A pioneering New Zealand Feminist: Wilhelmina Bain

Included in this NCW photograph are, standing: Jessie Mackay (fifth from left), Jessie Williamson (second from right); seated: Amey Daldy (second from left), Anna Stout (fourth from left), Kate Sheppard (fifth from left), Annie Schnackenberg (sixth from left), Margaret Sievwright (seventh from left), Marianne Tasker (eighth from left); and, seated on floor: Ada Wells (centre) and Wilhelmina Bain (right).

Today is the 125th anniversary of the Electoral Act being passed in New Zealand; the first sovereign nation to recognise the right for women to vote.

While figures such as Kate Shepherd will be spoken of and remembered on this day, the work and exploits of one of the pioneering spirits of New Zealand?s social history will most likely be overlooked and even forgotten entirely.

Wilhelmina Sherriff Bain on the occasion of her marriage to Robert Elliot, 1914

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The NZ girl’s guide to feminism


Apparently, one of the reasons Lauren Southern?s views are so objectionable is that she?s not a feminist. As a local gender traitor and henchwoman of The Patriarchy?, I figured I?d better use my free speech while it?s still legal.

Presenting: The NZ Girl’s Guide to Feminism.



A Consent App. Thanks Modern Feminism!

A ‘sexual consent’ app is being designed which claims to be a binding agreement which would stand up in court.

But lawyers are sceptical, with one calling it “offensive” and its validity meaningless.

Legal Fling is an app which allows partners to note down their dos and don’ts before having sex.

A person can choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for different categories, including photo and video, use condom, STD-free, explicit language and BDSM.

A request is then sent to the phone of their chosen partner through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or text, who can agree or disagree to the terms.

There’s also the fact that the other person can simply claim they were forced to say yes on the app.

[…]The app uses blockchain technology, a form of public record also used for bitcoin, which cannot be digitally changed after submitting.

Obviously everyone has the right to change their mind, and no always means no – but it is unclear how this fits in to the premise of the app.

The app’s website also claims it can be used as a safeguard if you need “further down the road”.

Obviously, this app is aimed at men who think that with every sexual encounter there’s a good chance of ending up arrested the next day on false rape charges. But how did these men end up thinking like this? Modern feminists.

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UK girl slut-shamed by fundamentalist Muslims: feminists and MSM say nothing

This news story helps answer the question why so few Muslim children fully assimilate into the Western culture into which they are born and raised. It is the sad tale of a Muslim girl who was filmed twerking like Miley Cyrus while wearing her headscarf. What happened next is a cautionary tale for any Muslim teenager who thinks that they can safely?assimilate?into Western society.

A Muslim girl wearing a headscarf was filmed dancing in the streets of Birmingham, U.K.?twerking, in fact?and the smartphone video soon went viral, viewed over a million times. Ironically, it was popularized in no small part by outraged Muslim men

The fundamentalist Muslim backlash directed at this anonymous 17-year-old girl?s innocuous behavior was instant, personal, and severe. Amid threats in comment threads such as, ?Fu**ing sl*t someone give me her address I will kill her,? and ?Stupid b**ch needs to be killed,? the young girl issued a tearful, pitiful public apology that was broadcast by a pair of fundamentalist roving-fatwa YouTubers as a ?repentance? to placate the frothing Islamist mob.

Now I am no fan of twerking and think that Miley Cyrus is not exactly a great role model for young women but we were all young once. It was just a harmless bit of fun (or at least it should have been a harmless bit of fun) but when you add intolerance to the mix things can get out of hand real fast.

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Why don’t feminists fight for Muslim women?


Guest Post: Feminism is the new misogyny – The Feminist betrayal of women

Guest post:

Anne Marie Waters?is an English political activist and director of Sharia Watch UK, an organisation launched by UK lawyers in 2014 which has the support of the Baroness Caroline Cox. She launched Pegida UK in conjunction with activist Tommy Robinson and politician Paul Weston. She blogs at annmariewaters.org

A lot has been written about the absurd ?Women?s March? that took place in Washington recently. Feminists from across the world bravely came together to protest against a man who has done nothing at all to women?s rights. They did so in ?solidarity? with a religion that openly practices female slavery and gets away with it. The organiser of the ?Women?s March? is a Saudi apologist who praises the very sharia law that ensures women in countries like Saudi Arabia are kept as property. Even so, Islamist Linda Sarsour led a group of gullible, privileged, clueless feminists though the US capital. Every bearded jihadi on the planet must have been laughing at that one, while the woman who suffers his oppression was told that Western feminists not only don?t care about her, but are actually marching in his favour.

The stupid women?s march aside, something else that caught my eye in the weeks since it took place has confirmed to me that modern feminism has nothing whatsoever to do with women?s rights. In fact, it threatens them. Feminism is now the enemy of women.

Feminists have decided not only to support the world?s most misogynistic religion, they also offer unwavering support to male-female transsexuals, once again at the expense of actual women (no, not ?cis? women).

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Female speakers’ faces deleted from Peace Conference poster

You would think that the hijab makes women anonymous enough as part of a collective but even a hijab wasn’t enough to ” protect” the female speakers at a Muslim peace conference according to the male organisers.

IT is neither good enough, nor believable, that female speakers at an Islamic Peace Conference had their faces ?deleted? in promotional material because the men running the event wanted to ?protect them?.
Of the 15 speakers advertised to appear at the March 12-13 event, the three women were the only ones whose faces were obscured with shadowy shapes superimposed on stylised pink veils.

The excuse stumped up by organisers when this story hit Facebook was that organisers wanted to ?protect the women from right-wing extremism?.

That has to be the lamest excuse on the planet. If they truly want to protect women from being identified as Muslim by these mythical?violent, right-wing extremists then they should be encouraging Muslim women to stop wearing the hijab as it is that religious symbol that theoretically would make?them a target. After all, there are so many right-wing extremists these days that are running around, flying planes into buildings, trucks into crowds, stabbing civilians and blowing up marathon runners so it would make sense to remove the target from their back that the hijab surely is.

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Cases of Female Genital Mutilation discovered every hour in England

An analysis of National Health Service (NHS) statistics has found that a case of female genital mutilation (FGM) is either treated or discovered every hour in England. While stupid liberal activists?hold signs saying that the hijab is empowerment, Muslim girls are being forcibly mutilated ( usually without anaesthetic) despite living inside a civilised Western country.

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Possessing a vagina is a matter of biology, not a political argument

Madonna-PHOTO -DailyMail

The hilarious and blunt Katie Hopkins’ impressions of the Women’s march in Washington are quite simple. What she observed was an?excited army of women enjoying each others company but totally lacking a common purpose. Mixed messages and empty slogans mixed with readings from the Koran and created a confused and sometimes nasty atmosphere. Madonna set the tone saying that she felt like blowing up the White House.

Her sign said; ‘I am more than my vagina’. I asked her why she was at the Women’s March on Washington. She said it was because she wanted to show what democracy really meant.

Another white lady held a placard reminding me that ‘white silence = white consent but Black Lives Matter #BLM’. She said she was marching because women own their own bodies.

And a lady, pushing a stroller with two children on board, facing down the secret service, with a sign that made it clear Trump is ‘Not My President’.

Even the speakers sounded confused. As I ate a three piece chicken meal with a side of slaw to recover from hearing the Koran read out in Washington Cathedral, I listened to one manic woman yell at the crowd;

‘We are women. And you are we. And we are you’, gesturing to make her point clear. It wasn’t. But the crowd loved it all the same.

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Guest Post: Why I am not a feminist

Paula R Stern

Paula R Stern Paula R. Stern is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd, a leading technical writing company in Israel. She is also a popular blogger with her work appearing on her own sites, A Soldier?s Mother and PaulaSays, as well as IsraellyCool and a number of other Jewish and Israeli sites. You can read Paula?s blog here


When I was 20 years old, I took a course at Columbia University for the easy A I expected (and got). It was called “Women and Religion” and was presented by a Jewish woman who declared on the very first day that she was a “witch.” It was attended by many different young women, though I only remember one.

Her mother was Catholic; her father was Jewish. By Catholic rule, she was a Jew; by Jewish rule, she was not Jewish (I won’t say we rule that she is a Catholic – we simply say that according to Jewish law, which is matriarchal, she was not a Jew).

Her response to this was that she hated both religions; all religions. The class had little to do with “Women AND religion” and everything to do with “Women AGAINST religion.” I thought about dropping the course but I really needed that filler course and so I decided to continue and take it as a philosophical experiment. I never argued back in anger because I really felt more pity than anything else.

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