Eugenie Sage

Toxic femininity?

Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

How long will the word ‘feminine’ and its traditional definition “pertaining to a woman or girl; having qualities traditionally ascribed to women, as sensitivity or gentleness” be allowed to exist? Perhaps amongst the ‘woke’ it is already on the banned list?

Whilst the concept of equality of opportunity for all is to be applauded, does it necessarily have to extend to women having equality in the ability to “swear like a sailor”. (Yes, I know the Navy has women in their ranks now.)

The “swear like a sailor” saying arose way back when it was a male domain and, not having to spend time around women, the men weren?t required to hold a civil tongue and used to swear at will. Hence sailors came to be known for their liberal and creative use of the language.

The emerging trend of foul-mouthed female politicians is interesting. Is it intentionally done for shock-and-awe effect? Or is it just the way they normally speak and so came out in an unguarded moment?

Here in New Zealand we have had Marama Davidson. Her entire speech was based around a word that is still ranked as the most offensive word in broadcasting and it was certainly not in the ‘oops that slipped out’ category. The next day she was on a mission to ‘reclaim’ the word. I don’t recall it ever being lost or stolen and in need of reclamation.

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Retard Green MP needs basic Auckland geography lessons

I love Green MPs using social media to make a point.

It’s just a pity they are usually as retarded as Steffan Browning or in this particular case Eugenie Sage.

Land developers and farmers denying they are contributing to the problem doesn’t clean up the Kaipara or protect the snapper fishery. Land development for subdivisions north of Auckland eg near Orewa involves major land reshaping. A few sediment fences would never contain all the runoff given the scale of earthworks.Sediment and nitrogen inflows need to be reduced and the new fund is a start.

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When will David, Winston, and Kelvin apologise for their smears?

Winston Peters, David Parker, Kelvin Davis and Eugenie Sage all attacked Judith Collins and her husband David Wong-Tung over kauri logs.

They were all wrong, along with a number of media outlets. The media outlets including Radio NZ have all apologised.

Now Eugenie Sage has apologised.

Apology to David Wong-Tung and Oravida

?On the 19th of June 2015, I issued a press release under the title ?Govt. stuck in the mud over swamp kauri allegations.?

?I acknowledge that the press release was capable of conveying meanings that were not intended. Specifically, I did not mean to suggest that David Wong-Tung and Oravida were involved in the illegal export of swamp kauri or that they influenced the government or any member of it to turn a blind eye to any such exports.? ? Read more »

Greens busted playing dirty politics

The Greens have been busted stealing people’s email addresses and using them to astroturf support in submission to ECan.

What was that citizens initiated referendum for again? That’s right it was a database exercise done by taxpayer funded staff to further subvert democracy, it’s the Greens so the ends justify the means as they do it for a higher cause…the planet.

The Green Party has been accused of “subverting the democratic process” by lobbying Environment Canterbury (ECan) on behalf of individuals without their knowledge.

Four people were surprised to receive emails from ECan thanking them for their submission on the region’s proposed bus changes when they had not submitted.

A further 20 submissions, of the 165 submissions sent in by the Greens, were found to have incorrect email addresses.

ECan received 2357 submissions for its proposed bus changes.

All submissions from the Greens were a standard response asking for more investment in public transport and more services for elderly.

Emails given to The Press by ECan, with personal information removed, showed people were unimpressed.

“I nevet [sic] sent this email! How did this happen?” one said.

“I actually didn’t give permission for the Green Party to send that submission on my behalf,” another said.

Another questioned the ethics of the practice.

“It does not accurately represent my thoughts . . . I’m not sure I agree ethically with this practice.”

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Twitter as a political tool

Matthew Beveridge appeared on The Nation to discuss Twitter as a political tool.

He makes the follow extra observations:

1) If you are going to be on social media: Do it, do it properly or go home. There is no point starting a Twitter account and not doing anything with it. There are a number of MPs who are guilty of this, Ian McKelvie, David Parker, Mark Mitchell (though he is now making an effort), Eugenie Sage. ?They all have accounts with very low numbers of Tweets. Some with as little as 1. To me, going to the effort of starting an account, adding a profile photo and the like, then not using it is the same as walking away from a conversation. It looks like you aren?t interested in hearing what people have to say. So if you are a political candidate or MP and you are thinking about starting a social media account, make sure you are willing to put in the effort to do it properly, or don?t come out to play.

Mostly they should not come out to play. Most are useless at it and I still don’t believe that any meaningful engagement occurs. ? Read more »

Good attitude from Nanaia Mahuta

Nanaia Mahuta has shed 15kgs in recent months and tells how she did it, willpower over obesity taxes.

The death of Parekura Horomia is more than a cautionary tale for fellow MP Nanaia Mahuta – it is a wake-up call. Now, she is leading a group of parliamentarians on a journey to overhaul their lives in a way he never could.

Two weeks before he died, Parekura Horomia committed himself to losing weight. It was a decision he made too late.

But, perhaps prophetically, when he signed on to patron an organisation aimed at helping people reclaim their health, he pulled the founder aside and said, “Whatever we start, we finish.”

Those words have given Mere Takoko – parliamentarian, body-building champion and the founder of fitness programme Chumpchange – a determination to see it through. The new figurehead for the programme is Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta, who has already lost 15kg.

“He did want to make a commitment to better health,” Takoko says.

“I think his passing is a precautionary tale of what happens if one doesn’t look after their health and wellbeing – he was simply gone too soon.”

Horomia’s legacy is gaining cross-party support. A dozen MPs including Green co-leader Metiria Turei and party member Eugenie Sage, Labour’s David Cunliffe and Louisa Wall and National’s Paul Hutchison are joining Mahuta in making healthy life choices and fundraising for the Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) while they’re at it. ? Read more »

Question Time round up, sound smacking all round for Labour’s ‘stars’

Not a stellar start from the new Labour team at question time.

Paula Bennett answering about the success of getting beneficiaries to sort out outstanding warrants with the coppers or lose your benefit. Sue Moroney leaps up to ask how it helps them get a job?? It was a stupid irrelevant question which Bennett bats away to which Moroney raises a point of order and subjects herself to another healthy smack across the chops.

Phil Twyford reels out stats to Nick Smith lamenting how many houses housing NZ has demolished and not renewed leases on and wants to know why ? Fucking great big earthquake perhaps. ? Read more »

Fed Farmers boss gives Greens an old fashioned shellacking

Over the weekend the?Sunday?Star Times?(also in the Press) repeated Green MP Eugenie Sage mouthing off that rural New Zealand?s drinking water is being destroyed by dairy cows.

Next we expect the Green Taliban will blame WW2 on Adolf Hitler?s desire to set up a mega dairy farm.

TV3?s gun researchers read the?Sunday?Star Times then called up Feds CEO to come in.??What they got was Conor English firing on all eight cylinders.? Even better he had the report to hand and you can?read it right here.? The summary is that 96% of water meets the standard.? Read more »

‘We just want to get on with rebuilding Christchurch’ – reader

A reader emails:


You may have picked up on this already but if you haven?t here?s what the time wasters are up to in?Christchurch.

Most people just want to get on with rebuilding the city and good on Roger Sutton for telling these idiots to get lost!

ThIs is the article he is talking about?where the Green Taliban and Labour tried to hold up the joint for a protest.

Political events are banned in the Christchurch red zone, says earthquake recovery chief Roger Sutton.

The red-zone cordon became the stage for a piece of political street theatre today, as Labour and Green Party politicians tried to access Cathedral Square for a protest.

Green Party MPs Eugenie Sage and Mojo Mathers, along with Labour MP Ruth Dyson were originally granted access?to lay a wreath at a stone cairn in Cathedral Square to mark the “loss of democracy” in Christchurch.? Read more »

Audrey still Young at heart

A reader emails about Audrey Young’s article in the Herald yesterday:

Did you spot Audrey Young?s howler in this morning?s Herald?

In her interview with back-bencher Eugenie Sage she informed us that the novels?Wolf Hall?and?Bring Up The Bodies?(well worth reading I might add) were about Oliver Cromwell.? Read more »