Five years for ratbag feral killer driver

I was sentenced to die by the mob and my daughter to be pack raped by the ferals on the?West Coast for daring to use the word feral. They proved my point with their “outrage” and subsequent behaviour.

There was no outrage from?the?left about that or about “a rape culture” existing on the West Coast.

Instead they said I deserved death threats and my daughter by virtue of being my daughter deserved what she go too.

No all the fuss was because I called a bunch of ferals driving around the streets and fleeing police in Runanga feral ratbags.

Well the one drunk feral ratbag who actually cause the mayhem and death has been sentenced, but not so you would know it in the mainstream media who published endless articles about the outrage of the ferals for being called feral.

A Kumara man who caused the death of Runanga man Judd Hall, 26, by driving drunk while fleeing from police at high speed was sentenced to five years in prison at the Greymouth District Court this afternoon. ? Read more »

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They only caught it because it was eating their dogs!

They only caught it because it was eating their dogs!


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A feral ratbag in nice clothes is still a feral ratabag

Only a feral ratbag would steal the collection box of the St John Ambulance.

Help catch this feral ratbag.


Police want to hear from anyone who knows the young woman who stole a St John donation box from Opua’s general store.

She was captured clearly on CCTV as she entered the shop, snatched the donations box and fled about 5.30pm on Saturday.

Sergeant Peter Masters, of Paihia police, said the offender was one of three young females and one male who had been seen around Opua from about 11am that morning.

”This crime will be solved by someone who recognises the girl. It’s quite blatant, the way she reaches in and takes the box,” he said.

No one in Opua had recognised her so it was thought she was from outside the Bay of Islands, possibly from the Whangarei District.

Mr Masters urged anyone who knew who she was to contact the Paihia station on (09) 402 7130.

The unusually clear CCTV images have already been widely shared on social media.

They show two young women entering the shop, which is next to the Opua ferry ramp, with the second girl lingering at the door before lunging for the donations box and fleeing.

Angry Opua residents have been circulating the images in a bid to identify the offenders.


Source/ Northern?Advocate


What a good suggestion for a West Coast feral kiddy fiddler

A filthy pedo has been told to rot in hell…a good suggestion considering the Judge said he showed ‘no tangible remorse or acknowledgment of his crimes, and did not accept that he needed treatment’.

I can suggest a couple of treatments…copper coated lead pills work a treat.

The NZ Herald reports.

A family member shouted “I hope you rot in hell” as West Coast paedophile William Ward Oquist was sentenced yesterday to 16 years in prison for sexually abusing girls as young as 5.

Oquist, 60, of Blackball, was found guilty by a Greymouth District Court jury on Monday of 25 counts related to indecent assault and, in some cases, rape of young girls.

The offending took place over a 16-year period from 1996 to 2012, and involved offending on two sets of sisters, including the use of pornographic videos and sex toys.? Read more »

When did f****** free speech turn into such a c*** of a b****?

At Whaleoil we’re all for free expression of ideas and ?thoughts, and prefer to let the language people use remain in public for all to see. ?That way they can be judged openly by everyone, be it for the better or worse.

Dana Johannsen at the Herald has been struggling with the same issues

I’ve recently been told I should “stick to netball, sweetie” when it comes to my columns. I say, f*** that.

Oh, beg your pardon, please excuse my language. You see, I’ve become a little desensitised to foul language of late. It tends to happen when you’re subjected to abuse through email and social media that flooded in after my column last week on the behaviour of some of our athletes at the Winter Olympics.

In the past week I’ve been called a c***face, a c***bag, a c***whore (who knew the c-word was conjunctive?), a regular whore, a bitch, a f***ing slut – all without the courtesy of asterisks to soften the blow. ? Read more »

West Coast feral nearly kills baby after smashing vehicle into house


Not the West Coast of New Zealand, but the West Coast of the US, in Lakeside California.

A speeding motorist crashed a vehicle into the bedroom of a Lakeside house early Thursday, narrowly missing a baby who was sleeping in his crib on the other side of the wall.

The crash happened just after 2 a.m. in the 8800 block of Los Coches Road in Lakeside.? Read more »

Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour

The NZ Herald has this headline:


But upon reading the story you find that there wasn’t actually a police chase.

One person is dead and another seriously injured after a car fled police in Greymouth last night.

A police patrol saw a white Subaru station wagon being driven south along High St at high speed around 11pm. The constable turned on his lights and siren and pulled out to follow the vehicle. The driver did not stop.

High St veers left about 600 metres from where the vehicle was first seen and the officer quickly lost sight of the car.

When he came around the bend he found the car had crashed into a house on the left hand side of the street.

There were three people in the vehicle. One died at the scene and a second was trapped inside the vehicle for some time and suffered serious injuries. The third person suffered only minor injuries.

There was significant damage to the house, however no one was home at the time.? Read more »


Disgrace to us all?


Disgrace to us all, or just his feral family?

The Herald on Sunday editorial exclaims that a drunk nine year old maori boy is a disgrace to us all.

Why is this feral family a disgrace to us all? We didn’t give him the alcohol.

Words can hardly express the harm inflicted on a 9-year-old boy in Hamilton this week by someone who gave him enough alcohol to get very drunk. If it was the first time this had happened to him – and his mother says it was – it would have been a far more confusing and frightening experience than even it is for someone old enough to know what alcohol does.

A teenager who recorded the boy’s condition at a skate park and posted it on the net may have done some good if the exposure prompts the police, child welfare agencies and legislators to take action.

This was child abuse of a particularly irresponsible kind, not so very different from violent harm. When the boy’s head stopped spinning and his vision cleared and his horizon was horizontal again he could be left with lasting damage. The smaller the body, the more dangerous binge-drinking can be; the younger the brain the more its maturation may be delayed and its ability to accumulate knowledge impaired.? Read more »

The Aussie feral underclass is far worse than ours

It seems that we have a feral underclass on both sides of the Tasman…except the Aussie ratbags who make up their feral underclass are bomb throwing meatheads.

A UNIVERSITY worker can be revealed as the home owner of a party where more than 500 teenagers ran riot this weekend.

The party – which the police Air Wing and Canine Units had to attend to bring under control – was held at the house of married father of two See Hung Ngieng, who works as a senior IT support officer at Monash University.

The derelict house in Ranfurlie Drive, Glen Waverley, is due to be demolished.

Revellers attacked police cars with beer bottles and launched fireworks at officers as police used riot shields to herd the drunken mob away from busy Springvale Rd late on Friday night.

About 700 people had been invited to the party, mostly through Facebook, according to a group of youths who returned to the house on Saturday.

“They called it (the party) mayhem,” one teenager said of the Facebook invite.

The youths, who didn’t provide their full names, say there may be “mayhem round two”.? Read more »

Woman throws baby across the bus so she can go and bash another woman

Unbelievably bad parenting skills on show in this video.

No doubt some left wing panty-waist will suggest this sort of behaviour can be mitigated because of poverty, and solved with the application of more welfare.

WITNESSES gasp in horror as a young mother launches her baby daughter at a stranger on a bus – so she can fight with another passenger.? Read more »