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Pepe the Frog successfully trolls New Zealand Media

Pepe the frog as Donald Trump

Pepe had a starring role in the American election and now he has crossed the Tasman to upset the New Zealand media. Pepe is essentially a sad cartoon frog who became a meme. He was used in this recent video to promote?Based Stickman?(a new American Hero who physically defended protestors from the violence of Anti-Fascist group ANTIFA?.) When reading about Pepe during the American election I came across a democrat supporter lamenting the fact that the Republicans had all the cool memes. Why he lamented can we not have a Pepe the frog?

NZ First leader Winston Peters says he knew the controversy surrounding an image when he signed a poster featuring it – but says what others have deemed a hate symbol is “essentially meaningless”.

Peters signed a poster featuring the online cartoon character Pepe the Frog, after speaking to a packed lecture theatre at Victoria University last night.

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