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Down and Dirty English

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English sucks


Speaking English “a great offence”

Catching up with a story that fell of the end of the day a few days ago, Wendy Murdoch reports on this bizarre display of entitleitis.

A Waitangi Tribunal claimant is taking the tribunal to court for stopping her lawyer asking questions in te reo of English-speaking witnesses.

The lawyer for Te Rohe Potae claimant Liane Green said it was an irony that a judge in what was probably the only judicial forum in New Zealand where te reo was regularly spoken should have ruled that lawyer Alex Hope could not use te reo Maori to cross-examine English-speaking witnesses.

Lawyer Karen Feint told Justice Alan MacKenzie in the High Court in Wellington today that the ruling Judge David Ambler made at a hearing in Te Kuiti a year ago and backed up in a written judgment in February had undermined the mana of te reo and demeaned it as a language, giving it a lower status than English.

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Do you speak English?


Jones v Yet Another Academic

Sir Bob Jones thinks “mangled language is now the norm”. ?He calls out John Key, Simon Bridges and an academic with a doctorate from Harvard:

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, has degrees from Canterbury University and California’s Berkley, plus a doctorate from Harvard, and she can’t speak English.

Jones opines that promoting the Maori language is a waste of time and money:

There’s been a sharp decline in language standards in recent decades, which ought to be a matter for concern. Yet ironically, it’s coincided with a growing romanticising about redundant languages, illustrated in New Zealand by the waste promoting Maori.

And gives an example of what is happening in the world with other redundant languages:

The same nonsense occurs elsewhere, such as in Wales, while National Geographic magazine is forever wringing its hands about the last two survivors, now in their 90s, who are the only remaining speakers of Wagamishoo or whatever. This is silly. It doesn’t matter and to extrapolate knowledge of a language as revealing the soul of the people and similar claptrap, as spouted here by the Maori language proponents, is sheer fantasy.

Underemployed in his semi-retirement, Sir Bob has just completed a soon-to-be-published book.

I have just completed writing a soon-to-be-published book on an aspect of our contemporary language following six years of hobbyist research. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise but I certainly don’t romanticise it. Rather, language is a tool, nothing more and undoubtedly it is the prime reason for homo sapiens’ rise to the top of the animal world.

Friday Funny – Please Give Me “Coke”

Learning english and korean is so much fun.


Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Is this guy Labour’s strategist?