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The Whacky World of Wendyl Nissen, she talks about boozing, vodka, wine and homepathy

On Friday Wendyl Nissen once again mislead listeners over products. This time it was wine.

Have a listen as she boasts about getting hammered on Vodka because it is pure and at the same time saying she doesn’t trust wine because you never know what they are putting in it.

She either doesn’t know what she is talking about, or is deliberately lying. Since she touts herself as a food expert one assumes she is doing it deliberately.

In order for something to be called wine the Food Standards Australia NZ stipulates:

1???????????? Interpretation

In this Standard ?

wine?means the product of the complete or partial fermentation of fresh grapes, or a mixture of that product and products derived solely from grapes.

wine product?means a food containing no less than 700 mL/L of wine as defined in this Standard, which has been formulated, processed, modified or mixed with other foods such that it is not wine.

2???????????? Addition of other foods to wine during production

The following foods may be added to wine during production ?

(a)????????? grape juice and grape juice products; and
(b)????????? sugars; and
(c)????????? brandy or other spirit; and
(d)????????? water, where the water is necessary to incorporate any permitted food additive or processing aid. ? Read more »