Fat bastards

Another thing to add to the list of things caused by global warming

Apparently…and this is going to rip Boyd Swinburn’s undies…global warming is the cause of diabetes, not stuffing your face with huge amounts of food.

If the average temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius, sea levels will rise, crop yields will fall and vulnerable species will see their habitat shrink or disappear.

Which is bollocks because as temperature increases crops produce more, especially as carbon dioxide increases. Ask anyone growing commercially ina  greenhouse…they pump those puppies full of carbon dioxide.

And, a new study suggests, the number of American adults suffering from diabetes would rise by more than 100,000 a year.   Read more »

Islam isn’t a race, and neither is being a fat bastard

An enormously fat Auckland she-beast thinks fat is now a race.

An Auckland woman has been filmed refusing to wear a seatbelt because she said it doesn’t fit across her waist.

The driver questioned the point of wearing it, and said that if she was fined it could be seen as discrimination against overweight people.

“I can’t fit it, so what’s the point of wearing it. If they’re going to give me a fine for not fitting my seatbelt, that’s just being racist, to the fat people,” she said.

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Fat Bastards suffer like they should

The UK has finally implemented an unofficial Fat Bastard Tax, by refusing fatties surgery, preferring instead to treat people who aren’t obese.

Obese people will be routinely refused operations across the NHS, health service bosses have warned, after one authority said it would limit procedures on an unprecedented scale.

Hospital leaders in North Yorkshire said that patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above – as well as smokers – will be barred from most surgery for up to a year amid increasingly desperate measures to plug a funding black hole. The restrictions will apply to standard hip and knee operations.

The decision, described by the Royal College of Surgeons as the “most severe the modern NHS has ever seen”, led to warnings that other trusts will soon be forced to follow suit and rationing will become the norm if the current funding crisis continues.

Chris Hopson, the head of NHS Providers, which represents acute care, ambulance and community services, said: “I think we are going to see more and more decisions like this.

“It’s the only way providers are going to be able to balance their books, and in a way you have to applaud their honesty. You can see why they’re doing this – the service is bursting at the seams.”

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A fatty called Substantia (yep) wants us to not judge her bulk. Ok then, she has no soul


A soulless fatty wants us to stop denigrating fatties.

Ironically her name is Substantia…but looking at her photographs I would have thought she’d be better off changing her name by deed poll to Gargantua.

An activist against denigration of fat people is questioning the belief that obesity is connected to bad health.

Substantia Jones is in New Zealand to speak at a conference on fat issues.

She said fat people were discriminated against and were seldom in power.   Read more »

Radio New Zealand avoids the obvious: Fat Bastards and diabetes go together

People living in the lower socio-economic South Auckland area are twice as likely to suffer from diabetes as those who live in the more affluent areas of Epsom, North Shore and central Auckland, a study has found.

The study conducted by the University of Auckland, and published today in the NZ Medical Journal, found that geography played a part in the distribution of diabetes.

The study leader Daniel Exeter from Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the university said there was an inequity in health outcomes across electorates and contributing factors include levels of deprivation and access to different types of food.

“Research has shown that areas of high deprivation have much more ready availability to convenience food.”

The study analysed data from 63,000 people diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes across the region in 2011 who were aged 30 years or over.

The highest rate of diabetes was 17.3 percent in Mangere and the lowest was 3.2 percent on the North Shore even after adjusting for age, gender and ethnicity. The prevalence of the condition in the Auckland region was close to the national average at 8.5 percent.

I’d like to coin a phrase for this.  Let’s call it the KFC Factor.   Read more »

The slippery slope of political correctness is real

The Poms are finding out what happens when you don’t resist the slippery slope of political correctness:

A leading employment judge has demanded new laws to help the overweight fight “fattism” by allowing them to sue colleagues who offend them.

Philip Rostant, the training director for the Employment Tribunals of England and Wales, claimed in an academic paper that fat people are paid on average less and are more likely to be fired.

He argued that new laws could stop such “prejudice” against people with what he called “non-ideal weight”. The paper insists that “fattism” should feature along side other hate crimes such as racism and homophobia.   Read more »

There is fat, and then there is morbidly obese. Ms Pause is in the latter category


Cat Pause is grandstanding again with her pro-fat-bastard stance.

She wants people to stop picking on fatty boomsticks.

It is legal to discriminate against me in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Even though research clearly demonstrates that fat people are discriminated against in educational, employment, and housing, settings, New Zealand hasn’t legislated to make it illegal. In fact, very few places around the world have provided protection for individuals from facing discrimination based on their size.

The Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Acts in the state of Michigan, USA, prohibits discrimination based on weight and height (in addition to the usual categories of race, sex, nationality, etc).

A handful of cities across the United States, including San Francisco and Washington DC have also passed laws against weight discrimination.

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Is making your kid a fatty child abuse?


Is making your kid a fatty child abuse?

Juliet Hartley-Brewer at The Telegraph certainly thinks so as she lambasts “lazy, selfish parents would rather let their child shovel sweets into their gob than take them to the park.”

If you are the parent of a fat child, you are a bad parent.

Did everyone get that? Because it really is very simple: if your child is overweight then that is your fault because you are not doing your job as a parent properly.

If force feeding your child into obesity and ill health, a life on diabetes medication and far higher risks of cancer, heart disease, infertility and an early death isn’t child abuse, then what on earth is it?

That is the message that needs to go out, as starkly as that, in letters to every parent of every overweight or obese child in the country tomorrow.

And, boy, will that be a lot of letters. Because we are living in the middle of an obesity epidemic, with children arriving on their first day at primary school with bellies like sumo wrestlers – and they are getting fatter by the day.

One-in-five-children in reception last year were found to be either overweight or obese, while a tenth were in the obese category. By Year six, 34 per cent of children were either overweight or obese, while 19 per cent were obese.

That is a lot of fat kids who will one day become a lot of fat adults, most of whom will have numerous long-term health problems, costing the NHS a fortune, and a shorter life span than they have the right to.

Yet today the Royal Society for Public Health has called for schools to stop sending out so-called “fat letters” to the parents of overweight children because apparently they are not having any effect on tackling obesity.

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Fattie wants taxpayer funded obesity surgery – goes on hunger strike to get it

Jason Patterson

Unbelievable, but there you go.

A fat bastard who wants the taxpayer to fund his surgery goes on a hunger strike to get it. That’s like fucking for chastity.

In what may appear to be a slightly self-defeating protest, a Rotorua man is going on hunger strike because ACC won’t fund his weight-loss surgery.

Jason Patterson has been starving himself for five days.

“The first two to three days are really hard,” he says. “I’m in this 100 percent now.”

Mr Patterson is 130kg. He says he gained the weight after being put on previous medication.

He now needs a hernia operation, which ACC has agreed to fund. But before he can have the surgery, he has to lose at least 50kg.

“It’s hopefully going to help me being on a hunger strike to lose weight, because I need to lose weight before I have my hernia operation.”

Mr Patterson wants his gastric bypass surgery covered by ACC. He’s made video diaries and created a fundraising website. But his case has been declined, so he’s gone on hunger strike.

“It’s just to show how serious I am about getting the weight loss surgery that I need.” Read more »

Selfish fat bastard overflows seat and forces other passenger to stand


Fat bastards who overflow airline seats should be made to pay extra.

I mean you are charged for excess baggage but not for excess guts.

A passenger has complained to an airline after she was squeezed out of her seat by an obese man – and forced to spend most of a trans-Tasman flight standing in the aisle.

Caralyn Young, of Tawa, says she was crammed in next to the man on the fully booked flight from Brisbane to Wellington last Monday night.  Read more »