The value of little Fatima (daughter of the prophet)

Young Afghan girl

Little Fatima’s life had value. Certainly, Nicky Hager and his co-author thought her life was important and that her death should be brought to the public’s attention. We in New Zealand shed a tear at the thought of a very young little girl being caught in an adult’s war. A true innocent who lost her life because of the decisions of others. Her name means daughter of the prophet, a good Muslim name. How much value did Fatima’s life have to her family and to the people of her village that communicated with Hager and his co-author? What value did Fatima’s life hold to her community?

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Our Afghan source speaks up

Whaleoil was approached by someone with on-the-ground experience living and working in Afghanistan:

I was in Afghanistan many years before the current conflict, and one of my colleagues had the misfortune to run into a woman who tragically stepped in front of his vehicle while carrying a baby.

Both mother and baby were instantly killed.

He stopped, and there was no concern from the local people until it was discovered that the baby was a male.

It was previously thought to have been a female.

Then there was a problem, and my colleague was imprisoned in Kabul Prison (a most unpleasant place) until blood money was paid, but paid only for the dead male child.

Not the mother.

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