Eoin Drea

Euroratbags given a kicking by economists

Nobel Laureate Economist and prominent left wing commentator Paul Krugman has a great article telling the Euroratbags they were actually wrong about whether the Euro would work.

Europe is pretty much rooted from too much government, and the deluded Eurocrats thought that they were going to form a currency union without actually having any clue about economics, as Krugman points out.

There?s a bit of a lull in the news from Europe, but the underlying situation is as terrible as ever. Greece is experiencing a slump worse than the Great Depression, and nothing happening now offers hope of recovery. Spain has been hailed as a success story, because its economy is finally growing ? but it still has?22 percent unemployment. And there is an?arc of stagnation?across the continent?s top: Finland is experiencing a depression comparable to that in southern Europe, and Denmark and the Netherlands are also doing very badly.

How did things go so wrong? The answer is that this is what happens when self-indulgent politicians ignore arithmetic and the lessons of history. And no, I?m not talking about leftists in Greece or elsewhere; I?m talking about ultra-respectable men in Berlin, Paris, and Brussels, who have spent a quarter-century trying to run Europe on the basis of fantasy economics.

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