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#ExMuslimBecause campaign has started

When it comes to educating liberals and lefties about Islam our greatest allies are Ex Muslims. Thursday last week the council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, started a hash tag campaign to encourage Ex Muslims from across the world to share with the twitterati their reasons for leaving the ideology. A day later #ExMuslimBecause was the top trending hashtag in the UK.



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Muslim Woman’s Video goes Viral

I follow a facebook page called Ex Muslims of North America because no one understands Islam better than someone who has been Muslim. The woman in this video who grew up as a Muslim in the Middle East understands exactly what Jihad is. The video was posted on the ‘Silence is Consent’ facebook page. In the video this woman is doing exactly what all we critics keep condemning Muslims for not doing. She is speaking out against terrorism. Not only that, she is telling us that there is a link between terrorism and Islam. So who are you going to believe, a Muslim from the Middle East or Susan Devoy?

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