Et Tu union

Why taking the middle ground isn’t always the best choice

It is difficult being an online business these days. Thanks to social media you are an easy target for social justice bullies and?politically motivated groups like unions. Few online businesses have the stones to stand up to these kinds of attacks and most totally capitulate, despite the fact that the attackers are not even customers in many cases. Cameron has always given the advice that when you are attacked you should never apologise and in fact, you should ” double down ” on whatever it was that you were attacked for. To apologise and to capitulate shows weakness and makes you an even bigger target.

My Food Bag is a New Zealand company known for the freshness of their products. One of the many products that they include in their food bags is Talley’s peas. It is not surprising that they use Talley’s as they are the only frozen food company in New Zealand to use exclusively New Zealand vegetables. In?other words, a New Zealand company?supporting another New Zealand company, supporting New Zealand farmers.

When My Food Bag were first attacked they did not capitulate. Instead, they attempted to find the middle ground. They handled the initial online attack by acknowledging the concerns of the attackers. They said they would look into it and they did. After completing an audit they explained that they had found that the concerns of the attackers were not backed up by facts and stated that they would continue to use Talley’s peas. They then did what I consider to be a master stroke of diplomacy. They chose to pour oil on troubled waters by giving the attackers what they wanted without actually giving into their demands.

All of a sudden I saw happy tweets from the attackers declaring victory. Apparently, that week in their food bag they had received McCain?peas. All in all, it was an excellent result but then…

McCain Foods South Canterbury workers who have travelled to Australia to fill in for striking workers from the company’s Ballarat factory have been condemned by the E t? union.

…”We are both horrified and disgusted in the action of those workers to travel that distance to be there and undermine the rights and terms and conditions of other workers,” Donaldson said.

“It is about as low as you can go.”

…”McCain has been conducting good faith bargaining negotiations with the union here in Ballarat for six months, however, the union has now instigated protected action, which limits our ability to meet our customers’ needs,” the statement said.

“We’re disappointed it’s come to this, but we believe it is important we give all our employees the right to vote on our offer to them, because it is our employees and their families who are losing money while this action continues.

“We’re confident our employees will vote for our offer, which includes a significant wage increase that is above the rate of inflation…

– Stuff

Oh dear, if you are not allowed to buy things from a company that is in dispute with its union members where will it end?