expectations of men

Sexism and Societies expectations of men

It is time to have a look at the other side of the coin. Lefties, in particular, are always happy to pick on men and to accuse them of sexism and misogyny?and other crimes but how many of them ever consider the sexism that men have to put up with? ?We simply don’t talk about how sexism affects men.

I recently watched a video about a feminist who went undercover as a man for 18 months. She didn’t realise how difficult it is to be a man until she became one. One of the thing she mentioned that really stood out to me was the pressure and expectation put on men to be the provider. ?There were men that she got to know that were doing soul-destroying jobs that they hated but felt they couldn’t leave because their role was to provide for the family no matter what.

I know ?for a fact that my father spent years in a job because it paid well, not because it was something he enjoyed. ?He did it so that my mum could be home full-time for us kids. It was as much a sacrifice for him as it was for my mum giving up her career yet Lefties would only acknowledge my mum’s sacrifice.

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