Final desperate death throes of Dotcom?s non-existent defence

Kim Dotcom is going to win the gold medal?for clutching at straws.

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer has accused the Crown of including irrelevant evidence to prejudice the public against his client.

During the first week of the extradition hearing — which has now come to the end of its eighth week — Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon, QC, acting for the US government, drew the court’s attention to a comment by the internet entrepreneur calling New Zealanders “dumb”.

“Aussies, just as dumb as kiwis,” Dotcom allegedly told a co-defendant Matthias Ortmann.

“Hehe,” Ortmann responded. ?? Read more »

Go on, you got to laugh: Dotcom?s lawyer says TPP clears Kim of copyright charges

Fatty Boomsticks goes on another fruitless search for legal relevance.

He is just a complete waste of the court’s time and resources.

Lawyers for Kim Dotcom say the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) backs their view that internet service providers are protected from copyright infringement.

Mr Dotcom and three other men face extradition to the United States on copyright, money laundering and racketeering charges.

It relates to their website, Megaupload, and the hearing is into its eighth week.? Read more »

Dotcom extradition hearings turn from a farce into a tragedy

photo credit - AAP

photo credit – AAP

Steve Braunias summarises the first week of Dotcom’s hapless defence, and he’s even less merciful than Judge Dawson.

Where were the crowds? “Big day today,” Kim Dotcom advised the 468,000 followers on his Twitter account on Monday morning. “Let’s go!” Dotcom’s legal team, finally, began their defence of their excitable client in week six of his extradition hearing.

Uncle Sam and the FBI – aptly, the courtroom is in Federal St – have stuck it to Dotcom and the three men co-accused of copyright infringement, racketeering, money laundering and fraud. Now it was the turn of the defence to stick it to Uncle Sam and the FBI.

“I wish you could all be at my court hearing,” Dotcom tweeted, wistfully. “It’s going to be good.” But the public gallery was empty, and the press bench was down to three.

Dotcom looked rather glum. His defence lawyer Ron Mansfield looked even worse. The poor devil was struck down with a killer head cold. His great moment had arrived; here, at last, was his chance to denounce the US in loud, ringing tones, but he felt like he had sheep running around inside of his head.

He played the sympathy card with Judge Nevin Dawson. But the judge wasn’t in the mood for cards. “Your Honour will be aware I’m not recognised for being an orator,” Mansfield said. “I struggle with words beyond one syllable.”

Dawson stared at him. His implacable face sent a message spelled out in words which required only one syllable: get on with it. He got on with it. Mansfield’s submission – volume one, 300 pages – was wide-ranging and powerful. In essence, he said the US case was woeful, pathetic, lame. Worse, it was political. He said it was driven by Hollywood, which demanded that the White House crack down on Dotcom’s Megaupload file-sharing empire.

“This is not a conspiracy theory. Hollywood threatened the Democrats and Republicans that they would lose their massive financial support.”

Braunias is only warming up. ? Read the rest here. ?(a rare link to A newspaper as that piece deserves to read in full)


– Steve Braunias, A newspaper

Courts have had enough, fatty boomsticks told to present his defence Monday

I'm coming to steal your democracy

Bye bye fatty

The courts have had enough of his legal shenanigans and time-wasting and ordered Kim Dotcom to present his defence in the extradition hearing on Monday.

Kim Dotcom’s bid to stop his extradition hearing has been rejected and his lawyers will open his defence on Monday.

The internet mogul’s legal team had accused the New Zealand government of aiding his arrest and was pushing for extradition in order to curry favour with Hollywood.

Dotcom’s legal team argued the government acted unlawfully. ?? Read more »

Court case so boring and drawn out, even Dotcom can’t be arsed turning up

Things must be getting really bad when the defendant’s dictation aficionado?and fancier of fatty German sausage doesn’t even bother going to court.

There’s no end in sight for Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing – scheduled to [have ended yesterday]?- and even his lawyers aren’t sure what’s happening.

The group’s lawyers are expected to present submissions on two further points as part of their application, which allowing time for a Crown response, could take several weeks.

Mr Mansfield said [yesterday]?he and his colleagues had filed memorandums with Judge Dawson [Thursday], asking for an indication of how long the case would take. ? Read more »

Time for Dotcom to send for the Gulfstream?

Dotcom’s attempts to convince the Court that he should not be deported are finding no fertile ground.

The main hearing has effectively been on hold this week while the North Shore District Court heard applications from the men to pause the extradition attempt, or even halt it altogether.

They argued the US prevented them from using frozen assets to pay for international expert witnesses they claim to need to properly defend the extradition attempt.

New Zealand’s courts have allowed Mr Dotcom to use frozen funds to pay his legal costs, but the US has threatened to seize any of the money spent outside New Zealand.

Giving evidence as a witness earlier this week, Mr Dotcom’s US lawyer, Ira Rothken, said experts in US extradition law, mass data storage and file-sharing would help them rebut the US case.

Mr Rothken estimated it would cost $US500,000 to hire the experts the legal team needed, and two to six months to brief and prepare them to give evidence.

However, in reply this morning, Crown lawyer Christine Gordon said Skype and email communications between the men showed they knowingly paid cash rewards to Megaupload users who uploaded copyright infringing files. Read more »

Angering the judge didn?t work, so what did Dotcom?s legal team come up with next?

It’s novel but sickening the games this fat bastard will try.

The judge hearing Kim Dotcom’s extradition case has asked if sending the internet mogul to stand trial in the US without funding would be like returning a refugee to the country they’ve fled.

Mr Dotcom and three other men face extradition on copyright, racketeering and money-laundering charges related to their Megaupload website.

The court is currently hearing a stay application from the men to pause or even halt the extradition process altogether.

They say a US restraining order is preventing them from using New Zealand funds to pay for international legal and technical advice to help defend the extradition attempt.

Judge Nevin Dawson asked defence lawyer Ron Mansfield whether that order would also leave his client without funding for a defence, if he did stand trial in the US.

Mr Mansfield said it would, unless a new, unrestrained source of funding could be found. ? Read more »

Desperation is a stinky cologne

The Fat German is staring down the barrel of a long lonely flight in stainless steel jewellery as the evidence mounts at his extradition hearing.

Desperation has set in…first they tried to suggest the documents were missing…they weren’t…and now they are trying to get the hearing stopped.

Lawyers for Kim Dotcom and his co-accused are arguing again that an extradition hearing should be halted.

Mr Dotcom, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato face extradition to the United States on copyright and money-laundering charges, related to their file-sharing website, Megaupload.

Last week, Judge Nevin Dawson refused to hear several applications from the men for a stay in proceedings, saying they could be heard in the context of the main hearing. ? Read more »

Ooooh, there they are! Original extradition paperwork found


Yesterday, a court services manager acting as a witness for the Crown verified several documents as copies of the extradition requests.

But under cross-examination by Kim Dotcom’s lawyer Ron Mansfield, she conceded the copies were not date-stamped and was unable to say whether any originals existed.

Today, the extradition hearing’s court registrar, Jennifer Spence, appeared as a witness to verify the original documents.

Ms Spence said she found the originals in the judges’ chambers at North Shore district court, which has jurisdiction over the extradition case.

Not that this little stunt would have gotten in the way, but we can do without the distractions of lost paperwork, so it is great to see this little red herring put to bed. ?If you excuse the mixed metaphor. ? Read more »

Dotcom gets the weekend to reflect

After the first week of Dotcom’s extradition hearing, Dotcom seems to be hoist by his own words

On Friday Christine Gordon QC, who is acting for the US, read an extensive series of Skype conversations and emails between the men, arguing they revealed they knew the business was a criminal enterprise from the start.

In one conversation, two of the accused discussed how they expected Dotcom to flee if the business hit trouble.

“The fact is when there’s no way out, Kim will also grab the last couple of millions and go on hiding mode again when that happens,” Van der Kolk was quoted as telling Ortmann.

“The likeliness of us getting in trouble for some reason is getting bigger.”

Dotcom stared forward and gently shook his head once as the evidence was read out.

Ortmann and Van der Kolk were right of course. ?They had seen Dotcom do it before. ? ?So why stay around someone who is clearly able to turn them into cannon fodder? ? Money. ?And lots of it. ? Read more »