Ginger bashing goes back to Greek Mythology

After readers expressed their discomfort with making fun of gingers, it required some more research:



1. Red hair is seen on the heads of only four percent of people. Most of these exist in the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, and Australia.

2. There is a belief that redheads are prone to industrial deafness. This actually could be true as the melanocytes are found in the middle ear.

3. A 2002 study found that redhead are harder to sedate than any other people requiring twenty percent more anesthesia. Inadequate doses cause people to wake up during surgery and have increased recall of procedures.

4. In the late 16th century, the fat of a redheaded man was an essential ingredient for poison.

5. The Egyptians regarded the color as so unlucky that they had a ceremony in which they burned red-headed maidens alive to wipe out the tint.

6. An Irish judge in 2001 fined a man for disorderly conduct stating “I am a firm believer that hair coloring has an effect on temper and your coloring suggests you have a temper.”

7. Redheads have always been thought untrustworthy. Judas is most always depicted as a redhead displaying the prejudice against red hair.

8. Adolph Hitler reportedly banned the marriages of two redheads as he feared their children would be “deviant offspring”.   Read more »

Liu acquitted, Inquiry a sham, many more questions

As the news breaks that Bill Liu has been acquitted of all five of his fraud charges the Labour party will try to claim that this somehow exonerates Shane Jones. The Judge says otherwise:

Justice Timothy Brewer said the case had nothing to do with political connections and commentary.

His decision was based on the evidence in court about whether false declarations had been made on documents.

He said he found that the Crown had not reached the level of proof of beyond reasonable doubt which the judge said was a very high standard.

He said that on the evidence the most the Crown had achieved was a ‘high level of suspicion” and that fell short of the standard of proof required to convict.

The judge said he would give a written reason for his decision later.

Meanwhile Labour Leader David Shearer has confessed that the inquiry into Shane Jones won’t cover any dealings between Bill Liu and the Labour Party.

Jones stood down yesterday after his story on why he granted citizenship to the millionaire had been ripped to shreds.

David Shearer’s written to the Auditor General in the hope he can bury the scandal, then claim vindication for Jones when the AG inevitably decides that he followed the ‘process’ – because the ‘process’ is that it’s a Minister’s decision.

Here’s what Shearer told Larry Williams last night…

If Labour thinks they’ve cleverly avoided the hard questions – they should think again.

Especially with what landed in my post box this morning. The allegations contained in this letter are so explosive I have taken them directly to the Police.

It explains a great deal about why Dover Samuels is running interference for Bill Liu.