well both of those arguments hold about as much water as Winston’s explanations to the Privileges Committee. Firstly John Key lost over $100,000 in the share trades. Only a complete numpty like Cullen would say that John Key used his position as an MP to financially benefit himself.

Did he lie? Well that remains to be seen and what business is it of anyone anyway which shares John Key owned or may have owned 5 years ago that he made a stonking great loss on.

The Prime Ministers Department lies outright with their headline and lies again when they say he doubled his money.

This is nothing but a government inspired beatup to remove heat from their co-sonspirator in corruption Winston Raymond Peters, 63, list MP of no fixed abode.