Israel punches above its weight in so many ways

There are those who build and contribute to mankind and there are those who destroy.

ISIS's contibution to mankind. Destruction. Islam has a long 1400 year history of burning and destroying the libraries and museums of the countries it invades.

ISIS’s contribution to mankind.

Islam has a long 1400 year history of burning and destroying the libraries and museums of the countries it invades. Above is but one recent example. Islam dominates and destroys. One of the things that has always stuck in my mind is what happened when Israel withdrew and handed over land to the Palestinians. The land had been developed and had wonderful technology and buildings that could benefit the new occupiers yet the first thing they did when they took ownership was to tear down and destroy everything because it had been created by Israel.

Israel on the other hand makes lemonade when life gives it lemons. They work out how to farm the desert. They don’t just benefit themselves they create technologies that can benefit the world. The ReWalk is but one example.

Imagine giving a paraplegic back the ability to walk again.

Imagine that the man who created the technology is a quadriplegic.

Now imagine that the scientist who designed? this amazing technology is from Israel, the country that does so much with so little.

Invented by the Israeli entrepreneur, Dr. Amit Goffer, who became a quadriplegic in 1998, and manufactured by ARGO Medical Technologies, ReWalk?

Invented by the Israeli entrepreneur, Dr. Amit Goffer, who became a quadriplegic in 1998, and manufactured by ARGO Medical Technologies, ReWalk?

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My how the Media worm has turned

My, how the Media worm has turned. The whole time this website was trying to get the message out to the public about Kim Dotcom the media consistently described him in the following ways…

The New Zealand Herald described him like this:

Tycoon could be kicked out of country for failing to disclose conviction.

…troubled internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has found himself kicked off the cloud storage site he founded.

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom will face tougher new bail conditions and make a daily visit to the police for at least the next week.

But the Megaupload founder’s US lawyer, Ira Rothken, has tweeted that both Davison and Simpson Grierson are stepping down from Dotcom’s legal team.

Internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has lost his appeal

Claims by internet mogul Kim Dotcom of a conspiracy between the United States and New Zealand Governments do not have “an air of reality”, a High Court judge has ruled.

One News described him like this:

The internet entrepreneur is in a High Court battle over an attempt to extradite him to the US to face piracy charges.

Internet entrepreneur and Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom was joined by US journalist Glenn Greenwald at the Auckland Town Hall for the ‘Moment of Truth’ which Dotcom predicted would be a “bombshell” just days ahead of Saturday’s General Election.

T.V 3 described him like this:

Immigration NZ (INZ) says it will consider if there is any “liability” to deport internet millionaire Kim Dotcom, after it was revealed he failed to declare a conviction for dangerous driving when he applied for New Zealand residency.

Now however he is being described like this…

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Psychopaths and Entrepreneurs

Be wary of people who claim for themselves the title of entrepreneur…there is a good chance you are actually talking to a psychopath.

Charles Manson and Richard Branson may have more in common than rhyming surnames and big hair.

New research from the Australian School of Business at the University of NSW suggests that psychopathic tendencies can also make for good entrepreneurs.

“Psychopaths commit an offence, go to prison, then come out and commit the offence again, because they fail to learn from the prison experience,” said PhD student Benjamin Walker.

“Our study showed the novel result is that participants high in entrepreneurial intentions showed the same pattern.”

Psychopaths the like serial killer Charles Manson are born with temperamental differences that lead them to being risk seekers, impulsive and fearless.

These personality traits also allow a person to persist in risk-taking and succeed in business, the study found.

Assessing the results of 605 participants across three laboratory studies, Mr Walker and Professor of Business Psychology Chris Jackson found that people with either psychopathic or entrepreneurial intentions persisted through adversity in a risk-taking task. ? Read more »

The last wild west isn’t in America

Watch the Vice video about US entrepreneurs doing business in the “last wild west”.

Particularly funny is how they fix the truck diff.

On Corporate Bludgers

Bludgers of any type are odious, but none?more-so?than corporate bludgers:

Consider the difference between Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, who are taught to ?fail early and often,? and large corporations that leech off governments and demand bailouts when they?re in trouble on the pretext that they are too big to fail. Entrepreneurs don?t ask for bailouts, and their failures do not destabilize the economy as a whole.


Are you an Entrepreneur?

I have a basic rule of thumb…if someone calls themselves an entrepreneur they most probably aren’t one…the title itself is pretty pretentious and so for someone to use it to self describe shows an underlying wank.

Nevertheless there are identifiers to help find out if someone is an entrepreneur:

Episode 01 – How To Tell If You’re An Entrepreneur from Minute MBA by OnlineMBA.com on Vimeo.


More Mates

Owen Glenn is a mate:

Kiwi entrepreneur and philanthropist Owen Glenn has donated $1 million to the Christchurch quake recovery fund.

Mr Glenn said today he was motivated to give because he was a New Zealander and he wanted to help in some small way.

“I grew up in New Zealand, it holds a special place in my heart and to see such devastation, such hurt and such loss makes you want to help,” he said from London.

“This donation is something I can do and I strongly urge other expatriate business people to do the same. We all need to pull together and while we are a small country, it is a country made up of people with huge hearts. That’s what gets you through in times like this.”

Israel are Mates:

Israel to send New Zealand emergency equipment, temporary shelters
Prime Minister Netanyahu responds to Wellington’s request for aid to cope with the devastation in Christchurch wrought by Tuesday’s earthquake.

New Zealand’s government requested aid from Israel in the form of sanitation, water purification equipment and temporary shelters, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office said on Saturday night, after a massive earthquake struck the city of Christchurch on Tuesday.

Netanyahu gave instructions to immediately answer the call for help.

We know who our mates are and we know who aren’t our mates. I will keep listing who they are.


Me on infonews.co.nz

The guys from infonews.co.nz grabbed me before the start of the march on Saturday for a quick interview.