Expense Scandal

Some Transparency for Winston

When the expenses scandal broke in 2009, it ultimately claimed Shane Jones’ career and outed Clayton Cosgrove as the worlds most hapless priority traveller. Winston Peters remained above the fray, he was no longer in parliament and anyone who asked him about his expenses was told to “get lost” in no uncertain terms.

However Winston peters is back in parliament and he is raising questions about all sorts of exepenses with regard to Whanou Ora and other government departments. So it is is only fair that we examine his record in order to provide a bit of transparency.

So dear Army, let’s crowd source a proper review of Winston Peters’ Ministerial Expenses…:


I wonder what movie he watched here?

And what was the movie in Rome? 

Why did he get a cash advance here?

Why was he buying so many sleeping pills?

Is it right that he was booking up smokes on the Ministerial Credit Card? Above & here:

What did he buy from the leather store in Kuala Lumpur?  What did he get from Harrods?  Why was the taxpayer covering his minibar expenses? How many lost luggage claims is too many?  Why was he booking up sauna’s and his partner’s medical expenses on the taxpayer-funded credit card?  Especially since the health centre is supposed to be free