Erin Burnett

Media party excuse #4573 for terrorism: ‘Postpartum Psychosis’

I’ve heard it all now.

The Media Party are trying to explain away the terrorist attack in San Bernadino, California without mentioning the dreaded Islam word.

The latest excuse is post-natal depression…no I’m not kidding.

Newsbusters reports perhaps the desperate leftist media’s?most ludicrous explanation yet for the Islamic terror attack in San Bernardino Wednesday that left 14 dead: postpartum psychosis.

CNN anchor?Erin Burnett, interviewing a pair of former FBI agents about the radicalization of?Tashfeen?Malik, the female half of the murdering couple who both went down in a shootout with cops, struggled to come up with some explanation, any?explanation that might keep the left’s narrative afloat?in the face of stubborn facts.

Newsbusters helpfully provides the transcript of the relevant portion of Burnett’s discussion with the FBI’s former profiler Jim Clemente and former special agent Robert Chacon:

BURNETT:?And she’s the mother of a six- month-old. It’s unnatural for her to do what she did. I mean, what could explain that, to leave a new baby, drop it off with someone else in the morning and then go, knowing that you would at the least never see that baby again? ? Read more »