End of the Golden Weather?

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions, is being reviewed this year.

A briefing paper produced for the Government by the Ministry for the Environment said it expected the review to consider agriculture’s entry into the scheme.

A ministry spokeswoman said this did not amount to a recommendation to the Government and was simply a comment on the scope of the review. The terms of reference had not yet been determined by the Cabinet, she said.

About half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. The ministry’s briefing paper said there were few options for reducing these apart from cutting stock numbers.

It warned that the ETS was not having a significant impact on emissions and changes would be needed.

The scheme is the Government’s main tool for addressing emissions that contribute to climate change, requiring industry to pay a charge for each tonne of emissions. Read more »


Green Party’s new flagship policy: a new tax

Because that’s what voters love – new taxes!

Co-leader Russel Norman wants to scrap the current carbon pricing system – the Emissions Trading Scheme.

In its place would be a tax of $25 per tonne of carbon on industry polluters.

Norman told around 200 delegates at the party’s Upper?Hutt?conference that in Government, the Greens would aim for carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Greens are also proposing a Climate Change Commissioner, costing about $2 million. This will be funded by administration savings from scrapping the ETS.

New?Zealand, once a world leader in climate change reduction, is now on track to be ”the worst performing developing country,” he said.

Really? ? The Greens never let facts get in the way of anything, do they. Read more »

Maori want to tax whitey for ETS

When will it ever end?

Maori wanting to tax whitey for every?perceived?grievance they can dream up:

?The peak Maori body advising the government on climate change issues says the weak provisions intended for the Emissions Trading Scheme are robbing Maori of hundreds of millions of dollars by depressing the value of New Zealand carbon credits attached to Maori forestry holdings.

The comments coincide with the value of a New Zealand Unit (NZU) dropping back below $3, a historic low point, for the second time in a month, as a glut of European carbon credits combines with New Zealand’s policy to allow local greenhouse gas emissions to be offset by unlimited foreign-sourced carbon credits.

Of course the solution will be to thrown millions at them in “compensation”. ?And they will end up selling them to rich Americans or Chinese anyway.

When the Treaty of Waitangi was signed not even a taniwha could have predicted a trade to develop in thin air.



Chart of the Day

Remind me again why we are bothering with an ETX.

I mean really…you can barely see our impact:


NEWSFLASH #2: John Key tells the truth on the ETS

Hot on the heels of Phil Goff telling the truth about the the ETS, John Key has got into the game.

Key and Nick Smith have always said their ETS will be fiscally neutral.? It was even part of their election manifesto:

[The ETS] should be fiscally neutral rather than providing billions of dollars in windfall gains to the government accounts at the expense of businesses and consumers.? National does not think it’s responsible for government to use green initiatives to pad the Crown coffers while thinning out Kiwis’ wallets.

Since the election, John Key and Nick Smith have kept up this lie, saying their ETS would be fiscally neutral.

But yesterday, John Key finally told the truth.? He said that bringing agriculture into the ETS would raise money for the Government:

They are bring farming into the ETS two years earlier, so they gain revenue of $355m.

What?s in the water in Wellington?? After years of lying and saying the ETS is an environmental policy rather than a taxation-by-stealth policy, now both the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister are both telling the truth about it!

NEWSFLASH: Labour tells the truth

Labour has said it will use the Emissions Trading Scheme to fund its R&D policy.? At least they are finally being honest that the ETS is not an environmental policy and nothing more than a tax.

Back when David Parker was Climate Change Minister, he advised the Chairman of the ETS Select Committee, Charles Chauvel, in a secret paper that the ETS would raise $21 billion in extra tax by 2030. ?That?s why Michael Cullen and the Treasury always supported the ETS even though they knew it would hurt the economy ? it was a dishonest way of raising taxes.

The paper was kept secret and Labour always denied the ETS would raise tax ? but Whaleoil has been given a copy by a deepthroat in the Treasury.

Nick Smith and Bill English are also lying when he says the ETS is fiscally neutral.? ?Smith supports the ETS because he is a mad greenie and his mate English supports it because he wants the $21 billion.

So, congrats to Labour?s Phil Goff for finally telling the truth ? the ETS is all about taking money out of our pockets and handing it over to the Treasury to spend.

Letter From Minister Re Revenue and CPR 30 May 2008


Politician of the Week – Bill English

It pains me to say this but Bill English deserves politician of the week for this statement.

?I think it shows that being driven by a fad, which at the time was to have lower carbon emissions?.turned out more expensive than they expected?

Such refreshing honesty needs to be rewarded.

A direct question to Bill, though, needs to be asked.

So when is the ETS going to be abolished given that too was based on a fad?

The Lord Kitchener of the Environment

Nick Smith is Lord KitchenerNick Smith is right about one thing.? His mad ETS is like Gallipoli ? New Zealand will storm the beach before anyone else, get slaughtered and the rest of the world will say: ?Thanks New Zealand, now the rest of us know not to land on that beach.?? Nick Smith is the Lord Kitchener of our tim.

This time it will be the whole country that is slaughtered on overseas economic battlefields.

The casualties will be New Zealand industry, New Zealand farms, and New Zealand workers.

We will sacrifice New Zealand and its people for a foreign idea, to save foreign countries, for foreign reasons.

And like Gallipoli it will be all for nothing.


The E.T.S. revolt is building

The members are revolting. I know that is how Nick Smith sees them, but unlike other political parties in? New Zealand the pollies ignore their members at their peril in the National party.

The members are incensed. Just last weekend at the CNI conference a remit was passed unanimously to defer the ETS. The remit was passed in committee so that is why it took a while to leak out. Nick Smith spent Sunday vigorously trying to defuse the ticking time-bomb of the members. It isn’t working.

No Minister has released details of two remits proposed for the Northern Regional Conference in two weeks.


That the National Party give urgent consideration to the deferment of the E.T.S.

Accepted subject to requirement that Manurewa work with Tamaki (Remit 5) on a joint proposal.


That the Emissions Trading and the Carbon Credit Tax Schemes be delayed, until the money trail and the proposed benefits are clearly identified.

Accepted subject to requirement that Tamaki work with Manurewa (Remit 2 )on a joint proposal.

The Members aren’t happy Nick and John. They are in fact revolting. Best you deal with it. With CNI and Northern backing such remits, there is every chance that the parliamentary wing may well have policy foisted on them by the party, and they won’t like that. This sort of thing always happens when the parliamentary wing gets too big for their boots. This is why the party needs a President that stands up to caucus rather than bends over and presents his rear-end.

In the National Party the caucus ignores the party at its peril. Any board candidate that proposes dealing to caucus will be a strong contender.

Ditch E.T.S remit passed unanimously

Global Warming is a FraudSince no-one has blogged, not even the repeaters, then I guess it falls to me to reveal that at the weekend National Party CNI conference a remit was submitted and passed unanimously.

The remit was for National to ditch the ETS. As I said it passed unanimously.

At least some in the party have got their heads screwed on right.

I wonder when Nick Smith and John Key will start to listen?