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Labour hypocrisy over state servant candidates

It is never a good look when candidates for office appear in the news, but it is pretty scurrilous for Labour to be attacking Parmjeet Parmar when their own candidates are less than clean themselves.?Rajen Prasad should also be very careful about going after people when?I note Prasad himself must have campaigned for Labour while a commissioner – because he was named on Labour’s list very soon after he stood down.

I suspect there is a bit of Indian politics at play here, but Parmjeet doesn’t help herself when she talks to delegates claiming she has the support and is the preferred candidate for John Key and Peter Goodfellow. All that is going to happen now is some journalist is going to ask John Key if he supports Parmjeet and he is going, as he should, to say no. Selections are in the hands of the delegates not the plaything of the president of the party and the prime minister.

The Families Commission is facing scrutiny over political links, after one of its commissioners was photographed campaigning with Prime Minister John Key.

During a select committee hearing, Labour MP Dr Rajen Prasad held up a photograph of commissioner Dr Parmjeet Parmar wearing a National Party ribbon with Key at a recent Auckland event.

Prasad said he understood Parmar was planning to run as National Party candidate and asked chief commissioner Belinda Milne whether it was appropriate for a potential candidate to remain as a commissioner.

Milne said she had heard “rumours” of Parmar’s political involvement but she had no knowledge of any candidacy.

“There are all sorts of rumours going around about who is doing what,” she said.

“Until there is a firm situation … we can’t do anything.”

She said another staff member was intending to run as candidate for Labour, which he had declared to the commission. They had already discussed with him how to separate his political activities from his work.? Read more »

What is Peter Goodfellow doing to get more women in Caucus?

National Party President Peter ?Dopey? Goodfellow was once sledged by Hekia Parata at a National meeting for saying they would bring more women into the National caucus. Hekia rightly asked how, as it was just after the last election when National ended up with fewer women than it had in the previous term.

Labour tied itself in knots over its man ban. National insiders say that National has been running women’s only sessions and promising women the earth if they will only run for National. The problem for National is that in electorates like Whangarei or Hunua the local delegates select the best person for the job, and if Peter Goodfellow tells them they have to have a woman they will tell him to bugger off.

The only real influence the National Party have over getting more women in parliament is through the list. ?? Read more »

Is fancy pants Jacinda about to be schooled by the Taxpayers? Union?

Oh Jordan, you caught me out again

Oh Jordan, you caught me out again

I was a bit worried when the Taxpayers? Union?poured praise over Jacinda Ardern?for her commitment to abolish the Families Commission if (god help us) Labour get into office next year.? Good to see the Union has picked up on the replacement which looks equally as pointless ? a?FamiliesChildren?s?Commission?Ministry.

The Union has written an open letter asking:

  1. What are the cost projections to establish the Ministry?? Read more »

Time to Axe the Bludging Families Commission

You know a government agency is a total waste of time when even Labour want to give it the arse.

Socialist Cindy reckons that the Families Commission is pack of useless bludging mongrels and she would re-prioritise their spending.

As usual with Labour it would be reprioritised into something equally useless, but at least Cindy isn’t Nikki Kaye.

?Labour is prepared to tackle this head on. We will do away with the Families Commission and focus funding on an independent Children?s Commissioner. We will also implement a plan to measure and set targets to reduce child poverty that would be backed up by legislation, and report on progress every budget.

?The Government has the potential to improve the childhood of thousands of Kiwi kids living in poverty.

The better idea would be to scrap the whole lot and not bother with any more hopeless, overpaid, bludging bureaucracies in Wellington that can do little to prove they have achieved anything. Apparently the Families Commission actually has a purpose. ? Read more »

Labour's big idea is…

We have waited almost three years for Labour’s big idea, yesterday Annette King delivered it, and it was still-born. At least it wasn’t Swiss Balls for all households.

Labour will dis-establish the Families Commission in its next term in government and instead set up a Ministry for Children, with a senior “minister for children” sitting at the Cabinet table.

The party’s deputy leader Annette King outlined the new policy in a speech to the party’s election year Congress in Wellington this afternoon.

She said Labour would also have an annual “Children’s Summit” with MPs, researchers, social agencies and academics.

She said Labour would pay for the new initiative from the current budget for the Families Commission of $7.7 million a year – more than the Ministry of Women’s Affairs’ $4.5 million.

She believed that $7.7 million was enough to set up and run the new ministry with some left over to be used by other departments on policies affecting children.

“It still astounds me that in New Zealand we have a minister for race horses, a minister of the Rugby World Cup, a minister for senior citizens but no minister for the most vulnerable in our community, our kids.”

No problem with dis-establishing the Families Commission but very opposed to pouring the money into another government department. While it may astound Annette King that we have a minister for racehorses it must have escaped her, or perhaps she willfully ignored the fact that she was a key member of cabinet that vastly increased subsidies to the bloodstock industry and racing clubs so that Winston peters could continue to support?them. It probably also escaped her that Winston’s secret backers were all race horse fanciers. So while she is astounded we are not.

This is precisely why Labour languishes in the polls, irrelevant and ignored by the general public. They just keep on coming up with tired old solutions that always include more bureaucrats and more money which is all paid for with even more borrowing.

Why don’t Labour just come out and say they want a Capital Gains Tax to pay for everything. They know they want one, we know they want one, it is only cowardice that is keeping them silent on it.


Man Stuff

Mavi JeansThis blog post is about man stuff even if it has a review about clothes.

First up, I went shopping today, I fucking hate shopping at this time of the year. My hyper-vigilance really kicks in and causes me no end of stress.

Nevertheless I had worn out yet another pair of jeans. It is the perennial problem when you have big balls, the crotch wears out. Anyway I’m the sort of flla that likes what he likes and I had kindo settled on the make and model of jeans that I wear.

Except the fuckers at Levi’s have decided that that particular model isn’t cool anymore and so I can’t buy them anywhere. This was a problem until the hottie at the jeans store recommended Mavi Jeans to me.

These things rock, the look great, the feel great and when I asked if they pull chicks like a fast car the girl at the counter looked like a stunned mullet as she got the deathstare and I got a slap from you know who. She nodded slowly as she backed away from the counter.

I had never heard of Mavi jeans before so I made a quick check on the font of all knowledge and found out that they are a famous brand of denim jeans founded in 1991, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Since being introduced in the US in 1996, Mavi has become one of the favorite fitting denim brands among young women and men. Celebrity fans include Kate Winslet, Juliette Lewis, Julia Stiles,Geri Halliwell, Annie Lennox, Sugababes, Billy Zane, Hillary Duff, and Jason Biggs.

And now Whaleoil!

Now on to shaving. As you have witnessed from my Movember photos I seem to have no problem growing hair. Baldness doesn’t run in the family. My grandfather had a full head of hair when he croaked and Dad still has good head of hair as well. I think my brother got the bad genes though. Anyway I hate shaving. I shave the bare minimum to get away with. I constantly try to find shaving products that have to meet several criteria. The first is that the fucking blades stay sharp longer than two shaves. Without exception this requirement disqualifies Gillette, Wilkinson Sword and Schick. All of their blades are complete rubbish and two shaves on my beard does in the blades.

The second criteria is that the shave is close without tearing my skin off. Again all the major brands fail.

I have now found a contender. The King of Shaves Azor. Accroding to the marketng it is;

Azor“A razor that shaves closer, lasts longer and costs less. The finished item looks simple.”

You know what? It does. More marketing;

“What you see is what you get. A razor, with super long lasting (Endurium coated) cartridges which allows you to “shave closer, for longer, for less”.”

Ok so “Endurium” is marketing bullshit but the blades do last longer, they are quite a bit cheaper and they certainly shave closer than all the other crap brands out there. I went at the Mo’ today, ok a little early, but I was over it. It stripped that thing off like it was never there. I even tried out one of my old Gilette razors in competition and gave up. The Azor simply blitzed it. The Gilette had a brand new blade and the Azor one I’ve been using for two weeks. End of story as far as I am concerned.

Even better the boss of KoS has a blog and so too does the Azor Campaign Battle Bus. Well bloggers have to support bloggers so I will be using the Azor from now on.