Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel

Talk about inappropriate headlines

Len Brown relationships

Len Brown ?repaired relationship? with Ethnic Advisory Panel?

What? he?s bonking one again?

Auckland mayor Len Brown says he’s mended the wounds in the relationship between the council and its advisory panels.

Two members of the ratepayer-funded Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel and one member of the Disability Panel quit earlier this year over concerns the panels were being ignored.

Mr Brown said he had tried to improve communication by getting panels to provide advice directly to councillors and local boards. ? Read more »

And another one leaves Len’s ethnic panel

The wheels really are falling off Len Brown’s Ethnic Advisory Panel.

Things haven’t gone well since he stopped shagging members of the panel.

A disability advocate recognised in the New Years Honours list has quit an Auckland Council panel, saying it’s no longer independent.

Huhana Hickey is the third member of the council’s community advisory panels to step down over concerns they are ineffectual.

Feroz Ali, chair of the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel, resigned last week saying the panel lacked legitimacy and was a waster of ratepayers’ money.

Panel member Kafeba Mundele then also stepped down. ? ? Read more »

Len’s panels not working, second member quits

One thing Len Brown used to do well was create the impression of consultation…that is one of the major reasons why he created panels like the?Ethnic People’s Advisory Panel.

Of course it all came to a head, so to speak, when it was revealed that one of his appointees was also his mistress.

Now it is just useless…and people are leaving telling media that it is a complete waste of ratepayers money.

A second member has quit.

Another member of the Auckland Council Ethnic People’s Advisory Panel has resigned, and the Herald understands at least two of the nine remaining panellists are on the verge of quitting.

Kafeba Pergoleze Alvis Mundele, one of only two on the panel who also served in the previous term, tendered his resignation at the weekend.

His resignation follows that of panel chairman Feroz Ali, who quit last week saying the panel was a “token” body, had no real status and that he was unhappy about what it was costing ratepayers. ? Read more »

Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel (EPAP)

Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel sounds like yet another big trough provided by the rate payer to me. ?If you look into the sorts of Panels and Boards that are out there to advise and support on ethnic issues, you would be forgiven for thinking it is a rort.

Turns out that the requirement for an?Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel is decreed by law. ?It is?requirement of the “Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Act 2010 (section 86).”

You have to wonder what qualifies anyone to be on such a Panel. ?Other than being, erm… ethnic?

In Auckland the panel members include

  • Dr Camille Nakhid (Chairperson)
  • Rev Amail Habib (Deputy chairperson)
  • Mr John Hong
  • Mrs Ann Pala?QSM
  • Mr Jeet Suchdev QSM, JP
  • Miss Bevan Chuang
  • Mrs Sadiqa Hajee
  • Mr Kafeba P A Mundele
  • Mr Mr Kudakwashe Tuwe
  • Ms Susan Zhu
  • Mrs Asoka Basnayake (Media spokesperson)
  • Ms Grace Ryu

And this is what they are tasked with ? Read more »

Seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign

Word has it that Len Brown has agreed to resign, but in a fit of pique and spite he is trying to keep that decision secret so that the final results can be declared with him the winner, he will then resign and force a by-election…costing the ratepayers a further $2 million dollars in the process.

His behaviour has been shameful…his non-apology on Campbell Live, his attempts to blame everyone else for his own actions and his disgusting spin, which unfortunately the media seem to be buying in an attempt to save him really make his claims to lad the city tenuous. While his multi-million dollar council funded spin weasels are working over time to smear Bevan Chuang, smear me and defend Brown, the girl he conducted the affair with has little or no resources to counter Brown’s desperate attempts to gerrymander the result of his supposed resignation, by smearing everyone else. The man is a disgusting little bully surrounded by equally disgusting nasty spin weasels.

This behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated in any other sector. The same left wing apologists who are sticking up for Len Brown are the same ones baying for Richard Worth’s blood…for far less of a ‘crime’.

Brendan Malone blogs about the seven good reasons for Len Brown to resign:

This isn?t rocket science, and based on the facts we know so far, I think that there are at least seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign as Mayor.

A man who is willing to disregard the most important commitment he has ever made in his life ? his marriage vows ? over a period of years, is probably not going to have too much trouble violating? other less important promises, like those associated with his public office. Anyone who tries to suggest that marital infidelity has no bearing on public office is living in la la land. Someone willing to engage in a calculated and ongoing violation of their marriage vows either has no problem lying when making serious and profoundly important vows, or else they have major character flaws/weaknesses that could easily be exploited with even worse outcomes if they remain in office. Either way you have a major problem here that directly impacts upon their ability to responsibly and justly execute their role in public office.? Read more »