Fergusson Wharf

Port 18 – 0 MUNZ

Another “Ghost Ship” is at Fergusson Wharf and is being discharged.

Despite the strong words from Garry Parsloe that not a single ship would be worked, that the port would be shut down. Despite the words of Chris Trotter that ships would pass Auckland by and despite the words of Helen Kelly….the ships just keep on coming. Since they made the claims that they would shut down the port 18 ships have docked at Fergusson Wharf and been processed.

The latest arrival is Amazon River. Once again union claims that ships were turning off AIS systems are proven false. The AIS data clearly shows the arrival and docking of Amazon River at Fergusson Wharf.

And not a single union worker is back on the wharf. Crane rates are up.

Port 15 – 0 MUNZ

Two more ships are currently discharging at Fergusson wharf.

Garry Parsloe said that not a single ship would be worked. Chris Trotter said that ship would pass by the Port. Yet we have two new ships this morning being discharged and loaded.

Irenes Rainbow and JPO Leo?are alongside at Fergusson wharf. That is three ships in two days. And not a single union worker on the Port.

Today the Maritime Union and POAL are in the Employment Court.

Port 10 – 0 MUNZ

Another one of Garry Parsloe so-called ghost Ships turned up again last night.

Remember that Garry Parsloe and Chris Trotter have said that ship will pass the port by and not a single ship would be processed at Fergusson wharf. ?Right now there are two ships being processed at Fergusson.

It seems that not only can we see Parlsoe’s ghost ships but so can the cameras.

Schelde Trader arrived last night.

61 Years

Photo from shipspotting.com

via the tipline

I have been told, fairly reliably, that today is a watershed day for industrial relations in New Zealand.

It is 61 years since a ship berthed at Fergusson Wharf has been unloaded by 100% non-union labour.

Garry Parsloe skited from his hotel room in Sydney that not a single ship would berth at Ports of Auckland while the strike was on and this morning?Maersk Aberdeen sailed in as dawn broke and is now currently alongside and working at the terminal. ?Worse for Garry Parsloe is the last port of call for Maersk Aberdeen was Melbourne.

While the Union members wait outside in the cold, and after threats have been made to shipping companies, as well as to non-union labour, things are happening inside the Port. The Port is operating.

For the first time in 61 years the Ports of Auckland are being successfully operated with non-union labour.?This is a great demonstration from the world?s largest container ship operator that they are determined to achieve greater productivity at Ports of Auckland.

That they have berthed a vessel in?Auckland?during the MUNZ action shows their determination to support Ports of Auckland during the strike. I hope all the other shipping lines are as supportive.