Felix Marwick

Oh boohoo Felix, get over yourself

[John Key’s] valedictory address made no mention of the supportive bloggers he was also in touch with when he was the PM.

At a post-cabinet press conference back in early 2014, John Key said in passing that he did have contact with some bloggers – and political reporters pricked up their ears.

Many of them already reckoned newsworthy information was being channeled to online operators sympathetic to National and its leader, as a means of getting selected messages out via the mainstream media subsequently.

Newstalk ZB?s chief political reporter Felix Marwick was one who had suspicions.

He lodged a series of Official Information Act requests to find out what the Prime Minister and several cabinet ministers were passing on, and to whom.

Some ministers responded to say they?d shared a few bits and pieces with bloggers. Others replied to say they?d shared no information at all.

But he says Judith Collins and Paula Bennett didn?t disclose anything. Neither did John Key.

Marwick has been leaving out some of the important bits. ?Sure, he asked for all the comms between Judith Collins (and others) and Cameron Slater. ? He wasn’t the only one.

There were a number of problems for Felix on his numerous OIA requests. ?One, the actual volume of correspondence was very low or non-existent. ?And where it did exist, the minister involved used genuine reasons under the OIA to deny the request.

“Right”, I hear you say, “pull the other one!”. ? Read more »


John Key to be grilled by Ombudsman over TXTs he and I sent to each other

Newstalk ZB’s Felix Marwick is on the “not a fan” ledger when it comes to both Key and myself. ?He’s been after the content of ?our communications?since the Dirty Politics hit failed to do its job hoping to succeed where Rawshark and Nicky Hager failed.

The Chief Ombudsman will investigate the Prime Minister over his refusal to release details regarding his, and his office’s contact with right-wing bloggers David Farrar and Cameron Slater.

Back in early 2014 Newstalk ZB requested records of all such contacts that had occurred over a two year period.

John Key’s office declined to release details, saying to do so would require substantial research and collation and also that some communications may have been made in Mr Key’s capacity as an MP and leader of the National Party.

Now, almost two and a half years after a formal complaint was laid with the Ombudsmen about the matter, Chief Ombudsmen Peter Boshier has announced he will investigate the compliant. Read more »

Russel Norman resigns as co-leader of the Green Taliban

A picture paints a thousand words:

A beaming Metiria Turei watches on as Russel Norman falls on his sword   Picture/ Felix Marwick, Twitter

A beaming Metiria Turei watches on as Russel Norman falls on his sword Picture/ Felix Marwick, Twitter

Russel Norman announced his resignation at 11am this morning in what Green sources tell me was really a bloodless coup.

Expect the male leadership role to now pass to Kevin Hague who has been plotting this move for some time.

Because of the way the Green constitution is worded this has been a bit of superb low bastardry from Kevin Hague.

Hague has consistently topped members votes in the Greens to retain his current number three spot and the Green constitution requires a vote from the members for leader…one Kevin Hague would have won easily after the Greens disappointing result in the general election. ? Read more »

Smalley & Marwick continue all out assault

The “serious” journalist and Hamas hugger Rachel Smalley continues her all out assault on me, aided by the equally unhinged Felix Marwick.

Both of these cowards aren’t prepared to sit down in a studio and go toe to toe with me, because they know I’ll rip them a new one.

This morning Smalley said that I’m not a journalist, not balanced and have dirt on John Key.

I’m sure Asher J. would disagree with Smalley, he wrote a 70 page judgment to the effect that actually I am a journalist…its just that I’m not “serious”. Who cares if I’m not balanced. Neither is Rachel Smalley, she hugs up to Hamas, is clearly a rabid pinko and unhinged by me…hardly any balance there, if she was balanced she’d actually get me on for some comment, but hasn’t yet troubled her producer to ring me. The last time she went head to head with me was on The Nation and she got pwnd that time. As for having dirt on John Key…well I have dirt on lots of people…so go figure…I just hoard dirt…its my stock in trade.

Felix Marwick has been on a jihad against me for sometime…asking repeated OIAs about me, he certainly seems to have a hard on for me. Again he is too gutless to call for my take on anything.

His latest article is hilarious too…all he is proving is Cameron Slater is a ratings winner and he is a flea gallery hack.

The Prime Minister says he has nothing to fear if Cameron Slater’s kept a record of their chats.

The Whale Oil blogger says he tapes his phone calls – but John Key’s not sure if that applies to him, saying he has “absolutely no idea.” ?? Read more »

Tears of impotent rage…Felix Marwick is upset he isn’t shaping opinion

Feel the tears of impotent rage from Felix Marwick, upset that he isn’t one of those shaping opinion in election year.

There?s nothing quite like an election campaign for getting tempers up, emotions raised, and judgements lowered. All of a sudden anything becomes a tool for political gain. This is something we all need to bear in mind over the next five and a half weeks before the election.

Those with vested political interests will scheme and manipulate in almost any way that suits their purposes.? We?re already seeing it happen.

Consider the manufactured outrage we?ve already seen over a couple of incidents. Firstly?the ?f**k John Key? chant recorded at an Internet Mana rally. This is not necessarily the degradation of society and an all time low in politics that some would have us believe. Believe it or not it?s actually not all that unusual for those of the younger generation to use coarse language about their political leaders. It?s been happening for generations. I recall chasing the then Tertiary Education Minister Lockwood Smith around Canterbury University campus back in the 1990s. The language we used was not exactly complimentary and was generally similarly used on any visiting government minister. Just ask Ruth Richardson how she was treated by protestors after her ?mother of all Budgets?.

Abuse of politicians isn?t respectful, but it?s not unusual.

What is interesting; however, are those who point to the incident as some sort of political Armageddon and a sign of dirty politics of the left. I?m really not convinced that Cameron Slater can claim any moral high ground here, nor can David Farrar. It?s really a bit rich for someone who ran a billboard campaign against the Electoral Finance Act that compared then Prime Minister Helen Clark to totalitarian leaders to be drawing comparisons between the Internet Party, Dotcom, and Hitler. Dotcom may be many things (and some of them reasonably unsavoury) but to draw parallels between him and one of the most reviled figures of the 20th?century is simply ludicrous.

No it isn’t ludicrous Felix, those billboards were legitimate political debate around an issue, the erosion of freedom of speech by a implementation of a draconian law enacted by a morally corrupt government sensitive to criticism. It was a policy debate not a ranty chant from a Fat German Crook. Clark was acting like a totalitarian, and so she got compared to other dictators.

Bear in mind the footage that raised so much ire had been floating around for at least a fortnight and had been previously reported on. Where was the outrage and criticism then? Or was it a deliberate strategy to draw attention away from the other hot story of the day – foreign ownership of New Zealand land?

It was floating around for weeks, but the mainstream media ignored it, swept it under the carpet, pretending desperately that it wasn’t a story. Unfortunately it was. The traditional filters from the media are now gone. News is what people think is news not what tired journalists in the Press Galley think is news. ? Read more »

Deja Vu…all over again

That tweet reminded me of this:

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Popularity deficit

Felix Marwick at NewstalkZB discusses Labour’s popularity deficit…or more particularly it is The Cunliffe’s deficit.

Deficits are something no political party likes and the problem for the Labour Party at the moment is that it has one; a popularity deficit.

Its 27 percent result at the last election was the worst result it?d had in over 80 years and, at the time it was thought the party had scraped the bottom of the barrel. The only way, it seemed, was up. But four consecutive polls since last Wednesday have had the party polling below 30 percent and it seems distinctly possible Labour could crash and burn on September 20 unless it has a major change of fortunes.

From the outside Labour?s predicament looks pretty simple. It has no discipline. Its caucus appears more focused on personal rivalries, revenge, and self interest than they do in winning the election. Nowhere has this been better illustrated than by the example of the anonymous insider that went to the Sunday papers criticising David Cunliffe for taking a holiday so close to the election.

It?s not the first time one of his rivals has made such an attack. A similar accusation was made against him by party insiders in the dying days of the ill-fated 2011 election campaign. It?s an accusation he rejected at the time.

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Dumber than a bag of hammers

IMG_0797 (1024x732)

Arse-nasty Lolly Stealer is dumber than a bag of hammers.

Have a look at the mocking she is copping from Felix Marwick who highlights her extreme stupidity.

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Cunliffe Two Face

Candidate vs Leader

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#Laboursgottalent already into the nasty

Didn’t take long, but to be expected from the Nasty Party.

Felix Marwick reports at NewstalkZB:

While the candidate list for the Labour Party leadership remains to be finalised, a full scale campaign’s already underway on social media.

Twitter accounts are already up and running – each staking a claim for the three main candidates, Grant Robertson, David Cunliffe, and Shane Jones.? Read more »