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The group consisted of skiers tourist club Ural Polytechnic Institute (UPI, Sverdlovsk): five students, three graduate engineers UPI instructor and tourist centers, a war veteran Seeds Zolotarev. The team leader was a student of V course UPI, Igor Dyatlov experienced hikers. The remaining members of the group were also no strangers to sports tourism, with experience of complex campaigns.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

This is the story about nine ski hiker deaths that happened in the northern Ural Mountains in Russia on the night of February 2, 1959. Specifically, it was in a pass known as Dyatlov Pass. This pass was named after the group?s leader, Igor Dyatlov. The hikers faced horrifying and baffling deaths in the Ural Mountains. To this day, the cause of their death remains a mystery.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is a dramatic and mysterious true story that unfolded in?Sverdlovsk Oblast of USSR. It occurred on the eastern slopes of Kholat Syakhl mountain (literally “Mountain of the Dead” or “Dead Mountain” in native Mansi language)?in the Ural mountains. The circumstances that surround it are so bizarre and strange that to this day they escape explanation. It could be dismissed as a hoax, but real documents, photo, archives, autopsy and other official documents prove that the story of Dyatlov Pass Incident is quite real. At the point of their disappearance, the goal of the ill-fated expedition was to reach Otorten, a mountain that was approximately 6 miles away.

The unfortunate hikers never reached their destination.

Investigators studied the hikers? diaries and photographic film in their cameras. It seems the expedition was a model of its kind. Dyatlov was a stickler for discipline and the expedition had followed guidelines to the letter, keeping meticulous records. On their last day the hikers had experienced bad weather and camped early near a ridge on the flanks of Dead Mountain. It was calculated that whatever had happened to the group must have taken place after dark, between the pitching of the tent and the evening meal.

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