Fairfax New Zealand

Can Fairfax even get its lies straight?

Fairfax Media has some issues.

Last month their CEO denied there were job losses looming at the media organisation.

Yesterday, Fairfax Media announced 185 editorial positions would be disestablished, while creating 160 new ones.

Fairfax Media owns the Waikato Times, The Dominion Post, The Press, The Sunday Star Times, and many other newspapers – and the website stuff.co.nz.

New jobs will be created in what the company calls “a transformational programme”, but staff will have to apply for them.

Ms Boucher insisted the proposal would result in more editorial staff, not fewer.

“Under the proposal we’re not going to end up with any fewer people than we have today, we’re actually going to end up with more editorial staff – particularly in reporters.”

Ms Boucher said that from an editorial staff of roughly 650, she expected 12 more editorial positions would come from the proposed restructure.

She said the restructure was about a news room created with positions suitable for a newspaper business re-setting for a digital news strategy.

Ms Boucher said customers were increasingly accessing news online, so the company was figuring out how they could best keep up with the changing face of news media.

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See that’s how you do it

Herald on Sunday

In stark contrast to the efforts of Stuff.co.nz to steal my work the Herald on Sunday showed how it should be done.

Firstly the journalist rang and asked for permission to use my photo and asked for some additional detail for the story. Fairfax didn’t even bother to ring me, they just nicked the story and the image.

Then in the HoS story they actually credit me and on the image attribute it to me as well.

About the only thing I could fault them for is failing to provide a link, but hey pixie steps.

Well done Herald on Sunday, still sucks boo to Fairfax who will be getting an invoice.