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Obama is wreaking havoc during his final days as President

Until this month America has always?exercised its veto power in order to protect its ally Israel but Obama’s orchestrated move against Israel is only one of a number of highly controversial?moves that he is making before Trump takes over on the 20th of January.


Israeli officials fear that the conference’s recommendations may then be approved in another UN Security Council recommendation just before Obama leaves office on January 20.

In a radio interview, Erdan said Kerry’s speech was part of a broader effort to hinder the incoming administration of Donald Trump, who has signalled he will have much warmer relations with Israel.

“This step is a pathetic step. It is an anti-democratic step because it’s clear that the administration and Kerry’s intention is to chain President-elect Trump,” Erdan told Israel Army Radio.

Erdan, a member of Netanyahu’s Likud Party and inner Security Cabinet, said Obama administration officials are “pro-Palestinian” and “don’t understand what’s happening in the Middle East.”


It seems that he is doing as much damage and causing as much trouble as he can before the new administration comes aboard. One of his actions was to undermine Trump’s plans to tighten up on immigration by pushing through a 2014 deportation amnesty. Luckily for Trump, it has been suspended by the court who said it broke administrative law!

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