Idiot Herald gets it wrong

Somethings never change at The Herald. Today they claim that Simon Bridges website has been hacked.

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Five great things to do on a sunny Auckland weekend – Whaleoil edition

In ?line with this post a few hours ago, I thought I’d give it a spin.

Five Great things to do in Auckland. ?On a weekend, if you like. ?Weather really not relevant. ?Or not in Auckland. ?Just five great things to do.


1. ?Read Whaleoil

That was easy, obvious and also shameless. ?Which is everything Whaleoil stands for. ?It’s a guilty pleasure for some, an Instruction Manual for Life for others.

2. Trap, optionally kill, feral cats.

Or any cat. ?Just make sure you take the collars off first. ?Wouldn’t want to be able to link the bodies to owners after the fact.

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Five great things to do on a sunny Auckland weekend

That’s the article headline in the NZ Herald.

Do you want to know what these 5 things are?

I bet you want to know…

5 things to do in Auckland, not anywhere else presumably, specifically Auckland, and it appears good weather is part of the deal.

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Arsenasty Lole Taylor loses the plot, Ctd

Asenati Lole Taylor is on form at the moment, this time she’s publicly discussing cases she’s working on by posting vague tweets about it without giving too much away. What a magnificent display of professionalism and privacy.



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Shearer – Facepalm

One of my loyal readers noted that during David Shearer’s?car wreck media conference on leakers,??a member of the press gallery was literally facepalming.

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Dumb Tweet of the Day



Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 6.05.56 PM

I actually /Facepalmed when I saw that.

Here we have a Labour MP that doesn’t believe having a law pass by one vote is Democracy.

Was she asleep at the back of the chamber during Helen Clark’s sweaty grip on her tenuous 1 vote majority reign of terror?

I don’t remember Curran complaining about democracy needing more than 1 vote then, do you?

Even Labour supporter Giovanni gives her a slapping.