No one wants water from the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Regular readers will know that the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has been attempting to build a socialist utopia in Hawkes Bay, forcing ratepayers and taxpayers to build a bloody great big socialist dam to provide water for 150 farmers.

This is a project that would never go ahead if the private sector had been involved.

Aside from the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson wanting to turn the Tukituki River Toxic, there has been a very limited uptake of the water from the farmers the socialists are trying to force to buy into the dam.

A non socialist councillor, Tom Belford, points out how non socialist dams work.

HBRIC is intensively lobbying CHB farmers to sign water purchase contracts in sufficient quantity to pay cash flow for the Ruataniwha dam project.

HBRIC says contracts for 40 million cubic metres of water annually will suffice. Some believe that number must be closer to 60 million.

The pressure is on, as evidenced by the heavily promoted sales meeting sponsored on Tuesday by Federated Farmers and Irrigation NZ in Waipawa. Two farmers described their successful experiences with South Island irrigation schemes. Unfortunately, they were comparing apples to oranges.

In those schemes, there’s no taxpayer or ratepayer subsidy, farmers must purchase shares upfront as investors in the distribution infrastructure (and therefore pay for asset value) and drive its gradual expansion. Water is taken from massive rivers – no dams were built. Farmers pay a variable rate for water, and only for the water they use. None of these conditions apply to the Ruataniwha scheme. No one noted those key differences, the meeting was deliberately misleading.

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Who is to blame for the Milk scandal?

There is a great deal of press regarding the DCD milk scandal…but who is to blame?

Of course it is easy to blame the useless repeaters intent on massive headlines…which of course I did. But the real root of the issue lies with smelly hippies and the green taliban.

They have been intent on demanding our farmers be clean and green…look at this list of Labour and Green luminaries that implored the use of this ‘technology’

The Labour Party:

“We have been gratified by the support we have received for Eco-n from the Government with the very positive visit by the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Jim Anderton.

Mr Anderton’s visit was followed by a visit from Associate Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor.”

Ravensdown Annual Report 2006

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