EPMU Foundation Trust

Observation by the Owl – EPMU Foundation Trust

The EPMU Foundation Trust 2011 accounts have been filed:


  1. 2011 Loss of $61k (2010) Loss of $82k
  2. Equity – negative $2.2M (therefore technically insolvent but retains “on-going concern” status due to the EPMU not calling in their $5.6M loan (payable on demand) – see Observation
  3. EPMU loan has been repaid $652k (this was done by selling down investments) $947k realized
  4. Staff have numbers of 2 employees on an average of $100k
  5. There are prior period error adjustments (read observation)

The Owl’s observation:

So the Foundation sells assets to repay back loans – doesn’t that sound a lot like State Assets sales model – have the Foundation and EPMU stolen Nationals financial policy? There is a difference that National is using the money to invest in infrastructure and not pay back debt.

So what will the EPMU do with their $657,000 from the Foundation – invest or pay operational/infrastructure costs – we will only know once the EPMU have filed their accounts which were due a little while ago.

But here is the one that gets The Owl really going…there are “Prior Period errors (Note 19)”.

Miscalculations on sick leave. I repeat miss-calculations on employees SICK LEAVE.

How is it that Unions – the guardians of employee rights can’t get their own house in order?

I refer also to the previous Union accounts which I wrote about that were qualified by their auditors because the Union couldn’t calculate the holiday provision. There is only 2 staff. Lets count together 1…2

Really this type of error by Unions is unacceptable.

If I was a member….