Phil Quin on Labour’s issues and their dilemma in Northland

Phil Quin has a brutal summary of what is wrong with Labour.

It echoes what I have said in the past about their tribalism and their group-think.

For some reason Labour thinks it is heretical to speak ones mind especially when things look totally shit.

I can’t enjoy New Zealand politics for the same reason the rugby-loving parent can spend the weekend glued to Sky Sport but barely watch as their underweight and modestly coordinated child pulls on his boots. I care too much. I feel every blow. It?s viscerally upsetting.

This has been especially true since arriving back in New Zealand last year, a few months before the election, and witnessing my beloved Labour Party conduct a campaign so operatically awful that I wondered at times if it wasn’t a performance art piece.

I made this case in a series of pre election opinion pieces and during a handful of media appearances, and was promptly branded a heretic by fellow party members.

?Do us all a favour,? one wrote, ?and just quietly leave the room. Please?We are nearly there?. Nearly where exactly, I wondered. It turned out the ?there? to which we were ?nearly? was the worst electoral defeat in ninety-two years of Labour history: we barely limped to 25 percent???after two terms in opposition, the point at which, in the normal scheme of things, we should be banging down the Beehive?s door.

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Can anyone see the problem with this? [UPDATED]

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Is Colin Craig dreamin’ or just an Idiot

Colin Craig makes a claim:

“We have polled the electorate, and ACT has no chance of winning. By standing Christine, we give the people of Epsom the chance to elect a centre-right government with Conservative values.”

The gambling public should put a few quid on ACT winning Epsom now Colin Craig has said that their polling reckons ACT can’t win.

Those who remember back to 2011 will recall the following.

Colin Craig said he was going to win in Rodney based on?dodgy polls from Research First .

I blogged about it at the time and Research First?s CEO?took issue with my accusations ?of their dodgy methodologies.

?I am happy to talk to you about the many steps taken in that particular piece of research to ensure robust results were achieved (and I welcome, in general, your critique of ?dodgy? and unscientific polls). In this case, however, your?ad homenim?dismissal of Research First?s work is misplaced and I would appreciate you publishing a retraction.

I stand by my statements, Research First does dodgy polls.

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Politically rank Christine Rankin won’t rank in Epsom


via Stuff

Tell her she’s dreamin’

Conservative Party candidate Christine Rankin has “no chance” of winning the high-profile Epsom seat in next month’s election, Prime Minister John Key says.

The former Work and Income NZ boss, who is the party’s chief executive, announced yesterday that she would stand for the Conservatives in the electorate.

But Mr Key has already signalled that National voters in Epsom should give their electorate vote to Act Party candidate David Seymour.

The signal has gone out very clearly: ?every vote for the Conservative Party is a wasted vote. ?And in Epsom, they are both the most experienced and savvy tactical voters in the country. ? Read more »

List spots signal potential deals

Claire Trevett observes that National’s list spots reveal the intention behind National’s potential deals.

National has sent a clear signal it will do a deal in the Ohariu and Epsom electorates by ranking its candidates in those electorates in high list places.

The highest ranked non-MP is Brett Hudson, National’s new candidate in Ohariu. Ohariu is currently held by United Future leader Peter Dunne, one of the National Government’s support partners.

Prime Minister John Key is expected to announce next week whether he will guide National voters in Ohariu and Epsom to give their electorate votes to Mr Dunne and Act’s David Seymour in those electorates to try to ensure National has support partner options.

Mr Hudson is the only non-MP who is ranked above some sitting MPs, at 39th place on the list and on current polling is a certainty to get into Parliament.

Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith is ranked at 30 – nine slots above his 2011 ranking.

Mr Key is also expected to decide whether to cut a similar deal in East Coast Bays.

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No cup of tea needed – ACT gifted Epsom


Brook Sabin reports

After the National Party’s Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith dodged The Nation’s Epsom debate, he went very quiet.

And Mr Goldsmith admitted that, once again, winning the seat is not his priority. That means he is out to lose and the infamous Epsom cup of tea deal is being done again.

When asked why he was a no-show at the Epsom debate, he answered the National Party was doing the best job it can.

Why only do this in Epsom then? ? Cup of tea deals could be done in other safe National electorates. ? Read more »

Rudman on coat-tailing and rorts

Brian Rudman takes a break from lobbying for a ratepayer funded theatre to have a crack at MMP, coat-tailing and other rorts.

Labour is promising to abolish within 100 days of taking office the MMP coat-tail rule that enables a minor party electorate MP to bring party list mates into Parliament regardless of the 5 per cent entry threshold.

The joke is that, barring a miracle, there seems little chance of Labour leader David Cunliffe and his Green allies forming a government without the aid of the Mana-Internet “party”, whose existence depends on gaming the coat-tail provisions.

And having exploited the system for all it is worth – and spent more than $3 million of internet millionaire Kim Dotcom’s cash – to get back into Parliament, it seems unlikely that Hone Harawira and Laila Harre will turn around and vote to end the fun.

Precisely, making a joke and a mockery of David Cunliffe’s unprincipled and hypocritical stance.

The stitch-up between embattled Mana Party leader Mr Harawira and Mr Dotcom, the millionaire refugee from American law enforcement agencies, is not the first attempt to game the MMP rules. It’s just the most egregious.

In 1999, in the second MMP election, Labour leader Helen Clark encouraged Labour supporters in Coromandel to support Green candidate Jeanette Fitzsimons to ensure the defeat of the National incumbent and bring in several Green list candidates on her coat-tails.

Ms Fitzsimons narrowly won – but in the end the Greens’ party vote just sneaked over the 5 per cent threshold, entitling them to six seats anyway.

But it’s the well-heeled inner Auckland electorate of Epsom that has become the Las Vegas of MMP.

In 2005, it was a total circus, with Labour’s Stuart Nash voting for National incumbent Dr Richard Worth and encouraging his supporters to do the same to try to keep out Act leader Rodney Hide.

Not to be outdone, National voters thwarted this tactic and voted for Mr Hide in the hope he would win and drag another Act MP or two in on his coat-tails to provide much-needed allies for National in the House.

Mr Hide won and brought one extra Act MP into the House despite Act receiving only 1.5 per cent of the party vote.

Thanks to this sort of jiggery-pokery, Act has held Epsom and helped prop up National ever since.

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BREAKING: John Banks to resign from parliament

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In a statement just released to WOBH John Banks has advised that he is resigning from parliament:

Hon John Banks

Member of Parliament for Epsom

Press Statement?

Sunday 8 June 2014

John Banks to resign from Parliament.

?Further to the of the decision of the High Court at Auckland last Thursday,??I will??resign the seat of Epsom effective from?5pm?this Friday?the 13th?of??June 2014,? Mr Banks said.? Read more »

A few thoughts on the new Alliance

With the left wing shamelessly selling out to Kim Dotcom in the creation of the new Alliance I thought I’d share some thoughts.

One thing we do know is that left wingers are prepared to sell their souls if the ends justifies the means.

Read what Martyn Bradbury has to say:

I just don?t believe we have the luxury of telling the 285 000 kids in poverty that we preferred principled opposition than pragmatic co-operation.?

There you have it…money trumps principles…the very thing that Martyn Bradbury and his little band of socialist dreamers rail against the right for allegedly doing we see them jumping in boots and all. For just a few shiny shekels the hard left of NZ politics has dropped their trousers.

For all of the accusation they have leveled and continue to level against John banks they are doubly worse. When John Banks received a donation it was in his mind “NO strings attached”. Kim Dotcom thought he was buying favours but John Banks could not be bought and so we arrived at the point where we are today with John Banks stitched up on trial by the manipulations and mistruths by Kim Dotcom and his band of enablers and at the same time the left-wing selling their principles for a bit of german loot.

One thing we will be hearing no more from the left-wing though is the description of the coat tail provisions of MMP as a dirty little rort like in Epsom. In fact I await the lengthy posts, articles and television utterances of Patrick Gower about the dirty deals being done on the left. He will no doubt put as much effort and vigour into his reporting of that like he has done with his kickings over Epsom and Ohariu. Or will he? I suspect not.

Dodgy deals and rorts seem to be only done by the right, and not the left. It is a dodgy deal in Epsom but pragmatic use of the MMP system in Te Tai Tokerau. It is dodgy for the right to receive donations from wealthy people but not dodgy for a foreigner interloper on criminal charges to?buy two whole political parties. ? ? Read more »

Goff feels the love as Epsom threatened to implode

Claire Trevett brings us?this hilarious expose of Phil Goff’s feelings being hurt

Snobbery and a false rumour that a boundary change would take some homes out of the Auckland Grammar zone and affect property values are believed to be factors in the strong opposition by voters in the well-heeled Epsom electorate to being moved into the more working class Labour electorate of Mt Roskill.

Mr Goff said there had been “a degree of moral panic” that it would affect the Grammar zone and property prices, “both of which are nonsense”.

He suspected there was a degree of snobbery about the proposed change. “If people felt being associated with Mt Roskill was going to affect their social class, that’s tough. People are proud to live in Mt Roskill and if the people of Epsom felt that was somehow beneath them, that’s a real pity.”

Phil, there was a genuine panic at the thought of being taken from a safe blue seat and being lumped in with a safe red seat. ? This isn’t snobbery, it is just plain realism they don’t like your sort up in Epsom.

He was not taking the opposition of the Epsom residents personally. “The fact they vote nine to one for National and have opted out of coming into Mt Roskill probably isn’t a huge disappointment for me. Not being arrogant, but I would like to think that perhaps I could not simply match John Banks, Richard Worth and Rodney Hide, but I could perhaps do a better job.”

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