Claim: Too fat for jail, but not too fat to drive

Obese Driver Who Killed Jogger After Skipping Red Light Claims 'She's Too Overweight To Go To Prison'

Obese Driver Who Killed Jogger After Skipping Red Light Claims ‘She’s Too Overweight To Go To Prison’

Looks like we should initiate a judge swap scheme with the UK to replace some of our dud judges with good ones.

This fatty is perfectly able to drive but cried a river of tears that she was too fat for prison. The judge didn’t agree and sent the afore mentioned fatty down for some state imposed slimming.

A morbidly obese motorist who killed a jogger but claimed she was too fat for prison has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Unemployed Linda Ann Jenns, who weighs 30 stone, mowed down 45-year-old Paul Stinton after she jumped a red light in her white Ford Kuga.

But, despite being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving, her barrister urged a judge not to jail the ‘grossly overweight’ woman because he claimed she would not be able to cope with life behind bars.   Read more »


Deluded fatty complains about being called fatty

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This deluded fatty has complained about being called fatty by Lord Sugar

Lord Sugar has been accused of bullying after calling a young woman “fatty” on Twitter.

The Apprentice star was bombarded with complaints and branded “arrogant” and “sexist” after sending the message to size 16 beauty queen Elena Raouna.

The row began after Miss Raouna, 23, sent Lord Sugar a message that said: “Evening sugar ;-) can I call you that? Lol.”

The multi-milionnaire tycoon replied: “yes no problem as long as I can call you fatty.”

He later responded to another follower who waded into the row by asking whether there was “any need to reply in that manner” by saying: “get stuffed and mind your own business.”

The response sparked a backlash in which Lord Sugar was roundly criticised and called “a miserable old goat”.

Miss Raouna, who won Miss British Beauty Curve in 2013, has demanded an apology from the businessman, saying she was “absolutely fuming” about the “cruel” tweet.

She told the Mirror: “‘It was just a friendly tweet to say ‘hi’ but my face froze in shock with his reply and I had to check it was his official Twitter page because I couldn’t believe he would be so abusive.

“It’s cyber bullying.”

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Getting a Moob job

More and more men are getting a Moob Job these days:

A 28 per cent increase in operations to get rid of “man boobs” last year shows men are more willing to go under the knife to get the physique they want, new statistics show.

About 40 per cent of men are estimated to have gynaecomastia, the excessive development of male breasts, and that number is thought to be rising.

The figures were released by The Private Clinic in London, where Dr Dennis Wolf said he had “certainly noticed” an increase in the number of men who had been in to enquire about the procedure.  Read more »


Fatty popping buttons + Bonus Moobs video

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Now why on earth would anyone make a video of this…

Bonus video of Moobs from Moobman…really!  Read more »